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  1. QStack

    Britannia's overrated compared to cheaper offerings?

    @Pete Might get a couple of tubes of Krugs instead of Brits on my next silver purchase
  2. QStack

    All gone Pete Tong

    Agree. Seems like the only outcome for her now. But who replaces her? i wouldn't want any of the people who put their name forward last time. I think Raab could make a good go of it.
  3. So Theresa May's government is in a bit of turmoil. Shoddy Brexit deal achieved. 3 ministers resigned so far with more likley to join them. The pound is tanking (glad @BackyardBullion finished his group order a week early ) Surely she has to go? Does this make a no deal Brexit more likley?
  4. QStack

    Britannia's overrated compared to cheaper offerings?

    Silver Kruggerands are cheaper than brits. Would these not be better to purchase?
  5. QStack

    ‘1942’ sovereign

    Are those rust spots on it?
  6. QStack

    ‘1942’ sovereign

    Who was the seller? Do you have a photo?
  7. QStack

    We Are Currently Paying 100% for Bullion Sovereigns

    Hatton Garden Metals are currently cheaper for their low grade bullion sovs. Maybe you could price match?
  8. QStack

    **NOVEMBER** Group order

    Thanks BYB. That was my first ever silver purchase 😊
  9. QStack

    **NOVEMBER** Group order

    I would like to order tubes of coins but don't know how many of each to order to ensure they come in a tube. I would like to order full tubes of the following - 1oz Bloody Krugerands 1oz Brits 1oz Maples 1oz American Eagles Any one have any idea numbers i need to order?
  10. QStack

    Is There Something About to Crash with Gold ?

    @Nick1368 @KitboyE17 Thanks for the info. Will check those out.
  11. QStack

    Is There Something About to Crash with Gold ?

    Can anyone recommend a good site that shows the live price of gold in sterling? I'm using live charts.co.uk but that shows it in USD.
  12. QStack

    F35 Lightning £2 Gold

    I like it. Thumbs up from me.
  13. QStack

    Newbie buying fractional gold....

    I was in a similar position to you. Just getting into stacking, only gold at the moment but i wasn't sure to what to stack, 1oz coins 1/2 oz coins, 1/4 oz coins. Quite a few forum members suggest i take a look at sovereigns which is something i hadn't considered but after doing a bit of research and listening to other members on here I'm now stacking sovs. Thanks guys The reason why i chose these over the 1 oz brits or the 1/4 oz brits - - you can pick them up with low premiums compared to 1/4 oz brits. Forum members suggested Hatton Garden Metals which do seem pretty good value. - can sell them further down the line for spot or close to spot. - recognised around the world (which i hadn't realised). If you look at US, Australian, Canadian, European gold websites they nearly all have Sovs for sale. Most don't have 1/4 oz brits. Again this suggests to me that selling all or part of your stack of sovs in the future should be pretty easy. - some cool old/rare numismatic sovs to collect
  14. QStack

    Chards Bonanza Week!

    Yeah they look good value to me.