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  1. Germania mint sent out a newsletter yesterday, where you could vote between 2 versions for the new 2020 Germania round. What do you guys think of the new design and wich version do you prefer ? Vote here : https://germaniamint.com/vote/
  2. Looks like these girls don't come cheap. I have been looking around also and the cheapest pre-sale prices i was able to find are: 35€ (39$) for the 1 Oz., 81€ (90$) for the 2 Oz. and 290€ (325$) for the 5 Oz. version ! Anyone think they are worth the premium ?
  3. Any word on availability date ?
  4. I agree, that turned out to be one ugly coin. Austrian mint took quite a dip in my esteem. But that was one of my fears with the first Germania Bullion coin also, but she turned out quite nice.
  5. Lol, I don't think so. I see Germania gently patting Brittannia on the back while Britannia is thinking: Darling you got to let me know. Should I stay or should I go?
  6. So apparantly they will be releasing The Allegories in may and the Oak leaf in june. ( https://germaniamint.com/issue-plan/2019/ ) The Oak leaf will have a mintage of 50.000 but they will release multiple versions of the Allegories. A 1 Oz. Allegorie with mintage of 25.000 pieces A 2 Oz. Allegorie with mintage of 2500. And a 5 Oz. version with mintage of only 500 pieces. I quite like them but what are your thoughts on the design and mintages of this series ? And did anyone receive their Germania silver proof yet ?
  7. Found this a while ago..
  8. Deglin98

    How’s my pour?

    Nice Work. I really like the one on the left.
  9. I paid 21,9 € a piece, got them from a French webshop ( https://www.emonnaies.fr/bullion-argentgermania-2019-les-grandes-figuresallegoriques.html )
  10. Just received mine in the mail yesterday. I think they look pretty nice.
  11. Deglin98

    QB Falcon BU

    Sorry, I was just kidding. Should have made that a bit more Obvious. I think it does stand for Brillant uncirculated. I'm not even sure if they make Queen's Beasts in bullion ?
  12. Deglin98

    QB Falcon BU

    Site states BU so i'm guessing bullion 🙂
  13. Deglin98

    QB Falcon BU

    Pre-Sale of 2 Oz. Falcon BU starts on september 10th at goldsilver.be apparently https://goldsilver.be/nl/munten/2086-2-oz-silver-queen-s-beast-2019-the-falcon-of-the-plantagenets.html