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  1. Willike

    completed Fractional Gold

    Just got some thanks but could still be interested if you message me
  2. Willike

    completed Fractional Gold

    Wondering if anyone has any fractional gold for sale in good condition. Could also do an exchange for silver if i have something you are after.
  3. Willike

    for sale or exchange Exchange/Trade

    2008 dammit so close
  4. Willike

    for exchange My 8 x 1oz Apmex Silver Bars for...

    Thanks sorry will pass good luck in exchange
  5. Willike

    for exchange My 8 x 1oz Apmex Silver Bars for...

    do you have actual pics of bars please
  6. Willike

    Home bars

    Wouldn't even know where to look haha
  7. Willike

    Home bars

    Not ran out yet and I tend to like a lot of stuff lol clearly not enough though
  8. Willike

    Home bars

    Didn't realise there was a limit lol
  9. Willike

    Home bars

    Haha he is a beast got 4 of them here from puppy all way up. If you ever wanna visit England give me a shout happy to have you as a guest.
  10. Willike

    completed x2 100g Silver Umicore Bars £45 each

    Too slow missed again
  11. Willike

    Home bars

    Think my boy want a a pint
  12. Willike

    Home bars

    Getting on it now Mrs Willike choosing the tunes
  13. Willike

    Home bars

    They are external hard drives mate so usb plug and play just install virtual dj to use. Don't want anything for them I no longer need them. Have both karaoke and jukebox stuff on them. Happy to help you set it up where I can.
  14. Willike

    Home bars

    If you want to hook up pc to tv then would work just fine mate I have couple of hard drives loaded with karaoke I would be willing to let you have.