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  1. Hi all, My wife saw this online and thought it looked cute. Now she doesn't like it. 1 oz NIUE Owl 2017 She would like to exchange for something else. Or sell for £14.50, buyer pays postage. Thanks for looking,
  2. Ahoy ahoy, This has probably has been discussed at length before but I had a look through previous topics and couldn't see any threads jump out at me. If there has been please fell free to drop a few links below. I was wandering what peoples opinions are on the pro's and cons of holding bullion vs numismatic as a long term investment (retirement for example), say 30 years from now. A couple of points I have been mulling over - If the spot price were to double or even triple what effect would that have on the premiums of numismatic/semi-numismatic when selling down the line? Would it better to stick with bullion when spot is so low and lean more towards numismatic when spot is higher? Thanks, Ryan
  3. Hi all, I am looking for the 5oz KingTut, 5oz Nefertiti and 3oz Horus. Will also be up for the 2oz's and the fractional rounds as well. Thanks for reading, Ryan
  4. Ryan

    Today I Received.....

    I had to take the hit and payed a hefty premium on ebay, never mind the p&p, customs import, tax plus the Royal mail got the fingers into it for £8 somehow. Ah well. They were must haves for me, and I'm glad I have them now ☺
  5. Ryan

    Today I Received.....

    I've been after this wee set for a few months now, finally tracked them down in the States, got well rooked by customs. Silver Shield Chakra Series
  6. Ryan

    completed Modern silver coins

    Too Liquid, I was pipped at the post on the QB's. grrrrrrrrrr
  7. Ryan

    wanted Marvel Series

    Hey Craig, if you look back through the last few days to a week of listings I believe I remember someone selling four of them.
  8. Ryan

    Today I Received.....

    Yes, thats the guys, I was in Maryland a couple of weeks ago and visited their show room. That would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
  9. Ryan

    Today I Received.....

    Picked up this little crypto series while in the States recently. They are a set of 16, unfortunately they didn't have 1 of the 16 at the time I was there (Cardano) if anyone can track one down please get in touch.
  10. Ryan

    wanted Egyptian Gods Series "Anubis"

    I'm eagerly anticipating the next in the series, but haven't heard anything.
  11. Ryan

    for sale 1oz 2018 BYB Bar

    I'll take it please. Will pm you
  12. Ryan

    wanted Egyptian Gods Series "Anubis"

    I believe @PolarPanda has a graded Cleo and Anubis.
  13. Ryan

    2018 Christmas Draw Results Thread.

    Merry Christmas everyone!!! Thanks for organising @Bullionbilly, is the BIG ONE the Loo roll????
  14. Hi All, I am after a couple of capsules that fit the Egyptian God Series, I believe the capsules needed also fit the Privateer Series and also 2Oz Piedfort Koala. (2Oz Capsules, 41.00 mm) If you have any or know where I can get any (without hefty shipping fees from Europe) please let me know. Thanks for reading, Ryan
  15. Ryan

    Show your stack.

    Out of curiosity whats in the eye of horus boxes?