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  1. Sorry all these have just sold out wow that was crazy
  2. Woohoo my prize has been won well done @jonrms let's get you to Old Trafford
  3. Updated all but complete just waiting on a reply thank guys.
  4. Hi guys catching up on this at moment 4 x sunshine are reserved while i wait on reply once sorted will update for you.
  5. Hi all just thought I should throw out a massive thank you. I had to leave for Northern Ireland at very short notice as a family member took very ill and we were extremely concerned about him. The messagaes of wishing him well have been amazing. Not been a member for years here but the fact people did it makes someone feel very welcome. Any way pleased to say I arrived back in England this morning after he was released from hospital and told he is on mend. So thank you to the forum really appreciated.
  6. @KitboyE17 I found 1 in a capsule if interested
  7. There are still some left just not eagles and guineas lol