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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Perth Mint. Royal Mint. Some Royal Canadian Mint. Pandas. Korean Tigers. Scottsdale Silver.

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  1. There's no doubt we are on borrowed time. The world is too indebted in every feasible way and the Keynesian welfare state is unsustainable. What will come after the crash is simultaneously exciting and terrifying.
  2. It's a nice coin. I don't really understand why it's so hyped but then again I'm not a huge fan of silver Eagles.
  3. AgCoyote

    I'm new, help

    I would think the 2018 Valiant is a better buy as it's the first version of the coin. Full disclosure, I don't have a 2019 10 oz. Valiant but have the 2019 1 ounce coins. I do need to add a 2019 10 oz to the stack.
  4. Wow cool. Is this going to be widely available?
  5. I love the idea for the coin, I'm not sure I like the execution, which is odd because normally I love about everything the Perth Mint does.
  6. Wow, I guess everyone has their own opinions but to me the Britannia bar defines beauty. They are spectacular in every way.
  7. They actually seem quite connected. It's the Alphabet people who are most trying to normalize paedophilia.
  8. Will there be a bullion version of this?
  9. 1. Matter of preference. Bars will have lower premiums but they will almost never appreciate in price beyond spot. I think a mix is good. You don't want everything you have to be something you love and will have difficulty parting with. 2. I think so. 3. Again personal preference. I'm an American who strongly prefers Australian gold and silver. I also collect Canadian and British silver. 4. You've got the right idea. This forum can be a great place to buy and sell. I haven't done it yet but clearly this a place where people are interested in metals.
  10. Are they making this into a bullion coin? I'd love a ten ounce version of this.
  11. Provident is selling 2013 and 2015 Royal Canadian Mint Polar Bears(1.5 ounce Ag) for just. 99 over spot. Great deal.
  12. It's APMEX you have to expect them to gouge when the chance presents itself.
  13. I'm sick I didn't get any of the one ounce coins. Oh well, I guess I can start with the next release.
  14. You're not the only one with the Kook fever. I want to get them all now. Here are my favorites: 2019- The kook looks so detailed, dignified and happy. I think the rest of the coin is really cool in its own right with the setting sun, ripply water, tree stump and grass. They're great details but they don't take your focus off the Kook. 2011- This is a really unique design in the series. Love the detail and for me there is something magnetic about the Kook's expression in this one. 2013- Almost like a hippie version of the coin. Love the flowers and mini Kooks. 2016- I think this one is a classic. I'd really like to find a reasonably priced 10 oz version of this one. Love the barb wire and the Kook is really well done. 2000- I like this one a lot. Perhaps it's the simplicity of it.
  15. I'm a fan of the Gold Kangaroo above all other sovereign one ounce coins. It's got a changing design every year which is visually interesting and pleasing but also kinda serves as a security feature.