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  1. Thank you for taking the time to link the newspaper articles. A systematic enquiry into child sexual exploitation by the office of the Children's Commissioners (OCC) showed that: Source: https://fullfact.org/crime/grooming-gangs-what-we-know-about-perpetrators-and-victims/
  2. Would you be able to provide any evidence as to how 'they' have been 'infiltrating our institutions' or 'systematically raping our children?' Would you also clarify what you mean by 'they?'
  3. What is everyone's opinions on Vanguard's lifestrategy funds?
  4. if you take into consideration the beauty of the piece, I am sure it is worth more than its silver content. Although a nice heirloom to pass on!
  5. 11.02 ounces = 10.04 troy ounces, so you are all good!
  6. looking for a QB griffin if anyone has a spare - happy to pay £40 + postage
  7. are the libertads available? i'll take both