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  1. dunks98


    That’s a good recommend, thanks will drop them a note now
  2. dunks98


    thanks byb, shame they aren’t continuing with the discount I usually order about 200oz, so think the saving on the group order won’t be that significant Time to get the calc out to see who is the cheapest! As European mint is quite expensive on shipping
  3. dunks98


    Hey folks Is this discount code still working? cant get it to reduce shipping after the usual, add total etc Or is it me! Thanks Duncan
  4. The rate you’ll get in p2p lending will change dramatically if/when the next recession hits. Not in a good way, if it even continues to be marketable. That scenario isn’t played out in the marketing material p2p lenders offer either.
  5. Fear not, some warmth has freed them! No falcons were harmed during the process thanks all
  6. thanks - will get some cotton (had the latex lying around and figured they would do) and wouldnt put it in water degrade the coin? Added 0 minutes later... how much do you think i will get on ebay?
  7. So received a delivery today from a popular European dealer which had this 4oz coin! As per the pics these two are firmly welded together. Tried everything to separate but it ain’t happening (unless I go for something that might damage them) Guess I should send it back (they also messed up the order and sent 20 instead of 10 these type of coin, so all the more reason) but can anyone figure out why two coins would love each other so much! :D