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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Perth Mint. Royal Mint. Some Royal Canadian Mint. Pandas. Korean Tigers. Scottsdale Silver.

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  1. The premiums on platinum suck. There really isn't much selection relative to gold and silver. I wish there was more fractional platinum.
  2. No offense but this is laughable. One, democracy is a terrible form of governance. I can't take these positions seriously when the US is actively trying to put the screws to Assange for what? Exposing war crimes and the inner corruption of party politics. Guess what American politicians and their buddies rob the public blind for government workers and the Military Industrial Complex.
  3. I've thought for a while it's a good idea. Russia is basically the only fiscally responsible major country on earth, with lots of natural resources with an educated population and without a burdensome welfare state. They also have sane social values which is also a bonus because that leads to stability. I would think the ruble could only get a lot more stronger but this isn't my field of expertise.
  4. Some 2017 Perth Koalas, Some Next Gen 2018 Koalas, and some 2019 Royal Arms. All impressive. I knew what I was getting with the Koalas, but these are my first Royal Arms. I think the Royal Mint is making it a co-standard national bullion coin along with the Britannia. It's going to be the base of my national bullion coin stack from now on. Very cool coin.
  5. 2 ounce 2018 Perth Mint Next Generation Koalas, just $1.70 over spot at Bold. 2 oz. koala
  6. SD Bullion and BOLD do ship internationally.
  7. Depends on the state. Arizona is extremely enlightened on precious metals so I pay no sales tax. Provident often has extremely good deals. Generally Bold and SDBullion will be cheaper on most items, but Provident often has sales that are much lower. I got some more 2 oz. Koala Piedforts for just 1.69 over spot. Monument Metals is also very good.
  8. The 10 oz. Valiants are breathtakingly awesome. I'm sure the 1 ounce will be strong. I'm glad to hear you like the Royal Arms, I ordered some yesterday.
  9. It will happen out of necessity. The credit driven, social welfare state is completely unsustainable and there is too much political tension/potential debt crises that could wreck currencies for this to last forever. Here's a great presentation by Grant Williams, it's well worth a watch.Grant Williams on the return of the Gold Standard.
  10. The Royal Mint is determined to take all my fiat money. I was looking today and these will be capsuled which is nice. I think it plays better as a 10 ounce coin, but still it's outstanding that we have a 1 ounce version as well.
  11. I like it, but really the 'Valiant' is basically the silver version of the sovereign.
  12. I would have to think there certainly would be a III series. It's one of their best product lines and I don't see what would be a comparable replacement.
  13. Are you selling any? Those are way cool. #buildthewall
  14. AgCoyote

    Pieces of 8

    I can't help you but that is a super cool coin. I hope it's real. It'd be awesome if Spain minted these and made them a standard bullion coin ala the Brittania, Eagle, Maple,Kangaroo.
  15. 10 oz. Royal Mint Silver Valiant. In general you can't go wrong with anything by the Royal Mint. I would also look into anything by the Perth Mint. Honestly they're my favorite. Another option would be the 2018 1 oz Silver Korean Tiger. Very cool coin and it's the inaugural in a series so it coincides nicely with your entry into precious metals.