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  1. Bought 3 which all went through. Just checked my account status and now says refunded. Oh well. Worth a shot!
  2. If theyve already got your details and sold them on previously. Then what have you got to lose in purchasing again at less than spot.
  3. Waiting for the coronavirus virus to die before you touched your package lol
  4. End of coronavirus special edition!
  5. Trouble with ebay is the excessive fees they charge. Then theres paypal fees. But ebay own PayPal so in effect they are charging you twice.
  6. Putin will Novichok you if you try and buy his gold.
  7. Coolsmp

    withdrawn .

    Dont think youll get many offers at those prices! But always worth a shot.
  8. These posts remind me of the Brexit debates. Constant toing and froing, arguements and winding each other rather than a healthy discussion.
  9. Well i was approximating on the cost. So i actually went back to check my spreadsheet and paid £21.49 on the 14/6/2019 when spot was of course higher.
  10. Your prices seem extraordinarily expensive. I bought one of these last year from Bullion by post for £20. Although I understand they are now out of stock. But £20 seems more than reasonable to me. https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/silver-coins/britannia-silver-ounce/2018-1oz-dog-privy-british-silver-britannia-coin/
  11. I had filled my premium bond allowance for well over one year never won more than £100 at a time. Needless to say ive pulled it all out. Not worth the investment
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