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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Perth Mint. Royal Mint. Some Royal Canadian Mint. Pandas. Korean Tigers. Scottsdale Silver.

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  1. AgCoyote

    Ted Butler

    Exactly. If you're into silver, you know it's extremely undervalued in terms of fiat. I see no rush for the fiat price to grow substantially, if I could buy lots of silver in the mean time.
  2. AgCoyote

    Yale of Beaufort - Queen's Beasts

    It seems like I'm the only one with this opinion but to me it's by far the most appealing QB coin yet. I love it!
  3. AgCoyote

    If silver shot up in value.......

    I would only be willing to sell the most generic stuff I hold(bars, national bullion coins). I find the silver and gold to be too beautiful to part with. I feel very accomplished and proud when I look at the metals. It would have to be basically a life and death situation to get rid of most of it.
  4. AgCoyote

    APMEX Offer

    By comparison we have it good, no doubt. I'm not a fan of Silver Eagles though. SDBullion had a buy 24 kangaroos, get the 25th free deal earlier in the year.
  5. AgCoyote

    Royal Mint Britannia bars

    Cking83- What are your thoughts on the figure 8 dragon? It looks great. Are you happy with it?
  6. AgCoyote

    Wealth Tax

    Why are you unable to see that it is indeed tyrannical to use government to force people to subsidize anonymous strangers?
  7. http://agaunews.com/not-the-biggest-dragon-ever-is-it-george/ I've seen past editions of these. I have to say I'd really like to get 5 to 10 of the silver coins, and two of the gold. Will this be available on APMEX?
  8. AgCoyote

    Wealth Tax

    You are presenting a false choice. Those differences are cultural, not economic. You don't have to have taxes to avoid those rules in Qatar and Dubai. Income taxation, feminism and the social welfare state are the true destruction of western civilization. It's absolute madness to have such a system as it creates literal human monsters. The out of wedlock birthrate in the US is way higher than it should be. The offspring it creates often become huge burdens to society. The welfare state discourages human innovation. The beauty of a no tax and no welfare state is that it encourages foresight, virtue and intelligence. In such a society it pays to be a nice person and good neighbor because there is a value in creating a stronger community bond as you can't just use the state to anonymously rip off others to fund your desires or safety net. In a socialist state, it costs nothing to be a complete asshole because the state will be there for you. Let me give a personal anecdote of the absurdity of the welfare state. I work at a casino and have a rather high paying job, one in which those lacking 'higher' education can also perform. We had one girl who literally hit her ex-boyfriend's car with her car, in order to hit the new girlfriend. After the accident she got out of the car and started physically abusing both of them. Obviously she lost her job, but she became eligible for unemployment insurance and the cacophony of welfare benefits. That's utter BS. She doesn't deserve a thing. She had a great job and didn't think about the consequences. I like to see such people get punished to the fullest extent because then they'll actually think about their behavior. There is no reason the market shouldn't handle everything except defense and prisons. Don't tell me about US healthcare. For one it's much higher quality than the UK has and nearly all of its problems are associated with government intervention. The US healthcare wasn't a nightmare before Medicare/Medicaid. Inequality is the natural and only fair condition of mankind as long as there is freedom to discover our talents and hold our earnings.. The world is a better place because Federer and I aren't equal at tennis. The world is a better place because I'm not as good at music as Beethoven was. I have a right to hold 100% of what I earn. That's a fair share.
  9. AgCoyote

    2019 predator series

    Anyone know what animal it will be? I have to assume it will be a Grizzly Bear.
  10. AgCoyote

    Queens Beast

    Yale of Beaufort in March. The White Lion of Mortimer will be released in the fall.
  11. AgCoyote

    2019 5 oz ATB Series - New Releas

    I love the Idaho 'River of No Return'. I can't make up my mind on Texas. It's so different from everything else in the series, which is perhaps appropriate.(I love Texas but it's certainly fitting they'd stand out in one way or another.) It's stunning that they picked something in San Antonio and didn't focus exclusively on the Alamo. That would have been much more in line with the series.
  12. AgCoyote

    Silver from usa

    Reading these rules and about the VAT, it's amazing to me that there is no political force advocating a much freer society in the UK.
  13. AgCoyote

    Britannia Bars

    Is this going to be a standard offering from the Royal Mint now? They look beautiful and I definitely want one. Does anyone know their plans for the 'Valiant' 10 oz. coin as well? Is that a one time deal, a start of a series, or a new annual offering?
  14. I would get Kangaroos. They are my favorite national bullion coin.
  15. AgCoyote

    Next queens beast?

    I'm pretty excited for the Yale of Beaufort. The fall release will be the White Lion of Mortimer. I have high hopes for both 2019 QBs.