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  1. Not so. For paper trading I am entirely indifferent and completely agree. That is simply a case of asset allocation and rebalancing by predetermined rules. The idea of trading the GSR is to provide a return on an asset class that can only provide capital appreciation. Whether that return is taken in fiat currency or more metal is up to the owner. I do, however, have a preference for gold when it comes to physical. I use the GSR to try and obtain future gold at a cheaper price now. If it doesn't work out that way, and the only downside is that I have lots of extra silver, which is not a bad problem to have. So you say, 'If you have a preference for gold then you should own more gold!' I agree. My current plan is to do that by buying silver.
  2. I'm happy to trade paper gold for paper silver and back again by the gsr, but permanently going to silver? Personally, my only reason to trade gsr is to get more gold. Silver is just a fun vehicle to help that happen. It would take a gsr of 100 and some compelling reasons to trade my physical. Never permanently and only to get more gold.
  3. Another useful graph from Belangp's YouTube channel:
  4. I am also about to swap half of my paper Gold for paper Silver. Any silver bought at these levels will give a 20% increase in Gold at GSR 74 or 30% at 64, ignoring trading fees. Both very attainable levels in the not too distant future. Even if we do see 100:1 in the short term. At 100:1 I will even swap some physical gold for silver. It is an easy trade to accumulate more Gold. While precious metals don't pay a dividend, trading the ratios is a great way to let the volatility of the market work for you. Been waiting for this for a while!
  5. A lot of good points made. We found a similar problem with the opacity of Halifax's terms when it came to overpayments. While we were grateful to be lent the money to buy our home, we didn't appreciate the vagueness. Are you ble to make monthly overpayments rather than saving up the lump sum? Or is it from an annual bonus? Most mortgages calculate interest daily so you are generally better off to pay down the balance asap rather than annually. It looks like monthly overpayments could get you mortgage free faster than annual payments https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/mortgages/mortgage-overpayment-calculator/
  6. Definitely sovereigns for first choice. Plus the various years, designs and history make stacking even more exciting and rewarding.
  7. Ah that explains it. Looks like 'fan art' compared to Jody Clark or IRB.
  8. Quite like the shape, but what is with Queen's face?
  9. Love it. Unique and yet of the series. Would be boring if they had homogenised the design rather than embrace the Yale's individuality.
  10. I do something similar but for a bigger picture I quite like the measure used by YouTuber Belangp. He compares gold and silver to oil (West Texas Intermediate) to find their reasonable price. He compares 1 oz Gold and 63oz Silver to see how many barrels of oil they can buy. Generally they trade between 10 and 25 barrels. Being able to buy 10 barrels is considered cheap; 25 expensive. By his measure, 1 oz Gold can currently buy 24.9 barrels of oil (expensive). 63oz Silver can buy 18.9 barrels (reasonable). It is not the be-all-end-all measure, but I find it a useful gauge.