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  1. Bran

    Hi from Melbourne Austalia

    G'day Mate Welcome to the forum
  2. Bran

    Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?

    Hi @ Kleiner, Firstly I was not having a go at you or your issue with the seller. I was informing all that for me I understood their terms and condition and purchased accordingly. Your situation at the time no way reflected my situation when purchasing. If there is a issue further down the line with this supplier and I am not happy with the outcome, I will decide whether I will continue to purchase from them going forward or not. As @sixgun has shown is appears their website has been updated since before I started to give a better understanding of terms and conditions going forward. This was likely down to you raising your issue. I do agree with you on your third point :Thirdly, when they cancelled the order they did not mention any consequences that would be for me. - You should have been notified upon order cancellation of pending fees and your goods should not have been held to ransom. I know your current situation is extremely frustrating for you and thank you for sharing your experiences with us. I have been in a similar situation many times over my life and have come to the conclusion based upon all the time and effort that I put into trying to resolve the issue, cost more in time, frustration and money. Believe me you will come across worst situations than this and it will be all legal. Don't let this drag you down any further and look at your long term goals with regard to your stacking. Keep the faith.
  3. Bran

    Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?

    Hi, I have received 3 orders from Goldsilver.be since I started. All were securely packed and delivered quickly. I have had no issues with them or the product that they sent me. They were kind enough to help me combine and save on postage ,Before completing my first first order it did state that If I cancelled I would have to pay a fee. Don't have a problem with that. At the end of the day where you choose to buy is down to you.
  4. Bran

    New To This

    Hi Rob, welcome
  5. As a fellow newbie welcome
  6. Bran

    Hello Everyone

    Hi, My name is Michael and I am newbie in silver coin collection. Over the past few months I have viewed hundreds of your youtube videos, comments pn your journey's from when you started posting. To all of you who took the time and effort to educate people like me a big thank you.