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    Investing in silver, gold and a little bit of platinum.

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  1. Ticking the box makes no difference they will still send you marketing materials
  2. Ive had 12 Sovereigns out of them now and never had an order cancelled. Just kept reordering. Also bought a 1/4 oz Britannia from them at £269 which is still available at that price. Must admit i get a lot of junk mail from them i just tend to bin it.
  3. Get your Sovereigns while their still hot! Another two added to stack, below spot.
  4. Thats my order in for a couple more Sovereigns for H and B.
  5. Read the title of this thread and thought. "I can't, i haven't got any"
  6. Some poor soul will be getting random calls from them thinking "i never bought gold" lol
  7. Say that to someone whose not had their silver delivered! Luckily ive never had a problem with them but theres many posts on here where collectors have had poor experiences with them.
  8. I like the 'EUSSR' quote. Takes me back to the cold war days of living in West Germany haha!
  9. Harrington and Byrne have their Sovereign up for £239 which is still cheaper than Chards. https://harringtonandbyrne.co.uk/2019-united-kingdom-gold-uncirculated-sovereign-3161.html And what happened to that 1oz gold maple offer where the price was £950.50 then £1049.93 and now jacked up £1062.63. Wheres the sale???
  10. Price has quickly gone up. I think they realised they made a mistake
  11. Postman came knocking with a small package filled with Orientals, Eagles and a Yale screaming to be set free!!!!
  12. Lots of Orientals, a few eagles and a Yale. Thats how Saturdays should be!
  13. A bit like trying to buy more than one Sovereign when it says one per household.
  14. David Cameron gave the option of in out referendum then buggered off after the vote as did that other idiot Boris and left everyone else to pick you the pieces. Think it might be time to get an Irish passport. Im sure ive got some irish in me somewhere, i wonder if they will have me!