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  1. Russia is now the biggest stacker of gold. It is definitely coming but when is the question? Is it worth also getting some Russian ruble? I am now going to increased my 20% stake in precious metals. I have also been buying a little extra food each week and some toiletries Just in case The sh@t hits the fan or interest rates go up .....
  2. Nothing to get too excited over 3 ten ounces And the fingernail of gold Waited seven weeks on them.
  3. Thats some craftsmanship I'd love to see one been made.
  4. Welcome to the land of the shiny stuff 800oz wow
  5. Nice job, A bit of a confession coming up I remember doing two pours 10 minutes apart and I picked up the hot one by mistake with my bare hands #donkey...
  6. Nice little stash arrive today From the Europeanmint. 63 oz silver 20g gold
  7. Once upon a time along long time ago England wasn't part of Europe, Nobody died from starvation and banks worked perfectly fine. It will take a few weeks to adjust for sure I just wish Ireland was following suit. Take out enough cash for a month .
  8. You should be buying from the Europeanmint.com vat free unlike the uk
  9. Welcome Shaun to the land of the shiny stuff, Your find .999 or 9999 percent of people here are very helpful if you have any questions see what I did...........
  10. Welcome paddy to the land of the shiny stuff
  11. Got this 10oz kook today Little disappointed as it's been handled and marked with oily fingerprints. That's eBay for you
  12. We all start off the same it's just a question of who gets addicted the quickest..... lol Welcome to the forum
  13. First of all hi and welcome from Ireland, If you're looking for supplies give me a shout I have a kiln like new with warranty and molds for sale.
  14. Good video once you're committed you have to keep going. Mr blobby