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  1. You could fill them.... if not I'll pay you £5 lol 😂
  2. Have these babies just in time for Christmas.. Dragon 🐲1 bulls 🐮🐮 2 Unicorn 🦄 1 Price includes express post. ######### extra offer ######## Remember these animals/beasts are not just for Christmas there for life and for £3 a week you could help save the life of a unicorn dragon or bull... lol lol 😂
  3. Bullion coins and bars Kooks Queens beasts dragons bars
  4. Some beautiful mountains up that way... Nice to have a fellow Irishman....
  5. Where did you find that
  6. Buy the unicorn or bull and get £15 off the sold out everywhere dragon... have it just in time for Christmas...
  7. I can tell you the cheapest per ounce of silver I got including delivery and fees was €15.57 £13 at today's price We don't like to talk about the most expensive Lol I never kept track of spot price of the time. Excellent video well presented
  8. And an even bigger hello from me
  9. The Griffin and the lion 🦁 now sold and post to @Dragonfly... cheers.
  10. If I was to sell them now I would break even.... But I'm keeping them for the long term
  11. I have to say I think I like the Dragon 🐉 best...