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  1. QStack

    Indian Sovereigns

    @Kritika Thanks for the advice and the pics. Think i'll wait until im in India to get them. What are you planning to do with yours? An addition to your stack or are you getting it graded? Im planning on getting 3 or 4 as i beleive 2018 is the last year they're licensed to mint them, if im correct?
  2. QStack

    Indian Sovereigns

    Im after a bit of advice on Indian Sovs. I have some travel planned for later in the year to Indian and the Middle East. I've seen prices in the UK vary from £350 to £500 for the 2018 India sov. If i was to buy in India i could pick one up for around £300 including gold tax which is still about £55 more than a UK 2018 sov. My question to people who have bought some of these or have seen them is as follows - 1. Are they worth the extra premium over say a UK issued 2018 sov 2. Are they likely to retain the premium on the secondary market when i come to sell at a later date. 3. Where is the best place to pick these up? India or Middle east countries? Cheers
  3. QStack

    London coin fair feb 2nd

    I'm away the weekend this is on 😥. Does anyone have the dates of any others in London coming up in the year?
  4. QStack

    Brexit status ...

    Yep JRM to replace her. 👍
  5. QStack

    BASHING on the forum

    To be honest I thought she came across as a someone associated with GS.be
  6. QStack

    London coin fair feb 2nd

    How much is a 1937 sov? out of interest of course.
  7. Three that i like and watch on youtube on a regular basis are: - Lynnette Zang ITM Trading ( explains some complex thing like derivitives especially related to Deutche bank very well) - Maneco64 (ex London trader. very interesting and gives a balanced opinion) - illuminati Silver (Not so much now that they have their own website and charge for access)
  8. QStack

    Sovereign or Quarter Britannia?

    Well if any one has any 2018 bullion sovs they dont like and want to sell send me a message
  9. QStack

    Sovereign or Quarter Britannia?

    @pete Ha ha yeah looks mighty fine 🤩
  10. QStack

    Sovereign or Quarter Britannia?

    @Pete Why the preference for 1/2 sovs?
  11. QStack

    Sovereign or Quarter Britannia?

    I was in the same boat as you when i started stacking, not sure to go for sovs or 1/4 Brits. i ended up taking the advice of the majority of the people on the forum and going for sovs. The problem is now i cant get enough of them. When you start doing a bit of research in to the history and the numismatic side of sovs it gets a bit addictive. So do yourself a favour. Stay away from sovs. They're the crack cocaine of the coin world
  12. Hi BYB, Are europeanmint doing any offers for the group on any coins like they did for the November order?
  13. QStack

    2nd Trade Dollar St. Helena

    i've got 3 of the first coin, not got any of the second yet. Im surprised there hasn't been much buzz around these. great looking coins low mintages. i think interest will sky rocket when the Japanese and Chinese trade dollars are released. These both both had dragons on. People seem to go nucking futs for coins with dragons on
  14. What do you expect? He's just another ex Goldman Sachs central banker. UK breaking away isn't part of their plan