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  1. Having seen multiple threads in the past it is obvious that on this forum at the least sovereigns are by far the most favoured coin for stacking in gold. I read a post on a leading dealers website that listed the gold Britannia as their most popular coin which surprised me as it directly contradicts my experience selling and the many responses seen on this forum. What are peoples thoughts on why this could be? Does anyone have any solid statistics that they have found on the amount of metal moved per coin year for each?
  2. 1oz silver Britannia and full sovereigns as I think these are the easiest to sell.
  3. Scottsdale Silver Prey Bar 5oz Bar for sale. £85 inc postage
  4. In my experience sovereigns sell very quickly and very close to what you can pick them up for at the time. I have found the britannia is a more difficult coin to find a buyer and you might find yourself lowering the price to liquidate, especially if your trying to sell a few.
  5. 100% go for the sovereign even if the Britannia is better value. I prefer the Britannia personally but I would rather be holding sovereigns when you need to sell.
  6. 1/4oz gold Lion - £290 SOLD 1/4oz gold Unicorn - £280 SOLD 1/4oz gold Falcon - £280 SOLD
  7. I have both of these available from the RM in screwcaps what are you looking to spend?
  8. 🤣only have a few queens beasts left unfortunetly and then im out of metal.