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  1. Just received an invite to the new. Tiered service of mint marque at the Royal Mint https://www.royalmint.com/mintmarque Looks interesting - 50k spend for platinum tier...
  2. For sale today I have my Gruffalo gold proof 50p coin, graded PF70 UC by NGC. Complete with RM Presentation Box and COA Price £995 + Postage of your choice.
  3. Fantastic solution - The only problem I foresee with this new approach, is how do we get Mr & Mrs BYB a decent takeaway?
  4. And prepare the order, And receive delivery, And check delivery, And package up, And post out, And And And.... I’m sure that the whole process is a NOT insignificant amount of work for you and Mrs BYB Added 0 minutes later... As I started off - Absolutely key that you get the right advice and do what’s right for you 👍
  5. Absolutely key that you understand your position and exposure herre I guess a potential solution is for someone else from the forum to submit the Group order in the event that you get stung for VAT?
  6. I actually prefer this one to Paddington at the Palace. Probably because I'm a bit of a train geek and the InterCity 125 in the background!!! Hope it sells, great price for a great coin
  7. FINAL REDUCTION £450 For sale today I have a 2005 NGC PF69 Ultra Cameo full sovereign Price £470 £450 plus your choice of postage Box and COA included
  8. Thanks Numi - Are these coins back with you now or still waiting to be shipped from the US?
  9. Bump - Coin will be listed on eBay this evening
  10. Yes - I received my Peter Rabbit and Steven Hawking coins from the Coin Connection on Thursday - very pleased with price and service