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  1. silverdocket

    **NOVEMBER** Group order

    Very impressive, Well done BYB. It's a pity I'm in Ireland just not cost-effective for me.
  2. silverdocket

    Today I Received.....

    Just received my beautiful 2014 FREE OF CHARGE 1oz Philly Thank you europeanmint.com
  3. silverdocket

    A special thanks to Kimchi

    That looks like a proper dealer Well packaged as it should be: Nice video.
  4. silverdocket

    Order has been stolen

    Like most good thieves they moved around these online forums and social media. Very bad idea to be describing how it's packaged online and most certainly even worse to be uploading videos about it online!!!! Just making it easier for people to steal it. By all means do an unboxing video but please don't show the outer layer to the world.
  5. silverdocket

    New to Silver Forum

    Welcome my friend
  6. Hi guys I'm from Dublin I was wondering is there anybody else here from my neck of the woods?
  7. silverdocket

    New Member

    very nice my friend
  8. silverdocket

    **NOVEMBER** Group order

    nothing like a few digs.............only joking.........new shoes always works........
  9. silverdocket

    New Member

    welcome greg to the land of the shiny stuff
  10. silverdocket

    Order has been stolen

    As someone said to me In TNT Recently it's always the smallest ones are the heaviest I wonder why....... smiling ......... My reply to her..... fishing weights. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what's in the box.
  11. silverdocket

    10 Oz Queen's Beast Unicorn Unboxing

    I was trying to do a deal but we're to far apart.
  12. silverdocket

    10 Oz Queen's Beast Unicorn Unboxing

    Cheers I missed out one last night by 10 quid....