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  1. I'm the same, it would be beneficial for a lot of newbies if we could find forum members on ebay
  2. This happened me last week with something I bought, when I checked the tracking info it said it had been delivered at 7.40am and it wasn't until 12 midday that it came through the letterbox. Postie obviously signed for it before putting it in his bag that morning. Not sure I'm too happy about that to be honest, but having worked as a courier before I've done similar things so not sure if I should complain lol
  3. I've been looking at coins on ebay from a seller called Investicoin, he has good feed back but I've read some posts on those forum about ebay so I'm put off, that and the fact I probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference between fake and real silver just yet
  4. Have many people used El Dorado coins? I've only started stacking in the last week and I'm looking for the cheapest options and it seems to be them
  5. It will seem like nothing to any of you guys but this is the first oz of silver I have ever bought and it came from someone on this forum @fiveshotdon. I said i would buy one oz just to hold it in my hand and see if it's something I would like to pursue. It came about an hour ago and I'm already turning into Golum from LOTR so I guess I'm about to start a very expensive habit.
  6. Hello all, just decided to start stacking silver. Complete newbie and haven't made a purchase yet. Haven't a clue what to buy or where to buy it but I'll lurk around here for a while and read some posts and do some research before I pull the trigger!