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  1. Hi All, I am after a couple of capsules that fit the Egyptian God Series, I believe the capsules needed also fit the Privateer Series and also 2Oz Piedfort Koala. (2Oz Capsules, 41.00 mm) If you have any or know where I can get any (without hefty shipping fees from Europe) please let me know. Thanks for reading, Ryan
  2. Ryan

    Show your stack.

    Out of curiosity whats in the eye of horus boxes?
  3. Ryan

    Black Friday Deals

    Typically, has there been good black friday deals?
  4. Ryan

    for sale or exchange Pre-1964 American / USA silver 90%

    Thanks BYB. Bit of a gamble if it were a bit coming from us then.
  5. Ryan

    for sale or exchange Pre-1964 American / USA silver 90%

    Would VAT have to be paid for constitutional coins coming to the UK?
  6. Ryan

    for sale Various Silver rounds updated

    Pm'd you. Cheers
  7. Ryan

    Golden State Mint - Silver Shield rounds

    @Sparky Did anything ever come of this?
  8. Ryan

    wanted Silver Shield Rounds

    Thanks @AbyssI am indeed going to the states in January. And have a shopping basket loaded up in JMbullion. Good to know I have 60 oz to bring back.
  9. Ryan

    wanted Silver Shield Rounds

    Hi all, Has anyone got any Silver Shield rounds for sale? Primarily looking for the Chakra series, but there are a few others that have caught my eye too. Thanks
  10. Ryan

    Poppy Appeal Charity Raffle 2018

    Im in for 2. Just sent bank transfer
  11. Ryan

    **NOVEMBER** Group order

    Do the 2oz beasts come from gs.be in capsules? Or have to be bought separately?
  12. Ryan

    Queens Beast Lion

    Where can I find mintage numbers for the Beasts?
  13. Ryan

    🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅

    Count me in. I've only been stacking for a month so I don't have great coins to offer at this stage unfortunately, so I'll throw in a couple of scratch cards to make up difference My donation: 2 x 1 oz Silver Coin + £8 worth of scratch cards