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  1. Dont know what you are all on about 🤣 it says 1913 in the ad haha
  2. Looks like an 8 to me could be wrong lol
  3. Hey 1913 for sale £288 inc dpd next day delivery thanks.
  4. So I have been in a fight with Hersheys for a while with my company because I had "allegdly"cloned the flavour of their jolly rancher sweets in a vape flavour and silly of me but named it Jolly Rancher. They wanted 100% of all earnings from the flavour i sold to vapers since the date it came out. In corospondance now over a 2 year period even though I immediately changed the name to the same but in Spanish they still sought all monies. I asked them to cut me a break as was a small business but nope still came after me. Today they have dropped all proceedings citing the fact I changed the name even though was done very quickly. I also asked them in an email to continue if they wished as the advertising would be amazing for me (not sure if smart) but no they have backed down and it is over. I have enjoyed my little spat with their lawyers over the last couple years fun at times but now I must find something else to amuse myself. Anyone else had a similar dealing in past and how did it turn out?
  5. 20 x Welcome Stranger 1oz coins still in original plastic seal unopened and in mint condition with each coin in a capsule. Only for sale as a whole lot thanks. £350 inc DPD next day delivery thanks.
  6. Hey all 1kg Bar for sale £500 inc DPD next day delivery if interested please drop me a message thanks
  7. Various bars as a package 4 pan American 3 Suisse gold 2 northwest territorial and 1 Ampex. Asking £175 including DPD next day delivery tracked thanks.
  8. That what I thought it's a beauty alright.