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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Perth Mint. Royal Mint. Some Royal Canadian Mint. Pandas. Korean Tigers. Scottsdale Silver.

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  1. These look stunning. I guess I'll add it to the list.
  2. Yeah the Queen looks so odd on Canadian silver. She looks more like an elementary school librarian than a monarch. I definitely prefer the British and Australian versions of Lizzy.
  3. I'm jealous. The Royal Mint has put together a fantastic product line. I wish the US Mint could tempt me the same way.
  4. I devote my stacks to where I buy things I love. This year I'm particularly fond of the 2019 Kookaburra, so I'll buy four of the 10 ounce coins. Three of them will never be sold, one I'll be willing to part with at some time. I basically do the same with everything else so if I have 15 2018 Korean Tigers, 10 of them will never leave the safe. Five I'll be willing to sell one day if I have to .I buy Maples, Britannias and Kangaroos. I'm willing to sell all of them at the right time. I also buy ten ounce bars for pure stacking so I don't have to sell the Maples, Britannias or Kangaroos. I figure doing it this way allows me to be the most efficient and allows for the best opportunity to get a strong ROI. The bars and standard national bullion coins are like a line of defense from keeping me from ever selling what I truly love. The bars a defense from ever selling the standard national bullion coins. In this way I stack and collect.
  5. You're not alone. I have no silver bullion from the US Mint. Part of the appeal of collecting and stacking for me is that someone refined and minted this bar a long way from home. It makes it more exotic and in a weird way it makes me feel more accomplished that I can have luxuries from abroad. IIt's worth noting that the Perth Mint, Royal Mint and Royal Canadian Mint are vastly superior to the US Mint in every conceivable way. If the US Mint actually got serious and did some cool annual series(like Kooks/Koalas) involving the Bald Eagle and some other American creature with great designs or if they began making awesome 10 ounce bars then I'd be lining up to buy it. I'm not opposed to buying American silver, I'd just rather reward the better run mints with my business. I just find Australian, British, Canadian and Korean silver to be far more interesting than American silver.
  6. It's going to be so glorious when the price fixing schemes collapse. In the meantime I hope they continue for a little while longer so I can get to 15 oz of gold and 2000 oz. of silver.
  7. That's so beautiful. I'd like to have one but I'm afraid the price will be too strong. But my goodness that looks fantastic!
  8. The Virgin Islands is the only one I like.
  9. I'm really impressed with the Magnificent Maple Leaves 10 ounce silver coin. If you don't have one, make it your next item. The detail of the leaves is very impressive. I know it's sacrilege but I wish they used this version on the 1 ounce. I feel like I crossed a rite of passage and now have my first PAMP gold bar:)
  10. At the end of the day all fiat currencies have gone to zero. I see no reason to believe the bozos who run our societies will be able to rule wisely and avoid a historic fact. I see a world that's drowning in debt. I see a world full of insane politicians who genuinely believe it's morally correct to steal from one group and give to another politically favored group. How is this at all tenable or sustainable? I think it's absolutely crazy to consider selling at a time like this. Gold/Silver are the magic rowboats off the Titanic. Having substantial holdings assure that you will maintain your wealth and ultimately increase your purchasing power. One thing I know is that sure it can be exciting to hold a stack of 100 dollar bills but it's far more empowering to hold some gold or silver.
  11. Your strategy should devote itself to collecting 10 oz., Kilo and 100 oz. bars. I would pay attention to coins to some extent as if you're aware, you'll be able to recognize which have great appreciation potential. Good luck, it will require a lot of discipline to acquire silver purely for ounces. The fancy stuff is quite appealing.
  12. The 2018 1 oz Tiger is an elegant piece. You will be thrilled with it.
  13. People I talk to about gold and silver are as receptive as I've ever seen. They are starting to listen and quite a few have acted rapidly.
  14. Exactly. The rarer and older the coin the more value it will have. There is definite value in being the first in a series. As an example the Perth Mint of Australia mints millions of 1 ounce Silver Kangaroos(which have the same design every year) but they also have a 1 ounce silver Kookaburra(which also has a new unique and generally well executed design annually) with a max mintage of 500,000. It should be obvious which coin will have greater appreciation of over time.
  15. The 10 ounce 2018 Tiger is an absolute jewel. I can't wait to see what the 2019 version looks like.