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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Perth Mint. Royal Mint. Some Royal Canadian Mint. Pandas. Korean Tigers. Scottsdale Silver.

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  1. AgCoyote

    2020 panda

    Is it me or does the Panda look like a photo instead of an artist's rendering?It looks too real if that makes any sense.
  2. I actually bought a ten ounce of this from a brokerage. I can say stock photos do no justice as the portion of the whale below water and above water have a different finish and the water around the whale is textured in a way that is different from the rest of the coin. It is stunning. The 2 ounce is now available on bold.RCM 2 oz Orca Here is a photo of my ten ouncer
  3. I wouldn't call Trump pro-Russian. He's done nothing to restore or normalize relations with Russia. You're spouting silly establishment propaganda. Russia isn't invading Ukraine. If they were or had any desire to take over Ukraine then it already would be over. I don't see why there's a problem with Crimea going back to Russia. The vast majority of the residents there are ethnic Russians. The only reason it was ever part of Ukraine was because Kruschchev gave it to Ukraine. The only reason there have been issues is because the US and the EU organized a coup in 2014.
  4. Provident Metals is selling 2020 1 oz. Kooks for just a dollar over spot. What a deal!
  5. AgCoyote

    Pulsing Maple

    If the Queen isn't pulsing then I don't want it.
  6. Out of curiosity as a non-UK citizen, does Charles get his own beasts? Is there some overlap with Liz II's beasts? How does this work or do we just have to wait to find out?
  7. Unicorn of Scotland might be the most desirable at the end of the day. Look at how much it sells for these days.
  8. I like the coin. I was expecting a much less assertive looking lion.
  9. The RCM seems to hate the idea of an annual bullion coin series, however I'm rather intrigued by the idea of a yearly Mountie coin. It could be like the Canadian version of Chiwoo Cheonwang.
  10. Awesome coin. In America, mounties are a stereotype we associate with Canada. For that reason alone this is a must get for me. I also agree that it's great to see a coin without Lizzy and it's nice to see a Canadian effigy with a crown. Where can this be bought? I'm searching everywhere and can't find it.
  11. Video of the 2020 Perth Mint Bullion Coin Program I like the gold kangaroo. Initial impression of the Koala is not good. I might spend all my fiat on the 2020 Kook. My goodness that is a thing of beauty. Both sides are brilliant. On the reverse, it's great to see a Kook laughing. The obverse celebrating the 30th anniversary is the true gem as it couldn't have been done in a more spectacular way.
  12. Has anyone seen a picture of the coin yet?
  13. These are available for pre-sale on bold. I have to say I love both versions of these. It's easily one of the best things I've seen from Scottsdale. Samoa Seahorse Samoa Seahorse with Antiqued Finish
  14. Not a huge fan of it or any of the African Lion coins. Of course that's all a matter of personal taste. To me the best Lion depiction is the British Virgin Islands Una and the Lion coin from the Pobjoy Mint. The QB Lion of England is obviously very strong. If you like Lions, the upcoming White Lion of Mortimer QB is exciting.
  15. Well over half my savings are in metals. 5-10 percent never made a lot of sense to me, it just doesn't seem like enough. If the currency is highly likely to devalue, I would think at a minimum 25% is what you should want.