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    sovereigns, other exempt investment gold coins

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  1. How many are you looking to start with? I have a 2019 bullion sovereign which can be spot +2 %. Once you start with collecting sovereigns, you'll keep at it for the rest of your life! Andreas
  2. Hi, definitely the way forward, gold takes up less space too! Are you looking to buy bullion or semi-collectable coins? Andreas
  3. Hi Karl, Is that the 5-coin set you are looking for? Thanks, Andreas
  4. Why is the image taken out of focus? We can see the imperfections regardless
  5. Hi can i but this please? Added 0 minutes later... *buy!
  6. Yes, £5k was expected for the 1989 £5 in PCGS PR70 DCAM, but I'm pleased to see this with still 1 hour to go in the eBay auction! Heritage auctions sold one (NGC PF70 UC) in January for $7,200 incl. premium and my last one (PCGS) sold for £5k on eBay, so this seems to be the market price. They will be worth more in the future considering how hard it is to get one in PR70 DCAM. And may I take the opportunity to point out here that while slabbing NGC may be cheaper, they tend to sell for less as PCGS are stricter (especially on the modern proofs). I will make a YouTube video on this topic at some point
  7. Can I buy the 1900-S please