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  1. Got the next edition of the queens beast.. 5 oz proof to join the others...now how to make space for it in the display 🤔
  2. Finally recieved my order... Gruffalo and The Sovereign.
  3. Just bought a few things at action, one of them being a 2016 Gibraltar Sovereign, not seen it before, though like the look of the old florin. :
  4. Revcieved teh email that the coin was up for sale, clicked on the link, purchased 2 BU and 2 Silver proof, no que, no hassle, recieved the confirmation of delivery 2 days later...... international so not recieved yet but on the way.
  5. Welcome to the Royal Mint, I bought a Trial of The Phynx last month, gave all my details and Credit Card, lady went off sick the next day and didnt place the order, I lost it, had to make a stink and the reaction was very poor from Royal Mint, not the first time, the Customer service is very hit and miss, unfortunitly as many misses as hits.
  6. Collecting the Queens Beast coins, came across these silver spoons and thought it would be a good addition..
  7. Collecting the Queens Beast coins, came across these silver spoons and thought it would be a good addition..
  8. Guys. I say a code for discount on the delivery from European mint, but now cant find it, is this still available.
  9. Just recieved these from Pressburg Mint.
  10. Just recieved these, got attached to the Pandas so decided to get a few of the gold 1/10 oz coins to compliment the silver coins.
  11. When I am purchasing Proof or commemorative coins I usually purchase direct from Royal Mint Website, however when it comes to Bullion, the prices on the Royal Mint Bullion site are always higher than any other Website, this usually means I always end up at Apmex when purchasing Royal Mint Bullion. Just wondering what am I missing, why is it cheaper to purchase from America rather than from the direct supplier. (international buyer so VAT is not included either way)