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    Investing in silver, gold and a little bit of platinum.

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  1. Bullion by post have a few for sale. On sale as well but still a premium on them but they are hard to come by in UK
  2. Received today 2018 Britannia - Dog Privy. Not seen many of these about.
  3. It had a good run. Im sure theyll run the offer again at some point. We all need to keep an eye on their website!
  4. I'd say £725 - £750 for the lot.
  5. Shame they dont have a photo on but i took the plunge and wasn't disappointed.
  6. https://harringtonandbyrne.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=Britannia+
  7. I did the same then went for their 1/4oz gold Britannia at £269
  8. Coolsmp

    Best website?

    None in the UK
  9. The police recently fined a guy £90 for covering his face wen he went past a facial recognition camera the police were trailing; an illegal act as this is not in law. There are pros and cons to everything! Yes cameras can help reduce crime but also infringe on our civil liberties
  10. Ive ordered Sovereigns from Buckingham in the past didnt have a problem but they did take several weeks to arrive.
  11. You can't. They've got you for life now!!!!