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  1. Also, here are two photos of the coins. There are several more photos with closeups and I can even provide an exact tabulation of the coins by date and year in the auction thread along with the coin specifics as given in the Myntguide and the math for the weight totals. I may not be up to photographing them individually though as there are 584 of them! :-D 110 5 kronor coins (1954, 1955, 1971) 64 2 kronor coins (1952-1966) 36 1 kronor coins (1952-1968) 96 50 öre coins (1948-1950, 1952-1961) 111 25 öre coins (1944-1950, 1952-1961) 167 10 öre coins (1942-1950, 1952-1962)
  2. Greetings, I am interested in offering 584 Swedish silver coins for sale in one go - maybe a stacker would be interested. I would be totally happy with the silver spot price though considering the state of this market in Sweden and that most of the coins are in quite good condition someone may want them enough to pay a little more. Asking for or expecting more than the silver spot price isn't nice, therefore maybe offering the mass of coins auction style so that whoever indicates a desire to pay the most gets them would be okay? I am thinking it would start Friday Sept 7 at 10.00 hrs. and finish Saturday or Sunday Sept. 15 or 16 at 22.00 hrs. Central European Summer Time.
  3. Thanks and you are right about that, these are interesting times in Sweden.
  4. Thanks for the friendly welcome everyone! I'll soon start sharing highlights of the collection. Vivid natural light is best to show the lustre of the coins. It is overcast in Stockholm today but soon enough this will change.
  5. Hej Everyone, I can't properly introduce myself as there are few persons in Sweden in my profession. Skatteverket makes everyone's personal information public. It would be easy to figure out who I am and as I have a significant quantity of precious metal and rare, collectible items in my immediate possession, this comes with risk. That said, I am a dual citizen of the U.S.A. and Sweden having moved here many years ago. My introduction to precious metals was through Austrian Economics. I read widely and wanted to educate myself about the subject. I'll be posting images of choice specimens and may offer one or more caches of Sweden's silver coins for sale that are suitable for stacking though still with many in superb condition. The quantity could be considerable so I should mention that I am not a dealer and have no professional connection to coins, bank notes or stamps. This looks to be a great forum with interesting people and I look forward to participating. Cheers!