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  1. Congratulations to you 👍 Looking forward to continuing to support in the future!!
  2. Thank you guys for all of the super helpful comments! I have been mulling over my current set up and I do agree that it is certainly not ideal. What I have decided to do is get a proper sized (1kg proprietary) crucible for the current furnace I have and then use it to melt larger 10oz bars into shot that I can then use with the smaller ceramic crucible. To be honest, having experienced both ways, I think I prefer to use the hand tools although I am not sure if the cost of MAP/Propane will put me off this method. Once again, thank you all so much, not only for your concern but for your helpful and non-judgemental advice, I truly appreciate it! See you in the next one!!
  3. @jonrms your crucible advice was really helpful! Thanks for the sub on YouTube 🤘
  4. I'd like to join! 1oz Colorized Bitcoin Round 1+oz hand-poured piece
  5. @jonrms @BackyardBullion @kimchi Thank you all so much for the helpful advice!! I have a new crucible on order and although it can still hold 2kg, it is taller and narrower and will sit deeper in the furnace which will hopefully remedy some of the heating issues. This new crucible will be able to rest on the bottom of the furnace, is that safe? or should there be no contact at all between crucible and furnace walls/floor? Next time I will attempt to heat the mold for much longer than I have been and maybe the bubbling won't occur. It seems that by popular demand, I will clean up that gem and keep it as opposed to remelting. I think for that mold I will attempt to use just the torch and a ceramic crucible. Look out for that video! Thanks again so much for your help and encouragement 🤗
  6. @kimchi Thanks for the like and the message. I think that the Tetris set could be fun in the larger size. The one I have is quite small so I have figured out most of the configurations, but for this kind of puzzles, the possibilities are nearly endless. I agree that the issue might be the sheer size of the mold. I have tried another pour with another mold that I will make a video of. It came out a bit better but also has some different issues so maybe that will reveal what I am doing wrong. What is popular in the UK, is it just coins and mint bullion or is there a market for poured silver with unique designs? Thanks again for watching!
  7. Just got back from a business trip...I’m a little slap happy in this video! Thanks for watching