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  1. Croatianstacker

    Bars Photo Thread...

    Beautiful where did you buy them ?
  2. Croatianstacker

    Fractional Silver

    10*1 ounce 146 euros 20*1/2 ounce 160 euros 14 euros is not that much and it give you the ability to buy a tube for 160 euros instead of a bigger tube wich cost 300/350 euros
  3. Croatianstacker

    Fractional Silver

    Hello 1/2 ounce silver coin is pretty cheap and could be seen as a "fractional" way of having silver https://goldsilver.be/fr/12-oz/110-12-oz-argent-noah-s-ark.html The NOAH'S ARK 1/2 ounce only cost 8 euros that's 16 for an ounce of "fractional" silver which is not really that much compared to kookaburra + the coin is beautiful.
  4. Croatianstacker

    1 Ducat gold air tite

    No it's direct fit so it's don't come with the foam ring
  5. Croatianstacker

    1 Ducat gold air tite

    What would be the best direct fit air tite for this coin ? the coin have a diameter of 19.90 mm. The a19 or a 21.2 direct fit air tite ?
  6. Croatianstacker

    Source for junk silver in Europe

    There is a lot of old french coin The english website will be live tomorow https://www.achat-or-et-argent.fr/argent/pieces-francaises/22/5-francs-semeuse-1959-1969 Bulk 1 kilo silver junk (1480g but there is 1kg of silver) https://www.achat-or-et-argent.fr/argent/gros-volume-argent/1156/1-kilo-argent-fin--sachet-20-francs-turing https://www.achat-or-et-argent.fr/argent/gros-volume-argent/1157/1-kilo-argent-fin--sachet-10-francs-turin edit cheaper here https://www.acheter-or-argent.fr/france-10-francs-turin-argent.html only 427 for a kilo is silver
  7. Croatianstacker

    Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?

    Well it's tricky because wich law could be applied the belgian one or the european one ? Maybe the 2 applies i don't know .
  8. Croatianstacker

    Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?

    (idk but it keep quoting a post ...) Actualy the situation is even more tricky because : When do you have a withdrawal period? You have a withdrawal period that allows you to change your mind, for example, when you have: placed an order via the internet; signed a purchase order during a door-to-door solicitation; signed a credit agreement for the purchase of a car; signed a contract in a marriage agency; subscribes insurance; entered into a contract with a real estate agency for the purchase of a building; you have signed a timesharing contract. As long as the specific conditions are fulfilled, you may cancel your purchase or your commitment without costs other than those legally provided and without stating the reasons. ok this one is only in french https://economie.fgov.be/fr/themes/ventes/reglementation/delais-de-retractation So belgian law say it's ok to cancel the order without paying and european law say you can't ? i don't know what law is applies.
  9. Croatianstacker

    Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?

    I'm still gonna buy from gs.be because they have cheap shipping the possibility to make group order,the fact that they have a big sotck,fair price.I never had any issue because i always knew what i wanted but it's true that they have the worst customer service i have ever saw. I have totaly understood that but i think that in belgium law it need to be explicit, i think as long as he don't say cancel the order ,the order is not canceled (i might be wrong)
  10. Croatianstacker

    Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?

    it's called justice de paix.The justice of the peace knows of all requests whose amount does not exceed 5.000 euro (as of September 1, 2018). So if we are speaking about 2 monster box worth off 9000 euros he will need to go in a court.
  11. Croatianstacker

    Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?

    https://economie.fgov.be/en/themes/online/belmed-online-mediation/alternative-dispute-resolution/continue/follow-guide/commercial-dispute https://economie.fgov.be/en/themes/online/belmed-online-mediation If i'm right mediation in belgium is free
  12. Croatianstacker

    Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?

    Small Claims track? I don't understand what is a Small Claims track anyways cleaner never said explicitly that he wanted to cancel his order gs.be have chosen it without it's contentment and they now want money to pay the fees also they said they won't be sending his order which was already paid if he didn't pay a fee for anythinghe haven't wanted? that's called extortion.(I'm not a native speaker and I read this thread pretty fast so I might be wrong in my reasoning)
  13. Croatianstacker

    Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?

    I live in belgium and here the loser pays the cost but they said they wanted to change it (i'm not sure when). This might help you https://www.eccbelgium.be/your-rights/courts/which-court
  14. Croatianstacker

    When should i buy silver ?

    Premium coins come with premium i know but i just wanted to have different design and more limited mintage.
  15. Croatianstacker

    Royal Mint safety deposit boxes

    Maybe something like this will be more suitable for your use https://www.safe.co.uk/products/burton-eurovault-atlas-grade-7-size-1.html Your stack is big, so if you take a safety deposit box you will need to pay a lot and also there might not fully cover the value of your stack. A safe like this https://www.safe.co.uk/products/burton-eurovault-aver-grade-5-size-3e.html could perfectly suit your needs, but you will need also an alarm for the safe and also the possibility to temporise the opening in case of an intrusion in your home. So a great safe is best for the long term and you can have access to the safe all the time, a safety deposit box is good too a robber will be more tented to brake at your home than robbing the royal mint but with a safety deposit box you don't have access 24/7 to the safe. But to respond to your question, I don't live in London or in England, but I know that the brinks have safety boxes in London http://www.brinksafes.com/london.html I hope it was a pertinent message even if this wasn't about your concern have a nice day.