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  1. There is definately more money to be made. I just didnt start this to be a collector or flipper, I just want a little pot of gold (and silver) bullion in my safe for when I die with a note that says 'take me to Hatton Garden Metals'. This is a good opportunity to make money but I would rather sell it quickly at profit and buy some bullion, otherwise I will just give it to my niece for xmas and she can try and flog it when shes 18 😁
  2. Most are selling between £120 and £150 at the moment. The odd one at £300 but that seems silly as you can Buy it Now for under £150. If I get £140 for mine I will be happy to have still doubled my money after the ebay fees.
  3. Thanks, thought as much. Does anybody have any recommendations as to where in London you would go to sell this sort of thing? I think Hatton Garden Metals would only give you £2 regardless of how nice the paint job is 😁
  4. This is the first non-bullion coin I have bought. Thanks to Shadow Stack for the heads up and promo code. Lets say this is a hit, the Peter Rabbit 50p Silver Proof from 2016 is going for £700 on ebay, but how much would a coin dealer actually pay you for one of those today? Are these easy to sell without going down the ebay route?
  5. I think you should simplify to begin with. I think with £5k: 4 x 1oz Gold Britannia 50 x 1oz Silver Britannia
  6. Would be interested to hear if people had a target number of ounces of Gold or Silver (or Platinum) that they were aiming for? Or whether people were putting aside x% of their salary and will do indefinitely. For me starting small, 100oz Silver, 1oz Gold and maybe 0.25oz Platinum would be a good target for my first 6 months.
  7. I thought insured delivery was always free at Atkinsons? You only have to pay if you want express delivery and the value of the order is under £180. If its over £180 express delivery is free too.
  8. I like cash for two uses: 1. Upcoming expenditure 2. Emergency Fund For me, if there is nothing on the horizon you need the money for, and you have a suitable emergency fund, then I would say investing the rest will make sure you at least keep up with inflation. Over the last 30 years inflation has averaged 3.3%, if your interest doesnt beat inflation you are losing spending power in real terms.
  9. Just an assumption. There are some people with circa £250k stacks. If they are following the no more than 5-10% in PMs rule of thumb they would need £2.5-5m total invested assets. If you have £5m to invest would you be buying £1000 1oz gold coins at 0.02% of your portfolio each?
  10. Hi all, I have only just started acquiring precious metals, and I would be interested to hear how big a part precious metals play in your overall investment strategies. Seeing some of the forum members stacks on youtube and threads, some of you seem all in PMs! If I look at mine I am: 74% Equities (in ISAs and SIPPS) 23% Cash 3% Gold, Silver and Platinum
  11. I thought I would sign up and comment here, as I am also just starting out. I am currently only filling about £14k of my £20k ISA allowance this year. I know that holding collective investment vehicles in a tax wrapper, almost entirely invested in equities, will give me the best return over the long term. So doing anything else will only decrease my future wealth. However, I started watching some youtube videos, Backyard Bullion, and a guy in the US who hunts silver half dollars in coin rolls and thought, one Silver Britannia can't hurt! Three weeks later, I now have: 2 x Silver Britannias 2 x Silver Maples 2 x Silver Eagles 2 x Silver Krugs 2 x Silver Libertads 1 x Gold Sovereign I also have my eye on a 1/10oz Gold Britannia! I keep telling myself its bullion, but then find myself paying a £10 premium for the Libertads just because they are cool. After the 1/10 Brit I may stop speculating on Gold and Silver and just increase my S&S ISA contribution, time will tell 😁