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  1. Good to know I’m not the only one then 😀 Added 0 minutes later... 👍
  2. Thanks for explaining, it makes sense when I’ve seen it now. 👍
  3. Stupid question but what does Bump mean? I’ve noticed it a few times on the forum
  4. I lost about £12000 a few years ago through fruit machines/football/horses so know exactly how you feel. I have not gambled since and have cancelled all bookmaker accounts. You may get lucky the odd time but the bookies will eventually get it back. I’ve not stacked any gold YET but that’s where all my spare cash will go once my gambling depts are all repaid. It’s been 3 years wasted. This is my first post on this site and felt i needed to on this particular thread.
  5. mattitto

    Price guide

    Thanks @JunkBond
  6. mattitto

    Price guide

    Hello If there are any published can anyone suggest a coin price guide list/book, a bit like the Parkers car price guide book which is published annually. Thanks
  7. Thanks 👍 Added 0 minutes later... Cheers
  8. Just a quick hello to everyone & I'm looking forward to finding new things out on here.