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  1. In my opinion, Krugerrands just have poor QC. I bought two separate tubes, and most of the coins had various forms of issues, from stains, to milk spots to scratch marks. It's a real bad shoot.
  2. Have you opened any of the dragon bar tubes? If so, what condition do they come in? This may seem like an odd question...
  3. The local LCS that I go to pays better on some items.. They shifted my accumulation habits based on how they buy. Bars, pours and rounds are purchased at .75 cents below spot, but Eagles, Maples, and other national bullion is purchased at spot.
  4. This is my stack of 318 oz. I have about 20 oz of silver and a 1/4 oz of gold still on its way to me. I'm planning on thinning the heard and getting rid of my few pours. I'm going to focus on mint tubes, individual coins and 10 oz bars.
  5. FYI, the "Air-tite" 10 oz and "Coin Safe" 10 oz cases work perfectly with these.