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  1. Moocher


    If I have upset or offended you I apologise,I have made numerous mistakes in purchasing silver I like to double check now.If it is creating a problem I will stop and seek advice elsewhere..cheers
  2. Moocher


    👍 thanks for that
  3. These coins are solid silver .999 and weight 28g+ they are not 31g=one Troy oz but they do weight a common oz=28g so please dnt purchase this coin unless u understand it weights 28gSilver Coin 1oz Year Of The Horse Australia Mint.this coin is what it is it’s solid silver .999 and does weight 28g so unless ur 110% sure and agree to these terms and weight DO NOT PURCHASE other than that enjoy your purchase I have had to write this as I’ve had a couple of returns claiming it doesn’t weight 31g it isn’t a Troy oz nor am I claiming it is! It’s solid silver guaranteed Dispatched with Royal Mail Signed For® 1st Class Large Letter., Is this fake?
  4. Moocher


    solid silver 22ct Gold Henry VII Gold Sovereign Hallmarked 20g+,seen this on fleabay,can anyone explain it.?
  5. Hi,do you have a rough idea of shipping costs to uk,will they be packaged " discretly."
  6. Scottsdale prey bar 5oz £85 each plus postage 3 available.
  7. Moocher

    Provident metals

    SD BULLION doing 20 1oz rounds for £244 delivered,£12.25 per oz
  8. Moocher

    £11 per oz

    Apologies I was working on 35 oz a kilo🤑
  9. Moocher

    £11 per oz

    I work it out at £11 per oz
  10. Moocher

    completed 100oz

    Looking for100 oz silver in any form .999/9999 best price please including postage
  11. Moocher


    Silver Supply/Demand Crunch Part II: Primary Silver Producers Stuck in Quicksand and Still Sinking By Jeff Clark Senior Analyst, GoldSilver.com As we outlined in our silver supply/demand crunch article, the silver market has entered a structural imbalance. It is not temporary. Global supply is locked into a decline, leaving the industry ill-equipped to respond meaningfully to any spike in demand of physical metal for the foreseeable future. Underpinning the erosion in supply is the deterioration in mine production. This is important, because most of the bullion you and I buy comes from newly-mined silver. Secondary sales (products that have been previously bought and sold) will always have a place in the bullion industry—and a growing role in a supply/demand crunch—but to be prepared for the kind of rush Mike Maloney see ahead, mine production will need to be healthy and rising. It is neither of those things, as you’re about to see. Global mine production is caught in an intractable downward spiral, and the tiny sector of primary silver producers are stuck in an unhealthy quagmire. Worse, there’s no real end in sight. This is both concerning and exciting. Here’s why… Silver Miners: Keeping Their Chin Just Above Water’s Surface Global silver supply fell last year due to a decline in both mine production and scrap supply. But the drop in mine supply was the primary contributor to the decline. And it’s the primary reason new supply will continue to fall. Most industry consultancies predict that silver mine production will be lower again this year, and as a result drive total supply lower. If this plays out as most analysts expect, silver supply will fall to levels last seen in 2008. Here’s what the annual change in mine supply looks like since 1951. The current drop already outweighs anything we’ve ever seen in the past, including the four-year drop in the early ‘90s. Worse, no reputable analyst I know of is predicting that silver mine output will suddenly reverse and grow any time soon.
  12. Moocher

    How Low

    Stacking as close to spot as possible is not the only way forward in terms of PM investing. ????👅👀
  13. Moocher

    How Low

    How much lower do you think silver will go,there is a guy selling 2019 Eagles for £13.30 or by the hundred for £13.00. I have noticed there is quite a few people reducing their collections ,or selling up.I am a little concerned as only been stacking/collecting for 18 months but my gut tells me to sit tight my average price on my silver is about £14.75 per oz so I suppose I should not be too concerned.