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  1. Moocher

    Chinese Silver Pandas

  2. Moocher

    Chinese Silver Pandas

    I bought a 1994 Panda for £56,and a 1994 (with coa. Capsulated) £44 was told I payed far too much but I am happy,also bought 15 in a frame for £240 (2014) and a 1991 numismatic for £24 .Again told I payed too much but I am pleased with it.
  3. If not sold can I have them please
  4. Moocher

    Hong Kong

    Has anyone shipped gold or silver from HONG KONG ,if so how was it packed and did you have to pay duty on it.
  5. Moocher

    Silver Panda or not

    Thanks for the info
  6. Moocher

    Silver Panda or not

    ms70 special label panda ?
  7. Moocher

    Silver Panda or not

    At £26 it is worth putting in the draw I suppose
  8. Moocher

    Silver Panda or not

    Much appreciated 👍🏼
  9. Moocher

    Silver Panda or not

    I bought this on a whim as you do,and after a lot of searching I can not find a Panda coin with this type of obverse design.Any help would be appreciated. I only payed £26 so can't moan really will be happy if it is silver.
  10. Moocher

    Heraeus Silver bars

    I bought som GERMAN silver recently only to discover there is not a trace of silver in it,it is made up of three metals and apparently in Germany you are not allowed to call it SILVER,fortunately I argued the toss and am getting a refund. Still confused though
  11. Moocher

    Heraeus Silver bars

  12. Moocher

    Heraeus Silver bars

    Heraeus silver bars,these never seem to attract much attention on auction sites,any particular reason
  13. Moocher

    South Korea

    Thanks,appreciate that
  14. Moocher

    South Korea

    My daughter is popping over to South Korea for a few days,anyone know if silver is cheaper there and readily available
  15. Moocher

    completed X25 maple leafs

    £12 oz spot on wish my maths was that BAD 👍🏼