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  1. Not a fan and won't be buying. The 2018 reverse is good though.
  2. Well, that is six months of excited waiting down the toilet. Will get it to complete set but here's to the next one!
  3. Food for thought: https://youtu.be/C4OlAT3jd3k
  4. Big fan of shields, particularly Victoria shields like this one, but also love the young Elizabeth head sovs.
  5. Are those numbers calculated to find the likely highest return according to your model or a certain expected percentage return? Thanks
  6. Yes. Couldn't agree more. However what is very pertinent to us gold bugs and PM enthusiasts from this article, is not the idea that gold is the new fixed income. (Because it isn't). But that a tide of average investors are waking-up to gold. Even if for the 'wrong' reasons. Investors turning their mindset from seeing a strange asset that is archiac and does very little but look shiny and yellowish to seeing something that is 'better than the stuff that is supposed to pay you an income'. The recent bull run could be the beginning of a huge inflection point. Gold is money, not income. There have obviously been other gold bull runs before but never in a mass negative interest rate environment. Having millions of investors pile-in during these conditions could get interesting. P.S. one of the things I most respect about BelangP is that he does not tell you to go out and buy gold. He encourages you to understand it before anything.
  7. Yes. I used to aim for 20% in precious metals, but we may well be moving into a new paradigm. Hopefully an extended bull run will increase our relative percentage holdings for us all ;-)
  8. This article from Seeking Alpha articulates what feels like an increasingly common sentiment towards gold. Should prove rather Bullish if it continues to spread. Has anyone else come across this feeling from fellow investors? https://seekingalpha.com/article/4288446-gold-new-fixed-income
  9. I seem to remember watching a @Numistacker grading results video where he mentioned how many counterfeit Thai coins there are. Though now I write it I'm not sure so positive. He might confirm.
  10. Being British, the best thing about Britannias is that they are Capital Gains Tax exempt. But then, so are plenty of coins.
  11. That was the question I asked myself 3 years ago. My first ever gold purchase ended up being 5 x 1/10oz Brits. Since then all of my gold purchases have been sovereigns. I agree with the points above from many wiser and longer stackers than myself. Having bought both Sovs and Brits, I would only now buy Sovs. Maybe the odd 1/4 QB thrown in.
  12. The most scary thing is that it's not just DB. Plus look at the mess of HSBC at the moment. Between the troubles in Hong Kong, UK, Europe and China (including potential trade war issues) HSBC should make interesting viewing too.
  13. Going back to @SilverSurfer's original question, is silver used as a safe haven? It used to be money and it used to be treated as money far more than it is today. The word for silver and the word for money is the same in many languages. Unlike the word for gold. Silver's industrial use accounted for 56% of annual demand according to latest figures if memory serves. A recession is always going to reduce the industrial demand for silver, so the price will go down. During the last financial crisis silver lost about 50% of its value before the massive run up through 2011. (Gold was approx -30%. How much of that was due to rebalancing sell-offs to buy more falling equities I do not know). The question is, as silver's industrial demand decreases, does monetary/safe haven appeal increase? It seems so. Even if part of the upswing was due to a massive influx of traders into a relatively small market. Personally I would like to know how much of a correlation there is between reduced industrial demand and increased safe haven appeal. Long story short, despite this enjoyable rally we are experiencing, I imagine the next recession will cause silver's price to get hammered again. At first. Then as the world reels, we will see a real silver and gold bull run. I would be very happy to hear thoughts from other people on this topic and gain a better understanding of it.
  14. I am not buying gold while gold spot, gold to silver ratio and gold to oil ratio are at their current levels. I'm happy to continue purchasing limited amounts of silver while gsr is over 80 and there are QBs to collect. Trying very hard to talk myself into buying my usual a tube of 2019 silver Britannias. Don't have any yet this year and it is the most beautiful Britannia for years.