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  1. Has anyone gone in on the 2oz gold? Only the second year they’ve produced a 2oz. Slightly higher mintage than last year and still 85% reserved...
  2. Great coin, I also have a PF70 Falcon otherwise I would have been interested, but I am intrigued to know if mine has the "Star Wars" privy! At this price it should go, I would leave it up for a bit longer
  3. I gave this one a miss, after Brexit Gold, Queen Gold 1oz & 2oz - its been an expensive month. I watched them sell out and then come back again later, I wonder whether we may see a few more come back in stock if the flippers don't shift them on fleabay
  4. Just managed to get hold of a 2oz Gold Queen Music legends direct from the RM...53 in circulation, that was a very quick “yes please”...Will study coin very closely for defects
  5. That’s fab! I couldn’t see it to select on Numi’s form, but I guess it’s there somewhere?
  6. Thanks! Any chance of a pic of the QB label?
  7. Slight case of OCD here, but...I have various Queens Beasts, All PF70, but all difference batches, headers etc. I have seen on web searches NGC Queen’s Beasts headers - So if I manager to get all 10 QBs in PF70, can I get the re-holdered and re-bannered with a Queens Beasts label? Wasn’t sure where best to post this...
  8. Still kicking myself that I turned down an opportunity to buy a Una and the Gold coin from my RM account manager....I'm torn on this one. I have one on hold from my account manager and they're phoning me Monday to take payment - I Weill see what happens over the weekend - @Guybrush makes a valid point and given the hype around this, I can see it be the only coin that some individuals ever buy, possibly with more money than sense
  9. ~Two sold at £1250? Is this real, how many times over spot is that? X4???
  10. @kimchi Thank you for posting faulty towers clip, takes me back, have had a good chuckle this morning!
  11. The Brexit 50p is the same price as any proof 50p gold at £945. There must be something about the sovereign that justifies its multiple to spot. V&A SOTDs were £500 from memory?
  12. Just spoke to my RM account manage and managed to reserve one...
  13. I've decided to give this one a miss - look forward to Snowman no2... Mike