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  1. I'm going to carry on doing what i already do - use a vpn. Not only will this prevent the guv'ment knowing what mucky sites i visit but it also prevents my ISP from keeping any records of my internet activity 😁👍 For those that are interested you can get a vpn from someone like cyberghost for £5-6 pm. They are usually desktop apps. If you start up your computer and have an internet connection just start your chosen vpn application such as cyberghost - this will take up to about 20 seconds - when that goes green and says connected open your browser and and use the internet as normal. The only difference will be that your ISP and ultimately the Guv'ment cant see what you're doing.
  2. I do love remainers selective mathematics. Both the Conservatives and Labour are pro Brexit ( as per their manifestos) and want to respect the referendum result, albeit Labour wants a 2nd ref to confirm manner of exiting. And the Brexit party does what it says on the tin. These 3 parties won over half of the available seats. Brexit party - 29 seats Labour - 10 seats Conservatives - 4 seats So out of 72 seats - 43 went to parties supporting Brexit
  3. I'll be going. Not been to one before so just going for a look around.
  4. QStack

    2019 Korea Gold Tiger 1oz

    where is the best place to get these from?
  5. Think i'll be getting a tube of these when they're available 😁 https://www.europeanmint.com/2019-1oz-uk-silver-royal-arms-coin/
  6. I think you can already do this with the WIREX app and card. https://wirexapp.com Has anyone on here used Wirex for buying/selling/using crypto? If so is it any good?
  7. @vand @KDave what resources do you guys use to research what ETF to invest or what bonds to buy or shares to buy? I'm interested in starting to invest but want to do a lot of research before i do. At the moment im looking at using either AJ Bell, Interactive Investor or Vanguard as an investmet platform. I think one of these 3 should be good starting out, im just dont know how to do the proper due diligence and research. Grateful for any advice
  8. Just become a big fan of Roger Daltry 😁👍
  9. XRP isn't even a ponzi. Unlike other coins who's value is derived from "x" number of coins ever able to be mined - XRP is unlimited
  10. This is pretty much what has happened on twitter. Police wasting time investigating "crimes" carried out in a 280 characters or less : )
  11. Well this all fits the agenda. people who don't adhere to the MSM narritive are "criminals and thugs". I've noticed recently that the BBC keep pushing the narrative of "right wing extremism/terrorism" being a massive threat to the country. So im thinking the bbc are laying the ground bait with this and the rest of the MSM will start pushing this in the coming months. This is a bit concerning given that people who voted for Brexit and Tory MPs in particular often get labelled as "Far right or right wing extremists" regardless of any other views they may have.