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  1. Hello there. Two Britannia's please. Please PM me with price, including 1st class signed for. Thanks.
  2. I'd like one of the 100g bars please.
  3. Brilliant. Haven't bought through the Forum previously and only picked up my first Britannias last week, so am new to all of this. What is preferred protocol for payment and postage options please?
  4. Hi Marty, I'd be interested in the Queens Beast Yale 2oz. Do you still have it?
  5. Very cool, you have a new subscriber! Keep up the good work!
  6. Interesting thread as I am currently looking to buy first gold. With so much information, it seems a bit of a minefield. As someone interested purely in investment, ie; spending money on safe bets to reap the rewards in 25years or so, it seems sovereigns are a good bet. Does anyone buy bars from Royal Mint, for example?
  7. Thanks for such a warm welcome!
  8. Good afternoon. Just saying Hi as a new member. Found this site after watching Backyard Bullion on You Tube and am inspired. Have been researching gold and silver investment and stacking, nothing bought as yet but feel an exciting and rewarding journey lies ahead. All the best, Carl.