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  1. Definitely sovereigns for first choice. Plus the various years, designs and history make stacking even more exciting and rewarding.
  2. Ah that explains it. Looks like 'fan art' compared to Jody Clark or IRB.
  3. Quite like the shape, but what is with Queen's face?
  4. Love it. Unique and yet of the series. Would be boring if they had homogenised the design rather than embrace the Yale's individuality.
  5. I do something similar but for a bigger picture I quite like the measure used by YouTuber Belangp. He compares gold and silver to oil (West Texas Intermediate) to find their reasonable price. He compares 1 oz Gold and 63oz Silver to see how many barrels of oil they can buy. Generally they trade between 10 and 25 barrels. Being able to buy 10 barrels is considered cheap; 25 expensive. By his measure, 1 oz Gold can currently buy 24.9 barrels of oil (expensive). 63oz Silver can buy 18.9 barrels (reasonable). It is not the be-all-end-all measure, but I find it a useful gauge.
  6. Old wedding band up for exchange. I have kept this for years for the gold content but thought it time to trade for something else. 4.6g 18ct gold, originally from Rennie & Co, Hatton Garden. That's 3.45g or 0.11oz pure gold content. Anyone want to trade 0.1oz gold for 0.11oz? Any 1/10oz gold coin or bar considered or equivalent in silver. We pay our own postage. Will consider selling at spot for £110.00. Payment by bank transfer or PayPal F&F.