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  1. A bit of a bank holiday clear out (and a tiny bit of a giveaway)! 🦁💲 2019 Netherlands Lion Daalder Dollar 1 oz. Silver (.999) Proof Coin In Original Royal Dutch Mint Packaging = £58 posted (signed for) (as a note, i have another one at auction on ebay with a 1p start - maybe grab yourself a bargain?) Non PM stuff: A sealed bag of Tale of Peter Rabbit (2018) 50p coins (contains 18 Tale of Peter Rabbit 🐇, 1 Jeremy Fisher 🐸 and 1 Benjamin Bunny 🐰) = £15.50 posted (signed for) £5 coins (they may have toning and/or bag scuff marks) - each £5 + postage (1999/2000) Millennium (qty 3) 2000 Queen Mother Centenary (qty 5) 2002 Golden Jubilee (qty 2) and to the 3 people quickest to read this post and actually want one - A FREE 50p ISSAC NEWTON (2017) 🍏🔭 - you just cover the postage! All gone!
  2. Reduced the prices - bank holiday (nearly payday bump) Price includes special delivery postage! 1852 Shield back = £315 1927 South Africa = £245 - lower than HGM (as of 11:10 27/5)
  3. @terakris Dont you have a bullion supermarket bar?
  4. Got a 1/4 Oz Gold Lion of England (999.9) Queens Beast bullion coin for sale (in capsule) £325 including special delivery postage
  5. I meant i'm jealous i didn't get one!
  6. Just biding their time, sensing their opportunity, then pounce! Just speaking like the jealous person I am!
  7. Its all about timing. I think the Kew will continue to increase in price due to hype and demand. But at some point, when they decide to cease this style (shape) of 50p, the coin prices will plummet. I base this on the old £1. I remember the Edinburgh capital design selling for over £70. Then when they announced the new style coin, the price dropped dramatically! I have one or two kews as part of my 50p collections. I would defo be selling any more i found or was given by my "supplier"!
  8. Investing wise I would split amongst a few funds in a s&s isa I don't think of buying PMs as investing, but protectionism/hedging etc
  9. Up for sale are a couple of full sovereigns (in capsules shown) . Price includes insured postage using special delivery (in UK). Happy to send more (better?) photos if wanted. 1852 Shield back = £325 £315 1927 South Africa = £250 £245
  10. Managed to buy this beautiful 1918 India sovereign from @Marc. A very pleasant transaction and coin convo. This goes with my 2018 India sov to complete my 100 year old bombay mint pairing!