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  1. I do believe RCM has a new technology to prevent that since 2018, called mint shield or something
  2. I think it makes more sense to stack eagle's or maple's if you were living in a non-vat on silver country. Stacking these kind of coins is purely for melt value and you'll be 10 - 20 or 30% behind, just because you live in the UK. Coins with a low premium but with a chance to increase in value not only based on its silver content, but also its collectability makes more sense to me. I think for you, stacking Britannia's would be better and I personally would go for the oriental border version. They are beautiful and comes with a cap. Just an opinion of course. Some info on Britannia
  3. What will happen with the unsold kvt's? I thought I read somewhere that they become available again, one year after closing date.
  4. vanderPoot

    New website

    That's why we have the silver forum 😁
  5. vanderPoot

    New website

    I do have links in the footer. I will add a separate page with links though. If you start digging for numbers you will find older websites that aren't updated anymore. Hearsay on fora and some stuff is on wikepedia. Information is widely available, it's just not focused and not handy for bullion. It's scattered all over the web with a lot of conflicting info, I just try to organize it Also, it's just a little hobby website with no advertisements, but I get what you are saying. Noted
  6. vanderPoot

    New website

    Dankjewel en graag gedaan. Probably should have started with Britannia's 🙂 I'll add them this week and then all the big ones like Queen's beasts, eagles, maple leaves so on... Then I add proof, coloured and so to the bigger series and then the smaller ones. And before you know it father christmas goes through the chimney again, or saint Nicholas, or santa claus for that matter, silver is very inclusive
  7. vanderPoot

    New website

    Glad to see I keep Bourdain's legacy alive, so soon forgotten. Anyhoo, I made some changes, I will tweak it a bit more in the future, for now I will focus on getting more info on there Knock yourself out: The Silver Cardinal
  8. vanderPoot

    New website

    Dude, don't take it serious man (I mean really?). And obvious things are obvious
  9. vanderPoot

    New website

    My logo is awesome, hehe, but I understand people don't like scrolling down constantly whilst a bird give them the stink eye. @sixgun Thanks for the coding, awesome. I use just a standard wordpress.com because I am a noob, so far I only found 2 options for the links, either all on the next tab or all using the same tab, I will look into this. Cool, didn't know this What are you talking about? I am practically the Anthony Bourdain of the silver world. Oh snap, there goes my #1. oh well, even Bourdain undercooked something every now and then. Awesome, but it is linking to air-tites now 🙂 Doing this website is a hobby I enjoy more than I thought I would, while looking for information on the interwebs, I find a lot of failed projects or websites that stopped 2 years ago or so. I think it is because it can be a bit tricky to find the right information. Some series change mints and countries and there is a lot of conflicting information out there. Also, some mints seem to play dodgy games. I'll do my best to make this little hobby into a beacon of truth. Thanks everyone
  10. Disagreement is fine, I disagree with 'taken the high ground' which I do not. I don't give a different definition of robbed. He just didn't get robbed of 550 euro's. If so, if that is true, then by that logic op robbed gs.be, which is how gs.be took it. He couldn't pay his bill and gs.be thought he was backing out because the price dropped. Op is saying now, gs.be robbed me for 550 euro's because the price has gone up since then. I feel like he is pushing it, he won, that's it. Usually these kind of things don't go to court, it's just playing a bit of hard ball and then everyone goes on with their day after a little while. Also, I am on op's side, I think gs.be handled wrong in this case. And I have pointed it out on multiple posts in this thread. That doesn't mean per se I am going to sharp my pitchfork and march off to Wallonia
  11. He got everything back and I was reffering to the claimed 550 euro, that's the same thing op got accused of by gs.be, that way of thinking started it all. Op backing out because of a watch he couldn't sell and therefor he couldn't pay his bill, thus gs.be played hardball because they felt they were played. Using the same reasoning, gs.be 'stole' 500 euro from me, is exactly the same way of thinking what started it all. Therefor he is not robbed
  12. vanderPoot

    New website

    Yeah that would be awesome, by the end of this month the site should carry some weight
  13. vanderPoot

    New website

    I need to download a spelling checker 🙂
  14. vanderPoot

    New website

    I know that there are quite a few coin websites out there already, but none of them are focusing on bullion. I also don't find them that easy to use, I would like to have one page per serie, so I am making one myself: The Silver Cardinal I don't know much about computers and this is my first attempt at making a site, also there is a lot of information that needs to go in there, but some stuff is already clickable and it gives an idea of how the website is goin to look like. There are no advertisements and it is simply ment as a silver coin data base, I won't write much on it, although I did make one article/blog: Top 5 2019 So let me know if this is something you like/are going to like I will appreciate that Happy clicking
  15. Dude, we are all relieved it worked out for you and we all agree this is not how you treat customers. But you haven't been robbed and you could have done things better yourself. All the best with future purchases