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  1. Allan


    Hello everyone I started collecting coins because of watching Numistacker on u tube I watched hours of uploads from the Charles wander sale to one of his gratings I've acquired a few coins and a set . I am looking forward to sharing information with you guys and possibly buying and selling the odd coin. Thanks allan
  2. Thanks for your help as a new collector any information is appreciated.
  3. Sorry about that It comes in a royal mint wooden box with the 4 half sovereigns inside. They are proof coins and come with a blue sleeve with Elizabeth ll diamond jubilee on the front . I'm sorry I didn't no how to upload a photo but if it will help I will wait till my son comes home and try then.
  4. No sorry but it has a 1989,2002,2005,2012 half sovereigns
  5. Hello collectors I have just aqarerd a set of 4 half sovereigns the set is a diamond jubilee 2012 half sovereign the set is number 47of 60 can anyone help me with any information about the set I would be forever great full .