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  1. KDave


    My problem is not that he was arrested, clearly he was in contempt of court. The issue is his sentence and treatment is disproportionate to the crime. He is in solitary confinement. He is not allowed to write letters because of what he wrote in the last one and the fact it was circulated online. They are trying to break the man and silence him. They have used the legal system as a weapon to suppress a reporter and are making an example. He is in solitary confinement for his own protection. The last thing they want is to have him martyred by people of the religion he was reporting on, but the states treatment of him in jail is making him just that. If this isn't an example of the politicized police state I don't know what is.
  2. KDave


    You hear nothing about Tommy Robinson on the msm, I've only seen it reported online websites and youtube. The protests a few weeks ago put the anti Trump protests to shame quite honestly but nothing was reported. Off message you see. He broke conditions not to report outside of court and was tried and sentenced in 3 hours and is now in solitary confinement for 13 months for his own protection. He has been stopped from writing letters. It's completely disproportionate to the crime, which was reporting on a trail of Muslim child rapists. Off message, so it's not reported. There were pro Trump rally's yesterday, not reported. There was a free Tommy Robinson rally too. Not reported. The main stream media is a joke in this country.
  3. Are they willing to price match the platinum coins again?
  4. Trumps endorsement of Boris was excellent news today, hopefully they will meet before he leaves, that would be the trigger for leadership. Get May out, get Brexit back on. It's been an entertaining day. Trumps endorsed Boris, challenged may's soft Brexit, made Khan look a tit and shrugged off the protests like they didn't even happen. Day one of the visit done
  5. KDave

    Observations from a new’sh stacker

    It's interesting that gold can not be found at current prices and that a form of fractional reserve is being operated by banks in regard to gold, but I'm not surprised. People are being refused at today's comex paper prices, but I think as hh says the gold is available at the right price, example being the gold price rise 2016. Perhaps it's only a rigged price to a certain extent, not system breaking. Based on the 2016 price spike as the recent example, I don't think the price necessarily needs to be as high as people desire for 'enough' of the enormous above ground gold reserves to be mobilised from currently tight hands and meet demand. I think it would need a signigicant black swan event, ie war, to draw the kind of demand and dry up supply to rocket prices higher. Most appear content with 150 to 1 at the comex, it's no secret after all. It's still fundamentally bullish, but how long have we been saying that.
  6. KDave


    How did you get onto the taxiway?
  7. KDave

    Observations from a new’sh stacker

    Silver has excellent properties but it also tarnishes. Electronics is a good example, silver alloyed with platinum or palladium to get the best of all world's plus heat resistance. Gold is best, it's just too expensive hence why silver is alloyed and used in many applications, today and likely tomorrow. That isn't to say it will be though, as you say about graphine. I think in this regard, buying silver is equivalent to buying a lottery ticket based on the hopes of future technology. Interestingly, palladium annually sees ever increasing demand as a proportion of total supply for electronic application. Which is the better lottery ticket I wonder.
  8. Same stu, I am conflicted in principle as when Obama came to tell us to stay in the EU or get to the back of the que, I was not happy. Now it's the same thing but in support of brexit, I should be annoyed. But I'm not
  9. KDave

    Observations from a new’sh stacker

    What technology are we talking about. The only demand aspect that has seen demand increases is photovoltaic application, of which the amount of silver used per unit has fallen with efficiency and continues to do so. I take your point on jpm, which is perhaps the best argument for buying silver there is.
  10. KDave

    Observations from a new’sh stacker

    This is good stuff. I think fundamentally the supply picture is in a bit of a fog, as we see a reported supply deficit every year, yet there is never a shortage, always enough. Reported silver supply being 80% from base metal mining operations, so is a very useful secondary or waste product so to speak, likely much of the ore supply is not reported. Supply numbers are incomplete. hard to invest when we don't have all the fundamentals. Demand is falling. Not to say this will continue, but if demand does rise, without the supply picture who knows what it really means. Perhaps supply is enough to support much higher demand. Perhaps not. That to me is why investing in silver is more a gamble and very different in many ways from gold. I invest in both.
  11. Very true I can't argue with any of that. What I will say is when people are ignored or in Spain's case violently suppressed, then politics loses its pull and people will look for other means to express themselves. When law is used as a selective weapon against political opponents it loses it's legitimacy and value in the eyes of everyone. It's a dangerous road.
  12. This happens all the time. Teresa May used 10 billion of tax payers money to buy power from the DUP. Misuse of public funds. It happens in every nation state on earth. They are going after this guy because of what he represents not because of the crime. You must see this?
  13. Yeah, stones and glass houses comes to mind. But get him in jail for something, anything, just to make him go away. Misuse of public funds charges. Which country are we talking about?
  14. I heard this on the radio earlier and laughed. Teresa May clearly having a hard time selling her 'we are delivering on everything' rubbish. (No shoes in this one sorry 😋)
  15. The msm including bbc are presenting chequers as if it's a done deal this morning. It's not. The white paper is out now hopefully people will see it for what it is. Sadly most are probably still thinking about the football. As poor a leader as May is, she is bloody shrewd politician and an excellent liar I'll give her that.