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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Perth Mint. Royal Mint. Some Royal Canadian Mint. Pandas. Korean Tigers. Scottsdale Silver.

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  1. They look great. Are they made by KOMSCO?
  2. Even though I like the artistic depiction of St. George killing the dragon on the Valiant, I think it'd be cool if they mixed that up as well. I'm not anticipating this happening though.
  3. I don't own any eagles but this makes me want to buy the 2020 and 2021 versions.
  4. Agree with @silenceissilver, the Kangaroo is the best. I love the annually changing design and it's the Perth Mint. Everything they touch is amazing. I like finish on Canadian gold and think the Maple is 2. I've never had an Eagle but hopefully that'll change soon. There is some beauty in the simplicity of a Krugerrand. I love sovereigns. Think the horse looks so badass.
  5. The global paradigm will be radically different in 20 years. Quite possibly in 10 years and 5 years is not improbable.
  6. I would buy both gold and silver. Silver is too cheap relative to gold to completely ignore. And gold is gold.
  7. It might be the greatest troll of all time. Great job Ricky.
  8. That's what at least 75% of the public would like. The problem is the money in the political system is controlled by Zionist/MIC interests. The other problem is the US needs as much oil traded for dollars as possible. If the US leaves the Middle East then that process likely accelerates. To be clear I'm fully in favor of a non-interventionist foreign policy and would love to see Empire/Bankster USA turn back into Apple Pie/USA.
  9. Metals starting to really move.
  10. I'm someone who loves cats and big cats and especially tigers. I still haven't bought the 2019 yet. Eventually I will but I found the design to be very underwhelming but we all have our own individual tastes. Everyone on here who bought the coin has a favorable opinion of it so it could be one of those that look much better in hand than on the computer. A tiger is a magnificent creature, to me it's much better to see the whole animal in the artwork.
  11. That premium is going to be ridiculous. The 10 oz. Chiwoos and 10 oz. Zi Sin Scrofas have massive premiums. I liked that in 2018 the 1 and 10 oz. coins had different designs. The 10 oz. 2018 Tiger is the pride of my collection.
  12. Here are mine. Gold 1 oz. 2017 King Tut Chad 1 oz. 2015 RCM Growling Cougar .99999 1 oz. 2016 RCM Roaring Grizzly .99999 1/2 oz. Perth Mint Kangaroos (2018,2019, 2020) 1/2 RCM Maple 1/4 oz. 2016 RCM Snow Falcon 2020 Double Sovereign 2020 5 Sovereigns 3 10 g Pamp bars 3 10 g Perth Mint bars Platinum 1 oz. American Eagle Silver 75 2020 Perth Mint Kangaroos 75 2020 RCM Maples 2 10 oz. Perth Mint 2019 Next Gen Saltwater Crocs Kilo Perth Mint 2019 Kookaburra Kilo Perth Mint 2019 Koala Kilo Perth Mint 2020 Kookaburra 5 10 oz. Perth Mint 2020 Kookaburras 10 10 oz. RCM bars 5 10 oz. Britannia bars 5 10 oz. Scottsdale chunky bars 1 100 oz. RCM Bar
  13. Perth Mint Next Generation. Really eager to see what they come up with for the third coin in the series. They've done the Koala and Saltwater Crocodile. Undoubtedly one of the next two releases will be a Kangaroo and it makes sense for that to be the final coin in the series. Therefore this year's version should be something wacky. I'm guessing it'll be between a Kookaburra, Emu, or a Tasmanian Devil. Korean Tiger- Loved the 2018 design in both the one and ten ounce coins. I was underwhelmed with the 2019 but fully expect redemption in 2020. Chiwoo- One of the best series out there. I'll be interested in what the RCM does as the Predator series is over. I have yet to see a 2020 10 oz. Magnificent Maple. I really hope they continue those beauties but you just never know when the RCM will discontinue a series.
  14. I wonder if there will ever be a 100 oz. Kookaburra/Koala or Magnificent Maples coin. I think it'd be pretty cool.
  15. I'm a huge fan of ten ounce coins. They're fun to hold, you can see more details on the coin. They're also great in SHTF situation if you have to cross a border and they have some rule that's favorable toward coins and not bars. I have several ten ounce Kooks and the 2019 is just spectacular in 10 oz. form. I never see a 10 oz 2018 Kook available. I'd love to have one.