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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Investing in silver, gold and a little bit of platinum.

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  1. Coolsmp

    New Christmas Maple

    From the responses to this thread this maple isnt going to be popular this Christmas time 🤔
  2. Coolsmp

    New Bullion Series Austria

    Awesome design
  3. Coolsmp

    Today I Received.....

    Impressive. I like how youve put them in chronological order as well
  4. Coolsmp

    Why no love for Landmarks of Britain?

    Just noticed a tiny bit of milk spotting on my Tower Bridge coin.. thats not good🤨
  5. Coolsmp

    All I want for Christmas is...

    The full collection of the queens beast gold 1oz's would be nice but ive probably not been good enough to receive that!😔
  6. Coolsmp

    New career

    Whats the salary???? Do they pay you in gold or fiat.
  7. Coolsmp

    Trial of the Pyx coins for sale.

    They dont look proof like after theyve done their testing! One to avoid me thinks!
  8. Coolsmp

    Westminster collection jokers

    The problem of people not getting their items is because they wont release them until theyve done a pointless credit check. Which takes upto 10 working days following them sending you a letter to agree to the check to be done, then sign and post back so they whole situation takes ages. In this day and age its just not acceptable.
  9. Well the 2010 rectangular dolphin sold out so this one might do as well
  10. Coolsmp

    Krugerrand Blems

    Pointless using gloves!
  11. Coolsmp

    Krugerrand Blems

    When you're buying new you expected new. You dont a new phone with a scratch on and say oh well its only phone
  12. Coolsmp

    Best General Tips for Stacking

    No pics.. its a small technical manual
  13. Coolsmp

    What size to buy

    Least you know its real silver and not fake
  14. Coolsmp

    Best General Tips for Stacking

    No, its still generally cheaper to buy from Europe especially if you buy in bulk. Ive probably saved around £700 so far in not paying VAT.