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  1. Haha thats going a long way back!
  2. If anyone has any spare pig privy's they want to sell or exchange then let me know. Missing it for my Britannia collection
  3. Small world. Leeds is a great city
  4. Yes, Britannia collecting is popular but i dont think posting them across the Atlantic is worth doing as people can pick them pretty cheap from Europe or the UK second hand.
  5. All of these posts are descending into something which they shouldn't be. This is the silver forum. Not the poltical forum so think im moving on from these posts back to discussions around precious metals.
  6. Loving your profile location as Europe seeing as you hate it so much
  7. Well it does matter for some. I married a eastern European girl
  8. (file removed by Admin as unable to open it on computer and unknown what it contains)
  9. Im sure the title of this post was 'brexit, politics and silver' but we have all appeared to have lost the 'silver' in this. Instead turning it into a fight between leavers and remainers. I think it is clear from my post which way I voted and thats what i think it better for our country. Other people voted a different way and thats fine too. Will Britain continue once we've left the EU. Yes, it will. Will we all be better off or worse off i dont have to answer. Personally i think i'll be to same off. But i know life will continue on even after everyone on this forum have long since turned to dust.
  10. Like i said the blame if you want to call it a blame of uncontrolled immigration should not lie solely with blaming the EU but people should look to the UK government. People from the Caribbean, Africa, Asia whom have come to the UK has nothing to do with EU. But lets face it the brexit vote had everything to do with immigration but the UK government needed a scapegoat and the EU is an easy target. After all, neither Labour nor the Conservatives will blame themselves coz they think all their own polcies are wonderful and eu polices are bad.
  11. I wonder how humankind would unite if they were faced with an external threat! Such as an alien invasion. (Although i know thats highly unlikely)
  12. ECSC to EEC to EC to EU a natural progression of integration to ever closer union. What wrong with thats! Everyone blames the EU for everthing that is wrong with UK. David Cameron just created a scapegoat in the EU and everyone jumped on the bandwagon without even know why they want to leave apart from stop the immigrants coming. Like leave the EU will solve this! Afterall the EUs motto is united by diversity.
  13. Insular in the sense of selfserving interests often thinking about themselves and not thinking about their fellow man. Picking up on one word out of context of the whole post