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    QStack reacted to StackerNoob in Brexit status ...   
    1 Macron says any extension is reliant on Parliament agreeing to May's deal, which is looking unlikely. Hate to say I called this, but...I kinda did ^^^

    Added 0 minutes later... As above 🙂
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    QStack reacted to KDave in Brexit status ...   
    I would just like to add that I have read a report that Mr salvini of Italy, friend of Nigel farage is threatening to veto any extension. That is going to cost Germany an awful lot. Remember the economic plan that the EU wouldn't allow? Well I think Italy will be spending whatever it dam well pleases or the UK is getting no extension. 
    Second issue, mps somehow need to get around the bercow decision not to table the treaty a third time. In the next ten days. Then Germany/EU needs to pay off Italy and get macron in line, and a few other concessions here and there to other opportunists too no doubt, at great expense. In ten days. 
    WTO never looked so likely. But we are not out yet, any measure of treachery could happen. Personally it looks as if parliament and the EU are working together to get us out, but I'm not sure if they realise it yet. 
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    QStack got a reaction from AuricGoldfinger in The Permanent Portfolio   
    @vand @KDave what resources do you guys use to research what ETF to invest or what bonds to buy or shares to buy?
    I'm interested in starting to invest but want to do a lot of research before i do.
    At the moment im looking at using either AJ Bell, Interactive Investor or Vanguard as an investmet platform. I think one of these 3 should be good starting out, im just dont know how to do the proper due diligence and research.
    Grateful for any advice  
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    QStack got a reaction from motorbikez in Brexit status ...   
    Just become a big fan of Roger Daltry 😁👍
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    QStack got a reaction from Oldun in Brexit status ...   
    Just become a big fan of Roger Daltry 😁👍
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    QStack got a reaction from dicker in Society and Tax   
    @KDave i agree 100%. 
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    QStack reacted to Oldun in Brexit status ...   
    I would laugh my arse off if, after all the naysayers, antidemocratic fearmongers, and any other organisations, countries, you name it, The UK, were to simply reduce tax to a flat 15%.....you would see an a tidal wave of investment and money flood into The UK as we would be free from EU meddling and shot calling.
    If Scotland and any others want to leave The UK or separatists, tata....but remember you lose every single penny of subsidy from Westminster.
    It would be that simple.....it would create the largest inward investment easily and stick one right up Brussel’s jacksie. 
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    QStack reacted to KDave in Society and Tax   
    @Oldun To continue from the other thread  not sure how to quote from another thread so I have just copied it;
     "Everyone pulls together as being part of a responsible and caring society. The road you seem to be suggesting is one of Victorian Britain with no social care and poor houses.
    There are many things everybody pays towards via taxes which the indivadual may or may never need. You do it, so do I. I do not mind if it promotes a healthy happy society. Otherwise, it is just an every person for himself and I dont want to live in a society like that.
    Now, clearly some are taking unfair advantage but that is not a reason to smear everyone and the system with the same brush."
    My position is that people should meet their own needs and desires if they are able, and government should look after those who can't, but that is all. People should be treated as adults and weigh up their choices - for me its a choice for me between the mortgage and a few sovereigns a month, I pay the mortgage. I want some silver, the kids need feeding - I buy food.  My wife works works weekends instead of some days through the week, so we pay less for childcare and we save money. We could afford childcare through the week but we chose not to and are better off. Other people who are not willing to sacrifice their weekends and work through the week- they are worse off, this is fair yes? The government can't just magically provide the service cheaper that is not how it works.   
    We have the choice. If government gets involved and gives everyone 'free' childcare, after taxes we will be worse off through no fault or choice of our own. It removes choice and makes us poorer so someone not willing to sacrifice can be better off at our expense. How is that fair? What kind of behaviour does this encourage? 
    It is every man for himself by default - we can use human self interest to get the society you want without using over bearing government, and robbery and redistribution. I would prefer more freedom to the continuation down the path of this socialist dystopia we are creating.
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    QStack got a reaction from Goldmick in 2019 matt finish sovereign   
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    QStack reacted to Oldun in Brexit status ...   
    I am looking forward to a simple no deal, thereby peeing off the NI lot who think they can play silly buggers with the voting process in parliament (May was a total twat for calling an election last year and causing this issue) and  then leave the (to all intents and purposes) coalition with ultimately irrelevant NI politicians, with the Conservatives thereby forced to call an election (hopefully May departs anyway causing an election). May departs, and  noone in their right mind votes for Corbyn and we get a third party candidate that tells the truth that we will have a terrible time in the next decade because it is baked in by the global financial crisis pummeling down the lane at us and watch from the relatively speaking sidelines as the EU disintegrates thinking great we dodged a bullet (the EU as an extra weight dragging us down would have been sheer madness and including the fact that we dont want their intractable dictates and laws dictated to us by unelected officials) and off we go into our own (bad enough without the rest of it) reset under our own laws, for better or worse.
    How hard is that to understand  and why are all politicians at all levels such cowards that they cant speak the truth ?
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    QStack got a reaction from Agpanda in Outrageous train prices   
    My annual season ticket in to London is now £5400  
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    QStack got a reaction from vand in Outrageous train prices   
    My annual season ticket in to London is now £5400  
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    QStack got a reaction from vand in Tony Deden - You must watch this video   
    The Real Vision videos are always really informative.
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    QStack reacted to sixgun in Brexit status ...   
    Do you mean 1984?
    If you think there ever was democracy, think when did i have a say in anything important? This is why i was shocked in the Brexit result. What an absolute gaff to allow the leave vote to win, either that or the leave vote was so massively in the lead it would have been too much to have remain win out. i am suggesting Leave did not win by a few percent, it was much more than that. Like Hillary Clinton got such a small percentage in the end it overwhelmed all the ballot fixing.
    But to return to the idea of democracy. There is no democracy. You chose between Labour and Tory. The rest are there for decoration. Did you choose those who stood for election? i expect not so you voted for Hobson's choice - no choice at all. Have you noticed how the main thrust of what the parties do when in power is pretty much the same? They say a lot in opposition but when they get power it is something different. Corbyn was very anti-EU but do you hear this from him now? He thinks he could get power so he must slip into the required role and carry on the same old same old carry on.
    Did you decide on the United Nations or the EU Commission or the IMF or the BIS or who runs the Bank of England. Did you decide on any of the 100's of Non Governmental Organisations and Think Tanks which advise and influence policy? Did you decide on anything of any significance? Do you have opportunity to decide?
    People have just once in recent years decided on something, That was Brexit and they didn't decide the right way. No look at the sh1t storm. They have spent 2.5 years attempting to reverse this decision and they know if they cop out there will be serious trouble, Get stocked up on yellow jackets, they might be needed. The slaves aren't supposed to decide on anything.
    If Voting Changed Anything, They'd Abolish it.
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    QStack got a reaction from Alymac in **FEBRUARY 2019** Group Order from The European Mint   
    Their website says these are in stock and that there is "only" 2960 left. Better get our orders in quick
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    QStack reacted to augur in Mini group order 5 Reichsmark – coins posted   
    All coins went out by Special Delivery or 1st class signed for.
    Everybody should have received their tracking number by PM.
    I would like to thank everyone for participating and helping to bring down the cost and postage on this coin. 
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    QStack got a reaction from DRooster in Brexit status ...   
    No. But the state subsidising poor pay is not going to fix the problem of poor pay. If anything it will prolong the issue.
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    QStack reacted to Bullionaire in 2019 oriental border   
    They should do a special Brexit 'Irish border Britannia'...
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    QStack reacted to Oldun in Brexit status ...   
    Macron is in deep terrible s h i t and absolutely loves to take pot shots at johnny foreigner.....the UK as it deflects any criticism from him as his country burns and absolutely hates him and his domestic policies....that trick is as old as the hills and thes effing snowflakes and politicians here are numbnuts as they use what he says to fuel the argument here...utter traitors imho
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    QStack got a reaction from Oldun in Brexit status ...   
    I think France  might be getting worried that we are leaving and going to be more competitive making the UK the Singapore of Europe. They're suggesting a minimum corporate tax rate. Odd they're suggesting this just as we're leaving  
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    QStack got a reaction from kimchi in Mini group order 5 Reichsmark – coins posted   
    Thanks @augur
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    QStack got a reaction from augur in Mini group order 5 Reichsmark – coins posted   
    Thanks @augur
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    QStack got a reaction from augur in Mini group order 5 Reichsmark – coins posted   
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    QStack got a reaction from RichRock in Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?   
    Looking at his comments it would seem @Golddigger69 is associated with GS.