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    Perth Mint. Royal Mint. Some Royal Canadian Mint. Pandas. Korean Tigers. Scottsdale Silver.

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  1. I've wondered this myself. Having the Queen's Beast series without Elizabeth isn't right. Surely they would do the right thing. Will Charles get his his own Beast bullion series?
  2. Assange's only crime is practicing honest journalism. The fact he's treated as a malcontent demonstrates the erosion of the western world.
  3. It would look awesome. That was my first thought as well.
  4. I'm definitely trying to get the set to enjoy it. I'm merely trying to figure out the best way to come up with a strategy to get the Lions and Griffins in a cost neutral manner as possible. So far I think that the best way is to buy as many 10 oz Unicorns and 2 oz. Yales with the hopes of trading them for Lions and Griffins. If that doesn't work then it's no worry because the Unicorn and Yale are among my favorite beasts and I'd be happy to have a large number of them in my collection. The White Lion of Mortimer has some potential to be a rock star as well.
  5. I'd like some advice because I got into the QB series late and would eventually love to have a decent collection. I don't have any 2 oz or 10 oz. Lions, Griffins or Dragons. Obviously I would like to change this. I have 5 2oz. Unicorns, and one Bull, and one Falcon. I don't have any 10 ounce coins. The 10 oz. Dragon is still very affordable so I'll buy it soon. The 2 oz. Unicorn has recently shown dramatic appreciation recently. This gives me hope the 10 oz will perform similarly. I doubt the 2oz. Bull or Falcon will see a dramatic increase to where it would be wise to buy to sell later. So should I load up on 10 oz. Unicorns with the hope of trading them later? The Yale seems quite popular on here as well and its sales have been great. Should I also stock up on those with the hopes of flipping/trading some later?
  6. Nice to see a non-leftist/globalist European these days.😍Christine.
  7. A little disappointed they're not .9999 but they're still quite striking. The Royal Mint has made great strides in its product line.
  8. You have plenty of physical. I see nothing wrong with what you're doing. Good luck with the ETFs.
  9. From what I understood from the FAQ, the VAT is only applicable to countries without a VAT. I'm not aware of any import taxes but the shipping won't be cheap either. I'm just kinda curious as to whether this is a new offering from the Royal Mint.
  10. Royal Mint 1000g silver cast bar I really like this bar. Are they new because I've never seen them on US bullion dealer website(but the Britannia bars, also featured on the RM website are all over the place)? Are they widely available in the UK? I wanted to purchase one but the RM requires passport or birth certificate and I'd rather not go through the hassle.
  11. I've never been able to open that capsule. Maybe I'm really stupid lol. The diameter of the coin is 89.15 mm, it's 6 mm thick.
  12. This is why I would get more than just one coin, especially if you think you might sell one day. Surely you would like to have your own permanent collection that you wouldn't sell. That's why I generally buy at least ten of whatever coin I purchase. If I need to sell two or three then I still have a decent number remaining. If I was collecting QB, I couldn't imagine giving away the whole QB series and having nothing left. As for your other scenario. I think you're much better off holding and waiting a while. They will appreciate and the price of silver is likely to be higher, not lower.
  13. very cool. I wish I had paid more attention to this series and the ZI:SIN at the their beginnings. The 2017 Chiwoo is arguably the most impressive coin I've seen just from the computer. When are they releasing the 2019 Tiger?
  14. We can get the Maria Theresien Taler for a very good price on APMex. I'd like to get one, the side opposite of Maria is very beautiful.
  15. I would think they'd be highly liquid at any price. People love ten ounce bars and it's from one of the best mints in the world. I have one and it's very nice. I'd love to get about ten more.