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    h103efa reacted to Oldun in So, who got a grufallo?   
    Bought one at Mint price in case the train left the station and made sure I had a ticket for £65 (you gotta pay to play) and if the train gets shunted into the sidings, and the ticket has cost me £30 too much, then buy a couple more later at the lower prices to cost price average down.....to make up some character sets with some other doubles I have.....
    I other words, I am spending £30 for a train ticket to not miss a run like the 2016 rabbit...better odds than a lottery ticket and you have a £30 coin no matter what, possibly highr if put in a set of characters from other series.....and with a 3 year old daughter in tow, I am a hero ! Win win  Learning my lessons bit by bit.....everyone has different reasons for this hobby.....just like everything else in life.....
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    h103efa got a reaction from silversurf in 50 years of 50p sets   
    I'm going list this holy grail top 4 50p bundle and let them fight it out between themselves 

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    h103efa got a reaction from Oldun in Gruffalo hunting starts tonight   
    In the end - thats the kicker!
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    h103efa got a reaction from Oldun in Gruffalo hunting starts tonight   
    In the end - thats the kicker!
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    h103efa got a reaction from 999magnum in The Coin Couch GAW win!   
    Im 40 (yep thats old at my work), and i had to google it!
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    h103efa reacted to TheCoinConnection in Gruffalo hunting starts tonight   
    When a new release is being issued, unless the Mint make an announcement of a forth coming release, we are under embargo, so we cannot advertise it,  release any details or images to the general public, as if we do we are in breach and could face legal action.
    If the Mint announce an up coming release, we do offer a service where customers can pre-order
    All they need do is ask....As many of our customers already do.
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    h103efa reacted to GoodAsGold in Gruffalo hunting starts tonight   
    I didn't register my interest with the RM for this series as coloured coins are not my thing.  I did buy the 2016 to 2018 Peter Rabbit series for my daughter though and it turns out that coloured coins have apparently become her thing - at least those which commemorate the stories and characters that were part of her upbringing, as @h103efa has already alluded to in the case of his children.  My daughter received a standard RM email announcement about the Gruffalo release an hour after they went on sale.  I'd forgotten about the release date but I decided to buy her a silver proof which I was able to do so with minimum waiting time after 3.30am.  After receiving my order confirmation email I then received a further email a few hours later informing me that the Gruffalo series was now on release (a mere 5 hours after the RM had told my daughter).  I've since told her that I've bought her one and it was similar to the frenzy when the Snowman coin was released. She replied "What Snowman coin?"  The RM had forgotten to tell her about that one apparently.  Might have to look for that coin for her now.  Coloured coins are not my thing (he said), but here I am now buying them because dads do anything for their daughters.  😂
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    h103efa reacted to GoodAsGold in Gruffalo hunting starts tonight   
    I'm playing it cool by not making my move yet.  I'm hoping that Coin Con will increase the price to £ 200.  That will give me a massive £ 4 saving when I use Numi's discount code  😁
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    h103efa got a reaction from GoodAsGold in Gruffalo hunting starts tonight   
    My viewpoint is different on this! As a newish parent (8 & 5 yo) , this coin appeals the most to my kids compared to the other character releases. Its a new topic for a younger generation. My parents know nada about Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler books, but parents like myself (for the last 10-15 years) know nearly all of them. We've read the books enough, had them recited to us by our kids, walked the trails at the local forests and watched the animations at Christmas. I don't intend to flip my coins, but i do think they are collectable and have long term appeal especially to the next gen of collectors etc. I would say if anything, the Gruffalo is a "sleeper" in the making. It would not surprise me if they continued with The Stick Man and Room with A Broom. It just doesn't have the international appeal that the snowman, Beatrix Potter or Paddington has.
    I guess the big hoorah will be the Harry Potter releases one day - they will probably "mint" that to Avada Kedavra
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    h103efa reacted to Silvergun in Today I Received.....   
    Received one 2019 sovereign yesterday and the second order of two arrived today 🙂

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    h103efa reacted to CadmiumGreen in Today I Received.....   
    No H&B 2019 Sovereigns...however, did receive a Perth Mint 2019 Australia Gold Sovereign Proof, with a special privy mark recognising the 200th anniversary of Queen Victoria’s birth. Mintage of 1,000.

    Also, arrived, courtesy of @Numistacker, a very nice 2018 I Gold Sovereign BU with an exceptional grade of MS 70 Deep Proof Like!

    And to round it out, five 2019 British Virgin Islands 1 oz Silver Una & The Lion Frosted BU. Just can’t get enough of this design!

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    h103efa reacted to SVcollector in Today I Received.....   
    1841 Victoria gold sovereign
    legendary coin
    i always wanted this coin as a sovereign collector and i think i found a nice one.
    only 125.000 were minted.

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    h103efa reacted to SouthCoastInvestor in Today I Received.....   
    Picked these up from a dealer at the Anarchapulco conference here in Acapulco, Mexico.  High premiums, but I could not resist these beauties …...
    2 oz Freedom Girl round, 2014

    1 oz Pegasus Freedom round 2015

    2 oz privateer round - the Siren - incredible high-relief detail.


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    h103efa reacted to CoinStruck in Today I Received.....   
    Three beautiful sovereigns just returned from grading. Two at PR70DCAM & one PR69DCAM. 
    I just uploaded a short video to my new YouTube channel showing these three coins. Please can you take a look and I hope you like and subscribe, link below. 
    Coin Struck 

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    h103efa reacted to 5huggy in Today I Received.....   
    Actually received yesterday - but only opened today and @whuamai made me happy with this superb bar!

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    h103efa reacted to ilovesilverireallydo in Today I Received.....   
    A few Indian pieces. Three genuine silver rupees, three reproduction in 925 which are counter stamp hall marked, and a range of odd bits I found interesting.

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    h103efa reacted to Hyunchul in Today I Received.....   
    2013, 2014 Canada canopy series 1oz coins. 
    Also adore the 2018, 2019 2oz coins. 
    Hope I could get my hands on the 2016 and 2017 2 oz gold coins someday. 

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    h103efa reacted to GrahamDiamond in Today I Received.....   
    A couple of Goldies Arrived

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    h103efa reacted to Nick1368 in Today I Received.....   
    Finally got my 1 Onza Libertad for an amazing price  from a reputable London dealer and it happened to be a PCGS MS70 as well, happy days 😊😉🤘👌🏻😁😀😋

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    h103efa reacted to vicamy in Today I Received.....   
    Today arrived. Beautiful coins. Happy 😁

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    h103efa reacted to StackSellRepeat in Today I Received.....   
    Received this rare beauty today, for the JM lovers a vintage WWF limited series piece. So chuffed to add this to my collection 😭 A huge thankyou to @Tritoon01 a real Gentleman it was a true pleasure working with you!!! 

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    h103efa reacted to StackSellRepeat in Today I Received.....   
    For the engelhard lovers or for everyone who enjoys some eye candy 😋
    Just look at that cheeky dimple 😜

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    h103efa reacted to Uksilverstackers in Today I Received.....   
    Well not in the same league as the previous posts, but here ya go.
    Needed some cufflinks and decided to get these custom made by Rob at Coin Couture. I chose to have a pair of Victorian Silver 1887 Sixpences, as I like the shields on view, along with his Antique Finish mounted on a stainless base.
    Cost was a more than the standard coin, but well worth it, 
    Big recommendation to Rob, very talented. Pics dont really do these justice, sorry about pic quality...
    edit: Better pics here on  Coin Couture Facebook Page. There is also a Gold Kruggerand made into a ring

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    h103efa reacted to Panda82 in Today I Received.....   
    Lovely platinum lion from @RegalStacker,he’s only have the best , wish he has some pandas 😂

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    h103efa reacted to Fathallazf in Today I Received.....   
    Today i received my first graded coins from @Numistacker  although they all got 70’s, but the reason i wanted them in a slab is because it is easier to look at closely and enjoy. Plus the slabs makes them feel more precious!  I even had them in scratch proof slabs but i got some scratches on the plastic 😅 i think ngc’s scratch resistant plastic is just the same as the normal one.