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  1. I have, someone over at Reddit was able to see one up close at the Chicago coin fair. They are delayed until december though.
  2. Careful though, they still charge for shipping cost from their warehouse to their office, even when picking it up you'll pay for shipping. Also, you can only pickup your stuff with an appointment.
  3. Germania mint sent out a newsletter yesterday, where you could vote between 2 versions for the new 2020 Germania round. What do you guys think of the new design and wich version do you prefer ? Vote here : https://germaniamint.com/vote/
  4. Looks like these girls don't come cheap. I have been looking around also and the cheapest pre-sale prices i was able to find are: 35€ (39$) for the 1 Oz., 81€ (90$) for the 2 Oz. and 290€ (325$) for the 5 Oz. version ! Anyone think they are worth the premium ?
  5. Any word on availability date ?
  6. I agree, that turned out to be one ugly coin. Austrian mint took quite a dip in my esteem. But that was one of my fears with the first Germania Bullion coin also, but she turned out quite nice.
  7. Lol, I don't think so. I see Germania gently patting Brittannia on the back while Britannia is thinking: Darling you got to let me know. Should I stay or should I go?
  8. So apparantly they will be releasing The Allegories in may and the Oak leaf in june. ( https://germaniamint.com/issue-plan/2019/ ) The Oak leaf will have a mintage of 50.000 but they will release multiple versions of the Allegories. A 1 Oz. Allegorie with mintage of 25.000 pieces A 2 Oz. Allegorie with mintage of 2500. And a 5 Oz. version with mintage of only 500 pieces. I quite like them but what are your thoughts on the design and mintages of this series ? And did anyone receive their Germania silver proof yet ?
  9. Found this a while ago..
  10. Deglin98

    How’s my pour?

    Nice Work. I really like the one on the left.
  11. I paid 21,9 € a piece, got them from a French webshop ( https://www.emonnaies.fr/bullion-argentgermania-2019-les-grandes-figuresallegoriques.html )
  12. Just received mine in the mail yesterday. I think they look pretty nice.
  13. Deglin98

    QB Falcon BU

    Sorry, I was just kidding. Should have made that a bit more Obvious. I think it does stand for Brillant uncirculated. I'm not even sure if they make Queen's Beasts in bullion ?
  14. Deglin98

    QB Falcon BU

    Site states BU so i'm guessing bullion 🙂
  15. Deglin98

    QB Falcon BU

    Pre-Sale of 2 Oz. Falcon BU starts on september 10th at goldsilver.be apparently https://goldsilver.be/nl/munten/2086-2-oz-silver-queen-s-beast-2019-the-falcon-of-the-plantagenets.html