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  1. Best price I could find on the Brits was from goldsilver.be who are based in Belgium I believe. Also VAT free and Just over a £1 cheaper per coin than anywhere else that I could see.
  2. It's just the British legal tender coins, isn't it?
  3. Yes that's exactly what I intend to do.
  4. I take on board what you're saying and had there been a new collection available I would have likely started a gold purchase also. I looked at the QB's in gold but realised I'd missed the boat and would have to pay big premiums to complete the set. I was content enough with paying the premiums on the 2oz silver versions. If there is a new series out there then I'd be interested in hearing of it. With regards the purchase of the Brits I had to weigh a few things up. Firstly these are something I'm going to be sitting on for the long haul, 20 - 25 years and I have a target of 2000 oz to reach within the next two years. You mention the difference between a metal and a coin value and i understand what you're saying. The Brits are something I'm viewing in purely metal terms and nothing more. I had to take into account the CGT and the fact these were one of the cheapest coins available made the decision for me really. I guess my short term plan now is to snap up new coins and sets are they become available to hopefully flip for a profit a couple of years down the line and then add that profit to the metal stack. Been a newbie I'm not sure if this is a sound plan or not to be honest but it's the one that made the most sense to me.
  5. Ive now placed my first order with goldsilver.be and after much thought I decided to hold back on gold for the time being. Im hoping that when/if the gold/silver ratio drops I can invest in bulk at that point. Being at 80:1 it just seems like the perfect time for me to jump in big on a silver purchase. Hopefully I’ve made the correct decision but time will tell. I did think about spreading the purchase across different coins but I decided as I want to build a foundation stack I’d go the CGT free route. I will add collections of coins from elsewhere once I’ve got my starting point. So I got 700 x 1oz 2018 Britannia’s and one of each of the 2oz QB’s coins (did pay a premium for the earlier ones of these) Thanks again for all the input.
  6. I'm just starting out but I'm going 1/4 oz Brits over the Sovs in gold for no other reason than to keep everything in ounces like with the silver.
  7. Thank you all for the feedback, plenty of food for thought. I'm thinking i'll split my silver purchase between Brits and QB's now and potentially go for a slightly higher % of gold.
  8. Is there any advantage/disadvantage to the size of the coins/bars you stack? is it better stacking 1oz coins instead of 10oz coins for example or doesn't it really matter.
  9. Thanks, I'll check those out. Regarding longer term, I think once I reach my target of 1000oz of Silver I'd be purely investing in gold from then. Do you think there's any benefit to me adding some of the premium coins or is sticking to Britannia's a good idea?
  10. Hi guys, new to the forum and new to investing in gold and silver. I've done quite a bit of reading and think I have a solid plan for the future but would be interested in hearing your thoughts. My money has been in property and shares but I've recently made some changes and now have £10k I'm looking to invest to get me started. As Silver seem a good price I'm thinking of going big on this to get me a good foundation and add a little gold also. I do have concerns regarding storage of silver as it grows but I'll be ok for now. I should point out I'm in this for the long haul so needing to sell in the near future won't be a requirement. I also keep going back and forth with whether I should invest in some of the premium coins or just go purely weight based on the bullion which I is currently my prefered option. So here's my thinking. Buying silver from Silver to go I can avoid the VAT and also 1oz Britannia's give me the benefit of being CGT free. 500 x 1oz Silver Britannia 2018 = £7095 (£14.19 each) 3 x 1oz Gold Britannia 2018 = £2866 (£955 each) Regards Jumbo