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  1. THANKS👍 had to try again and the code would only work if applied at the end of totalling.
  2. well spotted😄 , gold panda 1oz is denominated $500
  3. i have tried that code but it is not valid.
  4. keeping to the topic of apprehensive buying has anyone ever went to Estonia and bought a flight baggage allowances worth of silver and flew back to the UK. feels weird going through x-ray machine with all the coins.
  5. 🐷 I thought you bulk buy from the list and then re-divide.
  6. I am just trying to understand the bulk discount achieved in group orders. I withheld from buying platinum coin during the last group order because I could not envisage a significant discount advantage because most would be focusing funds on silver purchases.
  7. lets say 1000 queens beast griffin 1oz , and 10 canadian maple 1oz were in the order list , will the griffin 1oz achieve greater bulk discount than the maple1oz?
  8. will there be a group gold order any time soon?
  9. will the most popular coin achieve the greatest discount? or will equal discount apply across all coins?
  10. Just a minor note to say that I have received some heavy 1kilo coins from European Mint. The protective acrylic capsules probably did the job but all are fractured and broken. I think they have been dispatched broken because the missing bits are not in the parcel. Certainly doesn't not look like a typical unboxing videos.
  11. A bit of a short notice with regard to group order, regarding goldandsilver.be