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  1. Awesome! Though I'm sure your man cave looks frighteningly similar!
  2. Welcome back Will! Good luck with your new venture! Your being away hasn't changed the fortunes if your beloved ⚽. All I can say is Ynwa! 😜
  3. I read about this supposed release the other day on FB and thought it was "fake news". I've seen no mention of a coin release with these W & G design in the proclamations in the Gazette. Might be stated sometime soon or actually the release is not a coin but a medal. I remember a while back completing a RM survey and they mentioned about thoughts on precious metal medals released by the mint?
  4. Heard similar too from my school friends still living near by to his Manor house. Pleasant guy and family, supports the local community etc. I've been to that Kop hill climb, good fair. Kids like going to Coombe Hill too whenever I visit folks.
  5. No idea on drop really as dont always keep up with the fundamentals. Bu the charts did show a possibility. My first target for profit taking (based on the weekly charts) reached!
  6. Shame really, as a biological scientist I would have got one of these (might still end up getting it), if they had done a better design to acknowledge gene editing etc!
  7. I like coins with the phoenix on it! Yes I know it's not a real animal!
  8. I read this article a couple of days ago. I dont get it. What stops you getting one of the BUNC versions from RM or WM/CC, taking out of package and saying you found one?
  9. It's a nice 2019 set for sure. But disagree, I think based on previous royal mint cash cow-ing , there's more matt sovs to come. Surprised no talk of reverse proof release yet!
  10. Really! Looks like I'm going to have to rewrite my thesis! AD is the most prevalent of dementias! My research did cover FTD and lewy body dementias too!
  11. I'd be interested in some journal references to back up this "trivial complaint" statement. With a PhD in Alzheimer's research, I've never read about this link?
  12. I've always sent using special delivery so have the tracking number and also keep photo of the receipt.