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  1. Hi Folks I have a quarter ounce gold proof Falcon that has a area on center of the Falcons neck that has not been frosted would this be a reason to return ( the coin also has the dot as well ) if someone could advise it would be much appreciated
  2. when I checked earlier it appears the 1/4 ounce proof gold Falcon has not yet sold out ? they are awaiting stock so it says
  3. It will be great to hear how you get on I have just received a kind reply from Royal Mint customer services . having sent a photo of the said dotty Falcon as follows quote > (I am sorry to learn that there is a mark on your coin, would you please return for inspection and we will return or replace as necessary.) end quote ehmmm To send or not to send That is the question 🤔
  4. seems at this moment more appear to report having the mark than not Royal Mint being a tad slow replying to my question ?( what is it about )
  5. Ehmm Yes seems quite random interesting to eventually know how many of each I read they re do the die every so often with proof coins so who knows ? gona be interesting I think
  6. interesting what number range do they fall in if you do not mind me asking ?
  7. Has anyone actually received one of these without the privy dot yet ? I have sent Royal mint an email asking if they can enlighten me as to why it is there Must admit I am totally new to this lovely coin collecting stuff so i do hope they will give me the info !
  8. seems # 28 gold proof quarter ounce also has same mark