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  1. We accept all PMs as payment here :)
  2. It's in Newark Nottinghamshire called The Old Kings Arms have an amazing function room if anyone wants to have a meet and chat PMs
  3. So tempting as my first purchase on my return hmmmm
  4. I didnt renew my season ticket this year looks like I made the right call haha
  5. Few small gold coins my Christmas winners prize and few other gifts not very much lol Not sure yet I would imagine both gold and silver though.
  6. Thank all for the welcome very much appreciated. Added 0 minutes later... Grumpy Dave is looking well lol
  7. This is true I actually did pretty good selling when I did considering I bought a lot very quickly. Could have done better holding a bit longer but no complaints here
  8. Hello all I have been away for some time now and for good reason. I decided to take a different strategy on investing for the long term and sold almost all my gold and silver and opened a gastro pub/restaurant 😲 got a place and completely overhauled it and opened last week. Now that its complete and correct people in place to make it a success I am about to start my journey of stacking again. Looking forward to catching up with some familiar folk and seeing what is out there. It's good to be back
  9. Woohoo my prize has been won well done @jonrms let's get you to Old Trafford