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  1. Ryan

    Silver stacking strategy

    Hi @Nemo86 I'm similar to yourself and started stacking last month. I originally was just going to stack for weight (Britannias primarily, because they are the cheapest and CGT exempt). However I've found my self drawn to other bullion coins with a slight premium (up to about £5 premium) because I like them. I figured I may aswell enjoy a variety of different coins, given how low the price of silver is. I think I will revert back to Britannias in a few months when I got a lot of the bullion with a slight premium I like. Thought I'd share because Im just starting out like yourself, with the intention to solely stack, but the appeal of the shiny stuff is turning me into a bit of a collector too.
  2. Ryan

    wanted Rwanda Wildlife 2008 - 2018 set

    What are peoples thoughts on the Rwanda series? Will it have the same success as the wildlife series?
  3. Ryan

    Silver surprise

    The Rwanda ones would have been a nice surprise.
  4. Ryan

    Silver to Go (or where best to buy)

    Thanks guys
  5. Ryan

    Silver to Go (or where best to buy)

    @Garret do you have the link to that thread?
  6. Ryan

    completed Surprise me

    That would be great
  7. Ryan

    Scottdale Egyptian Relic Series

    Added to watchlist, thanks
  8. Ryan

    Scottdale Egyptian Relic Series

    Cheers mate, I couldn't see the 5 oz in GS.be. Ill have to have a look on the laptop later
  9. What is a typical mintage? And what would you say would be the threshold for not buying. Like you said this is only one indicator, but would be good to get a ballpark figure.
  10. Ryan

    Scottdale Egyptian Relic Series

    Where can I find Egyptian Relic coins?
  11. Ryan

    Trump 2020 1 oz silver coin ???

    Haha, still none the wiser. i'm gonna got one for the banter anyway.
  12. Ryan

    Numismatic Coin Collectors Must See This

    Are there any particular pros and cons to consider in the respect regarding size of coin? For example 10 oz over 2 oz QB's (assuming price per oz is the same/very similar)?
  13. Ryan

    Can anyone identify this Silver Inlaid Pill Box

    Have you tried putting it in to google images and looked for related/similar images?
  14. Ryan

    First time investing

    I pretty much do (N.I. side). Thats what got me thinking. Thanks for that. What a mess indeed, a total headache.