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  1. Basically never if possible. I would trade it in for gold if the ratios were right and I'd use to buy a home, real estate or start a business. Otherwise only in an emergency.
  2. Because it's beautiful and while you are correct about its inconveniences as compared to gold, it will still have its day.
  3. Monument Metals has reasonable premiums. When the Perth Mint 2020 Dragon rectangle coins went on sale,he had them at 16.42 per ounce. He's got the 2 oz Crocodile at 37. But yeah APMEX has gone insane with premiums.
  4. It'll be fascinating to watch JPM. Curious to see if that stash of physical silver is theirs or whether JPM is simply a custodian. There is no doubt they rig the price though.
  5. These are from orders over the last couple days. Please excuse the blurriness of my phone lol. Perth Mint 10 g gold bar, 2 oz. RCM Orca, 1/10 oz 2018 Gold Polar Bear, 1/2 oz. Silver Polar Bear, 10 oz RCM Silver Bar with 2 oz. Perth Mint 2018 Koalas, My first gold sovereign, 2020, 2 oz 2020 silver Canadian Goose, 2020 10 oz Royal Arms
  6. Looks amazing. It's my favorite of the series so far.
  7. Buying opportunity of a lifetime.
  8. I bet she likes Kookaburras.
  9. You raise some valid points. To be fair the US Mint, ATB series isn't bad but obviously has a shelf life. I think an official US Mint bar would do very well in the marketplace. Royal Mint Britannia bars seem to do well and they entered a crowded market space. RCM bars are obviously very popular here. Given that Americans prefer their national bullion coin to Maples and Britannias, wouldn't a fair amount of this consumer base also like US Mint bars? You're right that the US Mint does well with the ASE but I'd love to see what their international sales are relative to other mints. Obviously every situation is unique but clearly being in the US is a huge advantage for their sales. I see absolutely no reason anyone outside the US, Canada or Mexico would prioritize ASE's. It's pretty ****ing embarrassing that the Royal Canadian Mint has done numerous silver coins that depict our national bird/symbol far better than our own mint.
  10. Britannia silver coins haven't changed in a while and doubt they will anytime soon. I don't mind that the standard Eagle doesn't change. Kangaroos and Philharmonics don't change either. While you're correct that there is value in instant recognition, the Silver Eagle apparently has counterfeit issues that have forced them to make some changes to the coin. I just wish the US Mint had their standard Eagle and then had semi-numismatic offerings in the same vain as Kooks/Koalas and Pandas. With the US you could really do a lot. You could do a semi-numismatic Eagle and then you could pick another animal that's fairly unique to the US such as a Mountain Lion, Bison, Alligator, Grizzly Bear. I'm sure there are others worthy of consideration.
  11. I feel like the US Mint is so unimaginative compared to the other mints which is another reason I don't reward them with my business. Obviously you have to have your standard bullion coin which is the eagle but the US Mint offers little else. Perth gives you Kooks/Koalas/Lunars along with many other options and gives you great alternatives with the sizes of coins. Royal Canadian Mint offers nice designs on different coins, and the RCM is fantastic for stacking with 10 oz and 100 oz bars. The Royal Mint has a lot of good offerings and is starting to match the RCM with their own twist with artistically beautiful bullion bars for stacking. I wish the US Mint had cool series like Perth, and offered cool bullion bars.
  12. @Seth I think you're right that the average person's patriotism drives up the price for eagles here. I'm a proud American but truthfully I don't find the silver eagle to be that appealing of a coin.(I do find gold eagles to be very attractive though ) I also like the idea that my bullion came from a far away land. For me it makes it feel more exotic, mysterious and luxurious. That's why I prefer Australian most of all and then UK, Canadian and Korean silver.
  13. It does seem quite amazing that premiums are so low when you factor in every level of development to make a coin or bar. It's just another argument as to why gold/silver are real money and paper isn't. Gold/Silver require real effort and labor to produce.
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