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    KDave reacted to vand in Palladium.   
    Last time the Plat:Pal ratio hit these levels it proved a terrible time to favour Palladium over Platinum:

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    KDave got a reaction from Pipers in Sold all my gold, got stung   
    "Only hold as much gold as your understanding allows"
    Post Brexit the £ will likely crash again, Carney will see to it as he did straight after the vote in 2016 - he QE'd and knocked interest rates down losing us a sickening amount of purchasing power in sterling. Those in gold saw a relative increase in their purchasing power of their savings relative to houses, stocks, anything priced in sterling that didn't move higher right away. 
    Measured in sterling house prices have not done much around here. Measured in gold houses have crashed since December 2015. I sold most of my gold after Brexit and bought.
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    KDave got a reaction from Kieran95 in Brexit status ...   
    Good peaceful Brexit Betrayal rally today in London many thousands of people marching, I guess that is why it was not covered on the main media channels. Wrong message and not enough violence. At least they know for next time 
    I see that the French are still rioting despite Macron bending the knee on fuel - I guess its not just about fuel then. His approval rating is 18% last count and if he doesn't go soon the protesters may get ideas, French revolution 2.0 perhaps. Protesters have been killed, hundreds injured. I read that someone has had their hand blown off from picking up flash bang type grenade fired at them thinking it was a smoke grenade. Good luck to Macron staying power now after using these tactics is all I can say, I reckon even Treason May has a better chance than him.
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    KDave reacted to motorbikez in Merry Christmas   
    Merry Christmas to everyone on The Silver Forum & all the best for 2019.

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    KDave got a reaction from jultorsk in Sold all my gold, got stung   
    Ah very good. I give out that kind of sarcastic abuse regularly and should have spotted it. 
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    KDave got a reaction from jultorsk in Sold all my gold, got stung   
    Ah very good. I give out that kind of sarcastic abuse regularly and should have spotted it. 
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    KDave reacted to 5huggy in Capital gains tax on Queen's Beasts, a red herring?   
    CGT covers ALL your investment returns and is currently set at £11,700/annum allowance -(The tax exempt part)
    HOWEVER - fear not!
    Capital Gains Tax is exempt on all British legal currency. This includes Gold Britannia coins , Silver Britannia coins and Gold Sovereigns. This means you can make an unlimited tax-free profit on investments of any size and value on ALL of these British legal currency bullion coins.
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    KDave got a reaction from jultorsk in Sold all my gold, got stung   
    Ah very good. I give out that kind of sarcastic abuse regularly and should have spotted it. 
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    KDave reacted to h103efa in Sold all my gold, got stung   
    Ha I read it as a that too. 
    Sometimes I think social media and forums should have a sarcasm font! 
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    KDave reacted to jultorsk in Sold all my gold, got stung   
    @MoralHazard is just joking... driving home the point with regards of OP...
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    KDave reacted to MoralHazard in Sold all my gold, got stung   
    I sold £7600 worth of my stock investment portfolio last Friday that I bought two weeks ago. I got a loss off £600 and I am pretty annoyd to myself.
    The stocks portfolio was supposed to be a long term investment. However I got spooked about the developments in the trade war between China and US. Now that the CFO of Huawei has been arrested the stocks can only go down. I have now decided that I will hide my money under the mattress. I can re enter the stock market but only after I have seen it go down at least 5%
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    KDave got a reaction from dicker in Sold all my gold, got stung   
    You need to read some books on investing psychology to understand why you did that, and prevent yourself getting in that situation again, a book costs much less. You react like that to a 5% drop either because you need the money shorter term (you are being dishonest with yourself regarding 'long term investment') or you have invested too much money at once imo.
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    KDave reacted to greendragon in Grand Solar Minimum   
    global warming or mini ice age?
    probably wont make a lot of difference to us in the UK
    we are that far north that if global warming is real,it may mess up the thermohaline that keeps us warm, so we freeze
    if mini ice age is real we freeze
    time for hats and scarfs and breeding husky's  
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    KDave got a reaction from jultorsk in Grand Solar Minimum   
    Must have been terrible back then, no ice caps, no ice in the Himalayas, disaster all round eh 
    Oh wait, this data is taken from Ice cores. How is that possible when the climate scientists tell us the ice caps will melt in the next 10 years, unless we pay our green taxes? 
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    KDave reacted to KitboyE17 in smart home tech   
    Have had NEST heating and Hue light bulbs for a few years now. Our energy bills are staggeringly LOWER by over 50% than they were before. Mainly because the lights are LED and only need to be illuminated a fraction of the strength. Also with having the routines set-up and voice activation with both Siri and Alexa we get all the freedom and security of lights/heating only being on when we want. 
    We had one problem with NEST last year where the thermostat broke on our emersion tank. We initially rang NEST to help diagnose the problem and when British Gas came out to fix things NEST kept in contact with us all the way. I cannot remember when i received such excellent customer service. 
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    KDave got a reaction from Groundup in Palladium.   
    If crypto taught me anything it was buy high sell low looks like Palladium is where I should be next 
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    KDave got a reaction from Groundup in Palladium.   
    If crypto taught me anything it was buy high sell low looks like Palladium is where I should be next 
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    KDave got a reaction from Madstacks in smart home tech   
    I was looking at hive, it seems ideal but for the problems you highlight and the cost. You can buy it without installation but its a couple hundred quid to install I think last I checked, if it lasts a few years then not too bad but if it goes at warranty its an expensive hobby to have. I have replaced a few parts on my heating system myself since moving in and swapped out the wired valve motor, I was wondering how difficult is Hive to wire up? It looks like it just goes in place of your old thermostat, swap out the valve motor and the rest is a wifi set up between the kit? 
    I was looking at the robot vacuum cleaners they seem like a good idea to me but the missus is not convinced, even though she does all the hoovering. Perhaps she does not want domestic technological unemployment. She likes the robot that washes the dishes though. 
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    KDave reacted to Mcgrimes in smart home tech   
    Mine was £40 to install; I paid about £110 for the thermostat, hub and receiver but it also came with an echo dot 2.
    All in all, not much more than a standard wireless thermostat but with better scheduling and remote operation 
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    KDave reacted to fiveshotdon in Have you ever wondered what 10,000x 5p coins looks like?   
    😂whats your exit strategy?
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    KDave reacted to MickB in Today I Received.....   
    Today I bought a 2016 Isle of Man Angel from my local bullion dealer in the high street and also a 2oz QB falcon that came in the post.

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    KDave reacted to h103efa in Today I Received.....   
    Celebrated a big round number birthday last week!
    Got some golden goodies!
    A really nice 20 peso. Also purchased from @gazer a  NGC graded 1911 C Sovereign.
    I now have two of these gold 20 peso aztec coins. My other one has a bit of red marking on it. One day i may put that one up for sale on here, but for now i'm just gonna enjoy handling them both and looking at the really cool design through a loupe!

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    KDave reacted to sixgun in Feelings are more important than facts   
    This is a satirical piece but the excesses of the Non Player Character world almost coincide with this video and in some cases understates the NPC lunatic asylum. When i first heard the phrase we live in a post fact world i thought it was a joke but then i heard it again and again and shockingly, although i should know better than to be shocked in the Cultural Marxist dystopia we have sheepishly allowed, many of the sources were mainstream and were proudly stating we are in a post fact world.
    Roll on the Grand Solar Minimum. The original settlers of Jamestown, Connecticut had to endure such hard winters their stores ran out so they resorted to eating their animals, pets, rats and then each other. Which snowflake do you think would taste best?
    Over 28 thousand thumbs down and counting - staggering. i am literally shaking. Orange man bad.
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    KDave got a reaction from augur in Palladium.   
    Impossible to know if a good buy or not because fundamentals matter nothing in short term, platinum does the job better than palladium in nearly all applications but the price does not reflect. It could keep going but you are chasing highs, that is prime average investor strategy. Palladium was a good buy back end of 2015. 
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    KDave reacted to Pete in Gold used in cancer detection   
    Wouldn't it be wonderful if a patient could be injected or perhaps swallow a glass of liquid laced with gold nanoparticles.
    As they are distributed throughout the body there might be a scanner that can image the clusters of gold that attach to the cancers.
    What a potentially wonderful diagnostic instead of positron emission tomography that relies on a radioactive sugar injection and a scanner with relatively poor resolution.