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  1. Update to my buddies crate, they were supposed to include a gram of gold also, but if never made it into the box and they wont refund him any money. I hung in there for one more month and got the $250 box, premium got significantly worse. Just stay away from these guys...at least until they can reduce their premium.
  2. Okay, maybe it only worked because i got the starter and they treat those better to get new subs. My buddy tried out the $100 silver gold combo...he only got the below.
  3. Update!!! Im not terribly disappointed. Below is my list of pros and cons Pros: Convienient; no searching for deals or any effort on your part really. Lottery; they enter you in to win a kilo of silver every holiday and a kilo of gold once they hit 3000 subscribers Variety; its kind of cool getting something I wouldnt ordinarily find or buy yourself. Its like a gift, but for your self. Cons: Premuim; if you are a stacker for prepping or retirement this is probably not for you unless the above out weighs the heavy premuim. 100 dollar box got me 86 dollars worth of poured silver or 79 dollars at spot. Still...21% isnt super disgusting right??? ASE's... Timed Purchasing; if you enjoy waiting until PM's are at seasonal lows or whatever to really get a bargain. Thats not happening. 20/80 Gold silver combo; you really have to buy minimum of $250 box to get any gold, and then its only going to be a gram or two. I really cant think of any other negatives at the moment. Let me know what you guys think! I might do it for a few months just to mentally take a break from shopping around for prices and maybe win a free kilo.
  4. @Martlet I agree, stay tuned. Once I get the 100 dollar starter kit I will go through and get the amounts, premiums and what not for everyone to compare. I wrote them a very long email with about a dozen questions. They couldn't or wouldn't directly answer many of them, but they tried their best and didn't send some generic response you'd get from other companies. They made it very clear that their premiums may not always appeal to hard core stackers but they try their best. I should have asked about shipping over seas, I think this may be a way for folks in UK to reduce their costs what with VAT taxes. Not sure how all that works though to be honest...
  5. I am in the USA, and yes, if youre interested I will comment with pictures, items, premiums and what not.
  6. Thanks everyone, I definitely over paid. But honestly I don't really care, its not often you run into these guys here in the states so it has a bit of value for me. Wont be doing that kind of impulse buy ever again though.
  7. Anyone hear of InvestorCrate? Its a monthly box subscription that sends basically a care package of silver, gold, platinum or various ratios of the three. I got their starter pack just out of curiosity. Basically I am going to see what they ship for $100 and calculate the premiums and what not...to see if it is worth it. I was just curious if anyone else has tested them out and what you thought. I think the concept is a FANTASTIC idea for getting new people into the precious metals community, but I am very doubtful they are going to provide a competitive price. The pictures they provide are highly skeptical as well...$100 bucks should not buy what they are depicting here.
  8. Sorry for the poor pictures, I think I figured out what it is. The seller had it marked as a roman coin 500 to 800AD. I bought it for 33 USD. Im just trying to figure out if Im correct, I think its a polish coin from the 1600's. Can someone let me know if Im correct? And did I pay too much? I dont know much and impulse bought it while on vacation in Texas.
  9. Oh hey, Ive just about finished all your youtube videos. Just watched the one on silver prices in the UK. Thats a real bummer. Where do you sell? Here or do you have a site?
  10. Hola! Live in Northern Nevada and looking to buy right now. Just started buying silver and gold (well, Ill get there). So far I have about 280oz in one month but still looking if the price is close to spot!!! Or if its anything Nordic. Those rounds are pretty cool lookin
  11. Im interested in the privateer rounds, however 300 seems a bit much to me. Is there a difference between saayyy...the ones on JMBullion and what you have here?