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  1. Just to clarify a few points here. I received a phone call from the Buckingham collection on the 1st Aug stating my ordered was to be refunded as i had exceeded my bullion allowance for the year. Fine, fair enough i thought! In this phonecall i was told my money would be refunded. I waited until the 9th august then rang BC as i had not received my funds as yet. I was informed the refund was issued on the 7th Aug. The money appeared on my account on the 12th. So in reality it took from the 1st aug to the 7th aug to make the refund. Then the 12th to appear in my account. So it was not issued the day i was told on the 1st aug it was nearly a week later. So all in all it took 12 days but trying to say it was just the bank is incorrect according to your own staff member who told me it was issued on the 7th.
  2. Shouldnt the royal mint's bullion service be included in these comparison sites.
  3. Finally received the refund today but did take one week and three days from the initial rejection of my order. A little long but least it was returned.
  4. So i checked the spot price for the year i was born for 1/2 oz and that comes to £63 so good deal
  5. Needs a wider variety of bullion dealers on it
  6. So its been more than a week and ive still not had my refund since Buckingham Collection refused my order. I think this is the whole reason why people get frustrated by the quality of the customer service. It should not take that long. I suspect i'll have to send a formal complaint email or contact my credit card company. Anyone got any tips on how to proceed in this instance???
  7. Failing the above if anyone fancies exchanging their half sov for some silver either some bullion or proof please feel free to private message me images.mp4
  8. So just to keep people updated. I made a small purchase of two half sov but BC phoned me today and cancelled my order saying that i had already used my yearly bullion allowance as a previosly bought 2 sovs. Yes, i did purchase several months ago when they first started advertising and yes i did receive them after a few weeks wait. So i didnt try to claim a free half sov. I guess at least they had the courtesy to phone me and explain the situation. So i will look out for my refund!
  9. So Ive placed a small order with the Buckingham Collection to test out their new customer service strategy. I'll keep everyone updated.
  10. Customer service is vital for all businesses to survive in a very competitive market so its good to hear that the Buckingham Collection is making efforts to up their game.
  11. A dealer is more likely to offer below spot.