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  1. Just got back from a business trip...I’m a little slap happy in this video! Thanks for watching
  2. tmars104


    I am dying! 😂 that commercial is hilarious and super catchy. I think that tune will be stuck in my head for a bit.
  3. @GrahamDiamond Thanks for watching! I was sad to have missed their bad ass AC/DC coin (https://eshop.ramint.gov.au/AC-DC-45-Years-of-Thunder/10053.aspx) They are all sold out, but you are right! They come out with some pretty impressive designs.
  4. Wondering if anyone out there has this bar or more info about it. Thanks for watching!!
  5. @BackyardBullion...No need to apologize! I am still playing with it and finding different configurations. I checked your website and saw that the larger set is all sold out. Would love to know if/when you bring that back. Thanks so much again for a wonderful piece 🙌
  6. tmars104

    First custom mold, first pour

    Great video! You have a great pouring set up as well... What part of CT are you from? I live there now. Nice work.
  7. Quick video of the packages that came over the weekend:
  8. tmars104

    My group order unboxing video is live!

    Great quality video! Thanks for sharing 👍
  9. tmars104

    Unboxing 3 eBay packages

    Thanks for the likes!! I am in love with that Andean Cat....it's so ugly, its cute! 😂. I haven't been able to find much information on the 1776 - 1976 JFK Half dollar that is counterstamped. I would love any insight if anyone knows much about it...
  10. I agree! They have super unique and sometimes irreverent designs. I am sorry to hear they are not as easily available for shipping to UK 🙁