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  1. You realise you sound like an establishment tool and useful idiot yourself by saying that Russia is and has always been the boogey man. Its a nation state behaving in its best interest just like everyone else including the EU and the US.
  2. Don't forget to vote for Russia aka the brexit party tomorrow, unless you can vote for Israel aka Tommy Robinson, failing that vote for the Nazis aka UKIP.
  3. Russian meddling is a drop in the ocean compared to google, facebook, twitter, ect. Russia didn't cause Brexit any more than it got Trump elected, look to the world view you support as the cause and you have the start of it.
  4. Yesterday the police were caught on camera escorting the Halifax muslim defence league to attack one of his rallies - throwing stones, smashing cars, assaulting people. Normalise it and political violence will become the way in this country. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeHeSiYDLKw&bpctr=1558387626
  5. The common wealth vote could be entirely about race but as Whites are the native population of the UK as well not just Europe, the argument does not make sense. As for EU citizens being allowed to vote, of course they would have voted to stay, turkeys don't vote for Christmas do they. If the UK ever leaves, the party they have all been having off of our backs is over and they will have to jump all over France and Germany some more or start paying their own way.
  6. 1.7 million more votes for leave than remain is pretty decisive in my view.
  7. Censorship appears to signal that the argument is lost and there is nothing left but to shut down the discussion. It seems to be admitting dishonesty as the truth does not need censorship to survive, it thrives under scrutiny. A lie does not. The people calling for censorship then perhaps have something to hide from scrutiny, be it their fragile and inaccurate world view, perhaps the lie of an ego or persona that has been built up over time. It is admitting that something about your ideas or self is false and weak. It is not a good thing. I am enjoying the various platforms that have sprung up in response to the constant degradation of free speech on the established platforms. Dissenter is worth a look and very entertaining as it allows you to comment on any webpage through the extension. This means articles that have 'comments closed' or such, can now be commented on through the app, the comments are linked to the webpage, literally every page on the internet can now be a forum. There is no moderation. I have been visiting the BBC website for the first time in years just to read the dissenter comments on some the lunatic leftist articles the BBC produces, it is most amusing and refreshing.
  8. Extinction Rebellion are a new age death cult - this is about as accurate description as I have seen. Repent climate change deniers or ye will Perish.
  9. You want me to list discovered conspiracies? History is full of conspiracies to mislead and lie to people, for the benefit of individuals, groups and government. Most of what we are told will be BS for the benefit of someone else. I know a few security service persons and they know next to nothing about conspiracy theories. Most people don't care about any of this stuff, it's just not important to them.
  10. Far too many conspiracy theories have turned out to be true given enough time and evidence for these ideas to be dismissed as tin foil hat. That is the lazy mans way, just to accept things and go back to sleep. Remainers have it easy, if you want to remain in the EU vote for - conservatives, labour, libdem, green, or anyone else on the ballot not Brexit Party or UKIP.
  11. If CO2 is the issue as we are told, why then not tackle the biggest butterfly on the planet that is producing the most? Instead it's the developed west that is chastised and told to stop being wealthy. For the greater good, we must impoverish ourselves and give up our strength, while others do the opposite? We are being nudged by someone, for some purpose that is not in our interest. Most of the protestors in London are good people that are guilty of being too trusting of those in charge, it's a common fault, they have accepted the narrative without question and now they can't seem to resist the opportunity for selfish altruism. The myth perpetuates itself against all of the evidence, though raising the issue in the way they have will encourage many more people to question the narrative and work it out for themselves. Perhaps it will come right in time and the truth will out.
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-48017083 This is borderline child abuse. She has been brainwashed to become a talking head for the climate change lobby, utterly disgusting. Co2 is the metric that is used to judge a nations virtue in the cult of climate change, so lets compare. China produces enough CO2 for 100 UK's. Why is she being told to call out the UK and not China? Is this some kind of sick joke? The message seems to be that they wish to prevent further use of fossil fuels in the UK. Why? We should use more. We have hundreds of years of anthracite coal left in the ground and have enough shale reserves to become energy independent like the US, why should we not use our resources? Why should we impoverish ourselves while other nations, China, the US are using their natural resources to benefit them? Our government is in ever growing need of additional income and there has never been a more widely accepted tax increase than one for the goal of saving the planet. People seem content to be impoverished from every which way and don't even see it, instead they think they are virtuous and are helping their children. The opposite is true.
  13. The climate changes throughout history but in the last 40 years or so it has become the fanatical belief of many that mankind are the cause. This idea is a useful tool for social control and as a means to raise money for government via tax. It is also delusion and arrogance to think we are the cause. Humanity are polluting the oceans with plastics. Mankind are increasing the concentration of various gasses in the atmosphere, specifically Co2 and Methane among others. Mankind are not contributing to the warming of the planet. If we set off quite a few nuclear weapons at once it would be possible to generate enough particulate cover to create winter like conditions for quite a few years maybe. We don't have the same power to warm the planet, not until we can control the Sun. Co2 is the bogey man they use to tax us, because it is easy to measure and can be demonstrated in a lab that Co2 is a 'greenhouse' gas. But is doesn't add up. Co2 is not linked to the warming of the planet. It is linked to increased yield from crops and faster growing trees. Climate change is real, it always has been with or without us. People have to pull up a graph from the last 50 years to find any temperature that supports global warming, and its in the tenth of a percent. Its a complete myth. I have seen more work to prove that the earth is cooling down due to reduced output from the Sun than anything else, with the solar minimum expected in 2030. People will be hungry.
  14. Don't buy from UK dealers get from the EU while we are still on board. Ebay is a good place to sell to achieve over spot I have done that a few times. If prices go up considerably like they have with palladium then sell to a dealer but it will be at 90% of spot price at best (for now).
  15. I have sold both to another member, they may be willing to part with one perhaps? The royal mail have them at the moment though.
  16. Yes the police will be round to 'check our thinking' soon no doubt.
  17. How many times was that question asked in the interview. Would you keep answering the same question multiple times when the only reason it's being asked is to use it as a stick? I think the newcomers are an asset. They bring a new demographic and audience. They have three years to establish and get their ideas into the mainstream. Despite and perhaps because of the media smear campaign, many people will listen to what is said, rather than making superficial judgements about ultra-alt-right hooliganism or believing what they are told to think. Happy Easter brother
  18. I agree entirely. I can't see a way out. The plan appears to be to keep us in at all costs, whether that is via May's deal or just by keeping us in with future deadlines while 'negotiations' take place. Either way suits them. The establishment, MP's, civil service, they are working for someone but its not us, they have completely sold us out.
  19. We shouldn't even be voting in these EU elections its 3 years after we voted to leave. Nothing will change. The establishment don't care if you don't vote they still win as proven in the last by-election. Labour in power on only 10% of the constituents votes.
  20. Nigel Farage and the Brexit party. A master stroke of branding. I can't help but think the party is an establishment safety valve, I think that is what UKIP was initially, the intention that it will change nothing and disappear after Brexit is resolved one way or another. UKIP are now under attack in the media while the only thing I have heard about the Brexit party is how well they are doing in the polls, fairly clear what is going on. The only reason I can think of doing this is to buy time. If UKIP gained a lot of votes now, it would legitimise them for the national elections. However, the Brexit party are by the excellent branding, a single issue party - the ground taken from UKIP has at the same time freed them from it and if taken this may be the opportunity and time they need to establish as a legitimate anti-establishment party at the next election?
  21. Price reduced to reflect removal of imagined silver. Open to offers.
  22. Quite right Roy thank you
  23. For sale, slightly over 80 grams of 999. silver in the form of these nice BYB bars, 2 x 1 oz 2017 bullion bars and 1 x 20g baby ripple bar; 1 oz bars number 130 and 131 from the 2017 run. £48 delivered, F&F or BT please
  24. Agreed though in the case of immigration, it's something that has never been voted for that has become the reality. It's Euro wide except for a handful of countries that either joined later, or have recently developed the democratic parties and voting blocks to start to reverse it in the case of Italy, Austria, Hungary. I can't see the UK doing the same while brexit is on, too much distraction. We voted for brexit and haven't got that yet. We didn't vote for immigration yet have got rapid demographic change never before seen in our history. The UK first past the post system just keeps us distracted and offers an outlet every few years while the lib/lab/con stay in power, or that's how I see it now. When voting changes anything, such as a referendum, they tell us how to vote, and when we don't listen, they ignore the result and just carry on, making the right noises as they go for 3 years. It won't be long before they are telling us it isn't going to happen. Reminds me of the Tory promise to reduce immigration to the tens of thousands, now highest in 15 years which will be quarter of a million or so last year? We have no democratic power in reality, it's always been an illusion.