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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Investing in silver, gold and a little bit of platinum.

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  1. That god damn pig privy is impossible to find. I have all the bullion Britannias with exception of this one!!!!
  2. Early bullion Britannia's had limited mintages compared to more recent issues so do bring a higher price.
  3. This is one of those fade coins for me and wouldn't be interested in owning it. Stick with UK bullion if you're stacking for weight. You will be better able to sell it later on. Plus theres only 2grams of gold in it worth about £64
  4. It would good to see the 1/10oz Britannia on here
  5. But how much would Harrington and Byrne inflate the price for this once in a lifetime proof coin. Yours for only £5999999.99 will come in fancy capsule, flip and coa. Sent signed for but tell you its special delivery.
  6. I think there more likely to increase it
  7. Sovereigns are one of the most recognizable gold coins in the world and always highly sought after. Any who purchases these below spot has made a good investment and protected themselves against inflation.
  8. Harrington & Byrne doing well out of me or are they! Thats another 3.
  9. Received another 3 beauties this morning from H&B. I can't complain but the junk mail is annoying. Wonder if they will let me order more as ive passed my bullion allowance with them for 2020 now.
  10. In other words unlimited for the bullion
  11. Coolsmp


    Oh dear. I can feel this post is going to cause some controversy 😔
  12. 2020 sovereign from Harrington & Byrne
  13. Received mine today and only ordered two days ago so pretty fast free delivery.