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  1. In my experience sovereigns sell very quickly and very close to what you can pick them up for at the time. I have found the britannia is a more difficult coin to find a buyer and you might find yourself lowering the price to liquidate, especially if your trying to sell a few.
  2. 100% go for the sovereign even if the Britannia is better value. I prefer the Britannia personally but I would rather be holding sovereigns when you need to sell.
  3. 1/4oz gold Lion - £290 SOLD 1/4oz gold Unicorn - £280 SOLD 1/4oz gold Falcon - £280 SOLD
  4. I have both of these available from the RM in screwcaps what are you looking to spend?
  5. 🤣only have a few queens beasts left unfortunetly and then im out of metal.
  6. This was due to me selling off my stack
  7. haha what is documentation? 😉
  8. welcome to the forum. Software or web developer?
  9. I only have the 2 queens beasts left. thanks.