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    gsimpson reacted to Wackattak924 in Silver giveaway! - Children With Cancer UK   
    Thank you Bully,
    For sharing your son's story and for showing us the amazing work that beads of courage do. I am glad that you are partnered with CWCUK and hope that this fundraiser also benefits what you are doing. 
    Thank you 
    For everyone else:
    Bully has honoured me by asking me to wear some special beads of courage on my shoelaces when I take my challenge. These beads will then be sent off to  a hospital to give to a child that is on the beads for courage programme and struggling with their treatment.  
    I thought that is a nice personal touch and thank Bully for that opportunity 👍
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    gsimpson reacted to Shinus73 in Year of the Pig 1/4oz   
    The monkey and sheep/ram in 1/4 oz were briefly available on the RM website a couple of years ago, but that’s it. 
    As stated above the 1/4 oz have been minted exclusively for the US market and most of them have gone straight into pension schemes, never to be seen again.
    I’ve never seen anything other than monkey and sheep available in the U.K. 
    I don’t think they produced the horse in 1/4  Oz at all.
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    gsimpson reacted to Stu in Year of the Pig 1/4oz   
    I think the quarters are only minted for the US market but a few make their way back here. They dud the 1/10oz for a short period of time. 
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    gsimpson reacted to Britannia47 in Original & Modern Sovereign Alloys   
    Shown  below are the original sovereigns on the left with modern representations on the right.
    The 1870 'Australia' minted in Sydney contains a typical mix of gold and copper with a reddish hue. However the  2005 Commemorative Proof minted in Perth appears completely different and appears to have a greenish hue. I contacted the Perth mint to find out what the alloy was. In short they didn't know. Undeterred  I visited 'Bairds' this morning in Hatton Garden to have it analysed. As suspected it came back 91.7% gold and 8.3% silver - thus the difference in colour. Does anyone else have this coin ? - it comes with a red book.
    Everyone will be more familiar with the next pair. Again why the difference in colour? On the left is my 1817 sovereign and the 2017 on the right. I found out that the coin contained 91.2% gold, 4% copper, 4.5% silver and 0.2% iron. All these alloys are added to make them more durable in circulation, but don't ask me about the iron. I don't know. 
    Today the Royal Mint uses only copper in its alloy. I wonder if any gold coin today needs to be 22ct. If the Britannia has been successful in converting to 9999 gold as well as the 'Beasties' then why not the sovereign?  In 2020 the last of the Queens beasts will have been issued, and that seems to be an ideal time to start minting 9999 Sovereigns. Perhaps the specs. for the 1/4 oz could be used. I believe this could be a world beater and sell like hot cakes. After all the 'Sovereign' is already a world brand. MMTC-Pamp I'm sure would renew their contract, on the basis of its selling potential not just in India where 24 carat gold is preferred but throughout Asia. Perhaps I will pass this idea past the new CEO at the Royal Mint - Anne Jessop. She could be sitting on a gold mine - excuse the pun!
    That's all for now folks.

  5. Haha
    gsimpson reacted to universalcurrency in Atkinsons deal of the century?   
    Anyone seen this deal, or had the great fortune to snag it? 😮
    Needless to say it has 'run out of stock'
    Somebody in the Atkinson team must of been s##tting bricks!
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    gsimpson reacted to Michal in 2018 BRITANNIA 1oz SILVER   
    Hi all,
    I am going to sell some of my coins lets say about 22.
    Price is £16 per coin  + 30p packing + shipping of your choice.
    If you want capsule it will cost additional 20p 
    I don't realy want to sell them but would be nice to gain some reputation and good relations at forum.
    Payments by Paypal F&F, Revolut or bank transfer, but prefer first two options. We can meet in person as well if you are somewhere in Tayside ;).

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    gsimpson reacted to ukcoins in 50 years of 50p sets   
    That’s why’s i joined here recently, to get better info from others when stuff is released. We should set up an early warning * coin release alert * email group!
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    gsimpson reacted to matrawr in Today I Received.....   
    One of a few recent purchases.

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    gsimpson reacted to richatthecroft in Today I Received.....   
    Little & Large arrived today to entertain. Much more enthralling than the comedy duo...

    The Mercury Dime is one of my favourite designs.

    I’m over the moon with my grading results. 

    And thank you to @Britannia47 for this 2017 Half which has remained unopened since its manufacture. 

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    gsimpson reacted to Sovereign in Today I Received.....   
    2002 proof sovereign 

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    gsimpson reacted to Piggybank in 🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅   
    Nope! We did exchange messages a few weeks ago and he said he would send but nothing since
    If @AuricGoldfinger does not receive his or her Christmas Prize,  I am willing to donate a 1oz  silver coin.
    I hate people getting ripped off.
    @Bullionbilly can you keep me updated. Thanks

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    gsimpson got a reaction from Zhorro in 50 years of 50p sets   
    Hi @Zhorro I found this post helpful 
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    gsimpson reacted to terakris in Today I Received.....   
    a few extra nice results from that batch:

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    gsimpson reacted to DonkeyKong in Today I Received.....   
    I got the Silver proof 50p's today. Have to say I am impressed with the presentation too.

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    gsimpson reacted to augur in Today I Received.....   
    Many thanks to Lr103 for taking care of my coin for the WW I collection and in particular his generous contribution to the Christmas Raffle, the 2018 1/10 gold Liberty!

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    gsimpson reacted to Kieran95 in Today I Received.....   
  17. Thanks
    gsimpson reacted to Goldhooked in GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)   
    I only had a quick look before I left for work but it looks brand new uncirculated.  It comes in a capsule with foam and inside a little wallet.  @Kieran95 posted a picture of his here (click the diagonal arrow below to go straight to his post) - 
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    gsimpson reacted to Gildeon in Today I Received.....   
    Three silver Pandas of 1991, 1995 and 1996 from @Agpanda. Just the gilded 1998 remaining for bringing my year run up to date.

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    gsimpson reacted to ilovesilverireallydo in Today I Received.....   
    Added a mix bag of half sovs. Shame about the red oxidisation on a couple, might take the pair to be cleaned ultrasonically 

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    gsimpson reacted to P3T3R in Today I Received.....   
    My second ever gold purchase arrived today. A good condition 2002 half sovereign.

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    gsimpson reacted to mouldybread in 18 Ounces of silver coins at spot price   
    Please send me your debit and credit numbers and pins
    seriously nice thought but bad idea  I could be another nigerian prince
    Health is better and full time job starting march
    Your a nice person but be careful of internet sob stories
  22. Haha
    gsimpson got a reaction from creative in 50 years of 50p sets   
    thecoinconnection still have silver proof stock which is increasing in price by the minute! lol It started at £285 and its now £300
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    gsimpson reacted to Tn21 in 🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅   
    Got my prize yesterday all the way from Australia. Very pleased and happy to have them. 
    Thank you 
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    gsimpson reacted to Silvergulag in 🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅   
    Thanks to @MintageSeller for the gift and for everyone who took part!

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    gsimpson reacted to Schnitzel in 🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅   
    The prize from @Csaba arrived today! A nice thing to collect when the weather is dreary! However the rain falls, silver always shines  Thank you!