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  1. Thats a pretty nifty idea, where do you get your tubes and capsules from?
  2. Just seen them on the site. Anyone else think they look a bit naff? https://www.royalmint.com/discover/uk-coins/wallace-gromit/
  3. Nice, wish there were more Kilo coins knocking around. Prefer them to kilo bars
  4. i hope it keeps going - then a bit of gold shopping this weekend
  5. 1240 surely? .... and don't call me surely 😁
  6. @stu66 Lets have a look at the LCGS slab
  7. What caused @AndrewSL76 to leave the thread?
  8. Slighlty off topic but did anyone else see Geoffrey Cox tearing the reamainer MPs to shreds in the commons yesterday? Absolute gold😁
  9. Ha ha, I was thinking of dusting my handbag off an entering the fray.
  10. Because it's a private company that racked up £1.7 Billion in debt.
  11. Whether you like the Conservatives or not - they were elected to government. What we have now is a parliament refusing a general election but instead scheming to form an un-elected un-mandated "government of national unity" - or to put it another way a government of elite remainers chosen by elite remainers.
  12. Bloody hell, that skidmark Anna Soubry is on the BBC mouthing off now.