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  1. KDave

    **JUNE 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be

    Sterling had best start behaving itself before next Sunday.
  2. KDave

    Nazi Silver

    I strongly disagree, everything should be open for debate. The truth is more important than hurt feelings, there should be no safe spaces, nothing should be off limits. Steve is correct your position is entirely political.
  3. KDave


    Yes this is good advice, buy what you like, at the lowest premium you like, and hope that other like what you like in the future.
  4. KDave

    End game / why stack / why collect

    A great topic. I can't answer for other people but I buy physical silver to take a punt on its future value in other goods - probably relative to stocks and shares or another asset type. I stack because I am not confident that the conditions that will lead to silver being valuable relative to other assets will be kind to paper claims on silver, or whether those will have any value at all at that time. In my dream world I will sell to someone who wants silver via a middle man (dealer) who will pay me for my silver so he can sell it on to the people at a profit. There are always buyers. Silvers value in terms of what it can purchase is what matters. If everything remains equal in terms of cost of resources to mine an ounce of silver in 10 years and population remains static, and demand/supply balance remains static, you have the same value in 10 years as you do now. How likely is that? I think silver will at least be more expensive to mine in 10 years, probably due to the cost of energy (oil) to extract it and failing that, the amount of additional energy that will be required to access harder to get deposits. Even if we half the cost of energy, if silver is twice as hard to find and mine you are breaking even. Then add population growth. Then add potential for increased demand for silver. That is why it 'preserves purchasing power' but there are no guarantees, the opposite in theory could happen, demand could fall off a cliff because we find something to replace silver in components or don't need as much any more per capita. Financial crisis is a good reason for holding physical as I said above (not paper), but a crisis is not necessary to at least preserve purchasing power as I have demonstrated above. Stocks do not need to crash for silver to do well. Perhaps not as well as other assets - you should diversify. Silver has no yield but that is because it is a commodity and some argue it is money like gold. I am in agreement with this, but it is not the best form of commodity based money, that would be the role of gold. I will explain this in another thread when I have the time.
  5. KDave


    I would go QB, the designs are done once, the Oriental border could appear next year with a different date on it for all we know. I had two lions but gave one away to chards for spot about a year ago and bought the griffin. Now the griffin is starting to carry a premium too so the pain is wearing off. I imagine the others will do well too but I had no idea any of them would become premium coins, they are 1 oz bullion when all is said and done.
  6. KDave

    Nazi Silver

    I see now what you mean - discussion and free speech are good, but they should not be free and good at all. Your opinion would be right at home within a totalitarian regime! 😋 That is why I laughed I thought you were making a joke. 😂
  7. KDave

    Nazi Silver

    I disagree with your point but found your joke funny, the comparison is a good one. Some things are sacred and must never be questioned, like chards customer services
  8. KDave

    Nazi Silver

    To not allow discussion because of how you feel about it is exactly those things.
  9. KDave

    Nazi Silver

    I do understand that the topic has gone a bit, but I am surprised by the emotional responses to the discussions here, it is quite sad that people are not able to openly discuss a subject without people calling for censure, or responding with how outraged and disgusted they 'feel' instead of joining the discussion and arguing the facts. We have had good respectful discussion on the forum in the past on a range of subjects some along similar 'touchy' lines, entertainment purposes and we learn, so what is so different about this? Perhaps we have found the forums limit; politics, religion and mass murder all together are the ultimate bane to polite internet conversation? 😄 Early in the thread someone mentioned that there will be people reading that could contribute, but will not for fear of the reaction. I see what is meant now, but the reactions here I don't understand. Just because someone discusses a point of view about a subject doesn't mean that person must follow it, and by conclusion in this case - deny the holocaust for gods sake. You can entertain an idea without accepting it - it is the mark of an educated mind they say!
  10. KDave

    Nazi Silver

    An interesting point and I know you mean it tounge in cheek, but I need to say it - Money is a tool look to the wielder for the source of evil.
  11. KDave

    Nazi Silver

    Pans you are right sir, they were attrotious and so were the communists perhaps more so. They killed millions both. They were all left wing that should tell you all that is needed to see where collectivism leads. They are both still a thing. Communism is more acceptable and doesn't suffer the same scrutiny because people are misled and blame nationalism instead of the real enemy of individual liberty and freedom which is collectivism. This stems from socialist ideas not national ones. As augur kindly pointed out the values ascribed on the Weimar coinage derived from the nationalism that led to imperial Germany. This ended in war too, but not the horrors of the socialist regimes of the mid 20th century.
  12. KDave

    Nazi Silver

    The 5 Reichsmark has some quite revealing edge writing on the Nazi mintages, first appearing from 1934. Gemeinnutz Geht Vor Eigennutz Translates to (I think - correct if I am wrong please) "Common good comes before self" Nazi's were all about big government. You can see that this idea/slogan would not be out of place in the soviet union. The Nazi's were socialists, not really right wing, yet people see the nationalism first and assume right wing - people often don't see the most dangerous attribute. Nationalism is not dangerous on its own. If you look into the horrors of both movements, the millions murdered, the Nazi 'labour' camps and Bolshevik 'labour' camps (especially early in the revolution), you will not see any difference between the swastika on red background and the hammer and sickle on red background. Personally I don't know why the latter is allowed and the former is not. They both represent the exact same thing - collectivism, hell on earth. The government over the individual. By contrasts the Wiemar 5 Reichsmark coinage had edge writing that translates to; 'Unity, Justice and Freedom' Interesting how quickly those ideals can be thrown aside and forgotten is it not!
  13. KDave

    Nazi Silver

    I confess I have a few Nazi coins, a denomination type set, please don't tell the government. I have studied extensively this period of history specifically Germany from 1918 and Russia from 1914 though have not taken it further than A level equivalent - it is an interesting time. These are not coins to talk about in public and as others have said Nazi - bad, Communist - good. 😗 It is the German coinage from 1924 onwards through to the fall of Berlin that tells the more complete story rather than just the Nazi coinage, as it has some lessons about what money is and where silver fits under a gold standard. Much more subtle than the hyperinflation of the papiermark but just as important and interesting. The Nazi coins tell a few subtle stories too, more social and political than economic but still interesting. They rise to power in 1933 and the coinage stays largely the same, the Weimar design is used on almost all of the coinage with the odd exception. The potsdam church 2&5 reichsmark are the only coins with a swastika, and they are small little things on the obverse. The reverse is a church and a date (just the church sometimes on the 5), not really out of keeping with the Wiemar designs, which included airships, oak trees, that kind of thing. Nothing too controversial to start with as they get their foot in the door. In 1936 the Nazi's get confident and change the coinage with large swastikas on nearly every coin (not the 1 reichsmark which retains the Weimar design oddly). The designs are very attractive and display an Eagle that is much more military and aggressive looking compared to the previous imperial counterpart. It reflects the Nazi's political confidence, their designs for Germany and reflects how Germany has developed into a powerful military industrial complex. From 1939 (big war time) silver coinage is no longer minted and fractional pfennigs are minted in Zinc and Aluminium as the previous base metals of copper, bronze and nickel are needed for the war effort. There are some interesting pieces among this lot, including the zinc occupation coins, which were minted specifically to pay soldiers in occupied territory. These coins could not be spent in Germany which meant the host country which the solider occupied ended up economically providing for the invading troops at no cost to Germany, quite ingenious. The fact the later coins are made from Zinc means most have corroded away and some of them are quite rare. The material makes for poor coinage, but makes for a good reflection of a failing political and military power. It reminds me somewhat of the Roman coinage which was constantly debased over centuries, only the Nazi coinage was debased to worthlessness over a much shorter period due to the mutual destruction of war.
  14. KDave

    Fractionals and fakes

    There are a lot of fake sovereigns about according to dealers, the forum gets the odd picture of a fake one every now and again. There are sovereign fakes made from 22 ct gold though usually the rarer, older types to cash in on the premium. Other coins and bars its the larger denominations that I have seen, tungsten core bars, tungsten 1 oz US eagles (terrible finish, easily spotted). Someone somewhere is trying. They should use a nice cheap platinum core instead perhaps, maybe just buy some platinum beasts and gold plate them, no one would know any different. 😉
  15. There have been studies into animals that show increased electrical activity in the brain at death. It is an argument to explain NDE's via biological activity and is perhaps a more evidence based explanation of why everyone sees a light, their family, have an outer body experience at the point of death. It is more evidence based than believing in an afterlife, extra dimensional beings, reincarnation all of which can not be proven and so are ultimately just stories we tell ourselves. The brain can be convinced to believe anything, it is something we must be cautious of. This study was done on rats which share some of our mammalian hardware; http://www.pnas.org/content/110/35/14432 I sometimes suffer with nightmares in which my brain manifests a person in the room with me, near the bed, that kind of thing and although terrifying at the time I am still aware it is a product of my brain, not a physical creature which disappears come the morning. There are millions around the world who suffer the same thing it is widely studied and is known to be a product of the brain while in REM sleep. If so many are having the same experience do I say 'there are millions of creatures coming to visit people in REM sleep' or do I say 'everyone else suffering this has a body and brain like I do - must be something to do with how it all works'. The same should be applied to these NDE imo, its hardware based, nothing more.
  16. You are right memories are not located in a part of the brain. It is interesting that people who have had heart transplants are sometimes able to recall memories of the donor accurately. There is a lot about the brain, the body, the workings of cells, DNA and its relation to memory (instinct), we don't understand or know. That doesn't mean we should go looking to the soul as the explanation as first port of call.
  17. Yes people have what they describe as out of body experiences and it has nothing to do with being near death. If you want a good example of why it is a hardware or rather, a biological event there are plenty of them involving drugs and poisons that interrupt the biological workings of the brain - drugs in particular are very heavily studied and can provide all the research you need to lead you to the conclusion that the brain is a chemistry machine. Our ancestors used to eat psychedelic plants and poison themselves with treefrog venom to have these outer body experiences and meet the gods (or the ancestors or whatever). Its not significant that all the people taking them had the same experiences, it is more logical to look at the reason as 'we have all evolved the same moving parts'. Our ancestors didn't know any better, we have many more tools to help us draw our conclusions, scientific method and theory being a good starting point, no fourth dimensional beings required.
  18. I think the reason near death experiences are so similar is because biologically everyone's brains are so similar, they work in the same way, they produce the same results based on the hardware. The brain fires on all cylinders at the point of death - but the experience if you are lucky enough to come back from it is just that - an experience. It may be based on outside influences in part, people hearing the conversations of doctors (hearing is the last thing to go apparently), people seeing what is going on around them (your brain is good at using information to build pictures, look into it). The light thing though, if everyone is 'seeing' that, then its an internal based process. I would rather apply some occams razor and jump to that conclusion than the idea there is a group of aliens behind the event. Ultimately I think it is all in the head. For example, just because I see a 5 star film and everyone agrees it was a 5 star film, its not proof there is a greater meaning behind the 5 star film. It proves to me that people are wired up in similar ways, our eyes and ears see the same things and our brain processes what we are seeing and makes the same judgement. Same applies to everyone having the similar near death experience. All of these people are seeing the same stuff - it is just proof the hardware is the same across the board generally speaking, and we all see the same '5 star event' at the point of death because we all have eyes, ears and our brain processes what we experience in the same way - its a hardware based experience and nothing more.
  19. What are people's thoughts on the latest plan to save NHS through increased taxes. Are people willing to pay or have you had enough
  20. You must be one of those shopping for silver at bullion by post. A high pain tolerance or sense of duty to hmrc?
  21. @swAgger I agree it will not happen, the easy option will be taken which is to throw another straw on the camels back and increase taxes. Politicians will take the easy option they always do because of the reason you mention, point scoring, two party, first past the post politics. @kimchi I agree we spent way too much on the carriers which are a somewhat outdated way to project our 'influence', we are attempting to follow the success of the US which has done well from its own carrier strategy. We will still do well out of them over the next few decades in conjunction with our naval based nuclear capability, you can't ask for a better combination to project the threat of carnage and throw weight around as a small nation. Once the lightning is in service we will be able to deploy air power anywhere - perhaps this will even help in the Brexit negotiations. You know my opinion though I am a 'prepare for war to ensure peace' advocate and believe nuclear weapons are one of the strongest forces for peace in the history of mankind when you look back at how it was before we had them. Nuclear weapons even brought Big Kim to the talking table and had Donald Trump nominated for the peace prize as a result, what more evidence is there that nuclear weapons are the driver of peace in our time A bit off topic sorry. There are a great many who benefit financially from the NHS and its not the people paying for it or employed by it that are getting the good end of the deal. The NHS workers are getting shafted, being offered a below inflation pay rise over three years they are being totally screwed over with inflation now higher than the 'pay rise' they will receive in the first year, and probably the same in the next two. I told my friend she better take the 'pay rise' so she can afford the tax rise coming next to pay for it
  22. People have no respect for the NHS as it stands because it is seen as free and there is no respect for the tax payer or their money. My friend works as a physio for the NHS and today she had two missed appointments and a third appointment was left unfilled as no one on the waiting list was willing to come in at that time (no one on the list was working - says it all really). There are ZERO repercussions for this waste and the result is this has become a daily occurrence, I am sure it happens in every department. There are so many areas of waste. Renationalise the buildings that are being rented back to the hospitals at extortionist rents. Charge people for missed appointments - if they are on benefits sanction them. End free prescriptions of over the counter medicine for everybody regardless of how poor they say they are - why are we paying for cough medicine through our taxes? The list could go on and on. Sort all that out then maybe we should consider paying more tax but not before.
  23. @StackerNoob I am told that the nhs still offers paracetamol on prescription - costing several quid a packet for something that everyone, literally everyone can afford, being 10p a packet in lidl. It's stuff like this that makes me laugh, what a waste. Then you see headlines about how many ten's of thousands EU immigration is up this year. We can't have both open borders and a decent tax payer funded healthcare system it's not possible. I am personally sick of paying for it now, never mind being asked to pay more.
  24. KDave

    Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    Could be wrong but I don't think it will last. Everything is pointing towards a big final drop shake out. Sentiment is strong elsewhere not in gold.
  25. KDave

    hands up those without tv

    For entertainment in moderation the TV is great - not the broadcast rubbish, the internet services. If you want entertainment, everything can be accessed via an internet connection, Netflix, Now TV, amazon, they all have entertainment services that you don't need a TV license for. No adverts and hours of lost productive time, but its worth it now and again. Sadly I do still watch all sorts of rubbish on broadcast TV mostly news, BBC news, Sky news, RT, Euronews - they all tell different stories, sometimes the same stories but with their own spin. BBC and SKY are interchangeable its so in your face how similar they are in the reporting of stories, Joseph Goebbels would be jealous at how organised the state propaganda is in the UK. I feel I need to watch the North Korean news broadcasts after an hour of the BBC/SKY network just for some semblance of balance.