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  1. Pamp is without a doubt one of, if not the, poshest and one i absolutely one at least one silver and gold bar of. Another brand on my watch and need list is Geiger Edelmetalle, ie the ones that have the UV light on the back. Massive premium but hot damn, I want one!!!
  2. I believe he has already outlined the rules for the next order and has said that he is planning on using both GS and EuropeanMint. Idk why he's trying to drown himself in spreadsheets, but hey, I ain't complaining.
  3. So i checked my 10oz Lion today and found that it had some difference in thickness on one side while the rest looked normal (looking through the capsule). Can't speak to how the edge is as the capsule is on fairly tight and I don' have the patience to carefully de-lid it. I will be getting the other 2 10oz coins sometime soon so I'll have a look at their thickness and report back. But, as a random guess, I'd say that the reason for the large variety of thickness is maybe due the upper half, ie the the main face of the beasts, being so detailed and in order to achieve this they have to put more pressure on the coins? Spit-balling here.
  4. Sounds legit. Now i just need to build my dungeon and maybe kidnap a princess.
  5. As the title suggests, I am wondering how to best store my silver, seeing as I haven't been stacking for long. I have some Dragon and Phoenix coins that sadly have taken on some milkspots and I would like to avoid similar things happening to other coins going forward. Additionally I wanted to know if it really is necessary to take the coins out of the small plastic bags you get them in or you really should either store them in capsules or what not. Cheers in advance!
  6. I totally agree. Was very worried when they released the proof version and the design wasn't all that Queen's Beasty.
  7. I've been looking at that coin for a while now and I've decided to no buy it after seeing a video from Southside Stacker I do like the design and theme but he does make a point that the details aren't quite there, which is a real pity. Then again, I am basing myself solely on his video. Most important part is always: if you like and think the price is good, then go for it.
  8. The capsules weird but I do think they add a bit of charm to coin, as it does sort of encourage you spread them out and marvel at them all at once. And I would actually say that this version here looks better than the first coin they released, which is closer to a normal Britannia coin. this one is just more different, especially the framing of the Queen's head.
  9. I have to say, that I do enjoy these designs. Got the previous version and am quite smitten with it (even if the capsules are slightly domed and not good for stacking).
  10. Out of interest, does anyone know of any good websites where one can buy Silver bars in Europe? It is something that I think the Americans do much better and also have a larger variety of them, which does make me kinda jealous. But to answer your question @Atag90, as someone who only started stacking a few months ago, I try to find government issue bullion coins that are within 20-25% over the spot price, depending on the website of course (if there is coin I like on one website which isn't available on another I will bite the bullet for the difference in cents). Anything that exceeds that ratio is a 'luxury' purchase to me, which I don't do very often or buy a lot of. For example, I just bought the Tiger and Dragon coin from the Perth because I have the previous coin and would like to continue that collection, so I am willing to pay a high premium for it. The main thing here is to figure what you want to do (primarily collect coins or stack weight) and figure out your budget to do so. (Edited some spelling mistakes)
  11. So I checked Goldsilver.be for new arrivals and what do my eyes see? The new Britannia bars from the mint. Shipping is apparently at the end of the month. https://goldsilver.be/en/miscellaneous/2101-10-oz-silver-britannia-bar-pre-sale.html
  12. I honestly like the normal Maple Leafs as their leafs are nice to, for the lack of a better word, rub. Sadly, I think the Queen is much too smooth and less satisfying. And the QB collection is nice, I am also looking to pick it up (1/4 gold versions). The other versions are either not readily available at reasonable prices. But if you can find them, then go ahead. Just don't overspend to try and backdate the coins.
  13. Hi there, I'm a brand new member on this forum as I was compelled to join out of a guilty conscience. I will explain. During my lunch break I was googling the Scottsdale Mint (as they have nice looking Stacker bars) and I wanted to know if anyone knows the shipping costs to Europe. I inadvertently stumbled onto this thread and saw the discount code, which I promptly wrote down for future usage. I fully intend to use the code for my new purchase but I was compelled to become an member of the forum (which I wanted to do anyway at some point in the forum) in order to say hello from the mainland and thank you to @BackyardBullion for his continued service, both on Youtube as well as for these large group orders. Cheers