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  1. They need 3 and 4G for the call side of things 5G will be the connection side for information up and downloaded. All three must work together.
  2. Big problem in Ireland the last two weeks. Major rollout while everyone is on lockdown..... Not good at all....
  3. I'm IRISH NOT EUROPEAN... never will be.....unfortunately part of Europe for trade and free movement of illegal imagrints but that is going to fall apart soon...
  4. 16.85 euros 264oz delivered thank you very much .... Happy with that... That works out far better that the European mint. Cheers lads for the tip.
  5. I was thinking one 100 oz and seven 1 kg. Might just go with two 100oz and 2 kg To play it safe Thanks for getting back 😊
  6. Did you order from Baird? I'm going to order 10 kilos
  7. Do they physically have it in stock do you know and is the delay down to the lockdown.. cheers
  8. One of the banks in Ireland at the moment.... Some interesting times ahead
  9. Bullion by post works out cheaper that the European mint...for once... All costs included. 10 plus Never seen that coming....
  10. This is the big reset.....start from scratch
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