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  1. This one looks believable! Apparently not entering circulation too!
  2. No way, not selling them, they need to go to the factory and earn my keep!
  3. Love this, if there was an equivalent for Tanzania (folks homeland) I would be all over it.
  4. As the self titled "Gazette proclamation hunter", I still haven't found what the coin design(s) will be. I'm assuming a 50p and with another Peter rabbit design. I've found no mention of other BP characters such as Mr Tod or the fox in the proclamations either. This will be the first mint coin release in the last 3 turns where I'm not fussed and will be sleeping through. This and the Bunc 50 year 50p set. No interest, no money too! I'd be more interested if the new Potter coins will go into circulation. I'll then have to activate my dealer to get me a sealed bag of each to go with the 13 designs I already have. I do wonder what I will do with these bags though, I guess the kids get them one day or I sell for something better!
  5. I believe that tag will be called "Flippin For Sale"
  6. So i thought i'd come back to my PM strategy, now that about 6 months have gone by since i've joined the forum (if anything this is for me own record). I have "met" a lot of friendly people on here always willing to offer advice on this stacking/collecting game! Big thanks to @terakris @kimchi @GoodAsGold @Lr103 @Marc @SovTracker amongst others! So how have i performed compared to my plan above? 1) I managed to get up to date with all the variety sovereign proofs and if they were not graded already, sent them to @Numistacker. The slight outlier is having a double 1989 rather then the full (a purely financial decision). But this came back graded a PF70 so doesnt really bother me at all. I have the various designs (and my kids birth years) and that was the goal. https://thesilverforum.com/topic/11158-today-i-received/?do=findComment&comment=234772 https://thesilverforum.com/topic/11158-today-i-received/?do=findComment&comment=234772 I also got myself some history buying numismatic gold with help form @SovTracker, a PCGS graded MS62 1855 sov. https://thesilverforum.com/topic/11158-today-i-received/page/528/?tab=comments#comment-235163 2) Fully up to date with the 1/4 oz bullion Queen Beasts and in a nice box too! https://thesilverforum.com/topic/11158-today-i-received/?do=findComment&comment=244164 3) I did buy some other gold such as a Mexican 20 peso (with the likeable Aztec Calendar) and my absolute favourite, the Dragon & Phoenix Gold 1 ouncer! https://thesilverforum.com/topic/11158-today-i-received/?do=findComment&comment=234772 https://thesilverforum.com/topic/11158-today-i-received/?do=findComment&comment=216781 4) The silver - i may have diverted off the plan way more than i anticipated here. I managed to stack over 200 oz, the majority from forum members or @BackyardBullion group buys! I may think about selling some of this in the future, but for now its just another storage of funds! 5) Still continuing with the £5 BUNC collection.... With both the gold and silver buying, i have used the "Buy what you like", not what you think may go up in value. I think i will change this to "Buy what you like or what the wife says". I wasnt intending to buy the Stephen Hawking coins, but she said to, for a variety of reasons. At the moment it looks like her decision was correct! I'm still doing my usual selling of circulated coins on ebay and groups in the background, so if anyone is in need, just holla. Where i can help out a fellow forum member I will! I'll come back to this in another 6 months and see where I am... "This time next year Rodney"
  7. I'm happy to be in for the whole series with the beasts, only 3 more to go. If like last time, the gold standard is probably not for the UK market but will work its way back through BBP? Added 0 minutes later... https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/small-britannias/14oz-britannia-year/2018-Quarter-Ounce-Gold-Standard-25-coin/
  8. I'm definitely having that top of my CV! Based on the proclamation i've seen previously, but by no means understand, it seems any coin that is to be released has to be proclaimed in the Gazette officially! Usually there isn't a mention of annual or coin series, but which type of coins (Gold, Silver, Piedfort, BUNC, circulated) could be made if required. I'll be interested in what does get released and if it can be referred back to a Gazette document. But that is just being geek chique!
  9. I can't find a proclamation for this new coin. The only thing i could find that i mentioned before was about a possible 2019 dated Newton coin, is a proclamation that amends an existing older proclamation that a date change can be made! https://www.thegazette.co.uk/notice/3204639 which amends this one which has mention of Peter Rabbit and Newton https://www.thegazette.co.uk/notice/2929928 Doesn't give any description of a new design as they keep the proclamation very open-ended!
  10. White Lion of Mortimer https://www.thegazette.co.uk/notice/3226938 Gold Standard https://www.thegazette.co.uk/notice/3230474
  11. Added to the Yale to my beast 1/4 oz bullion collection.
  12. h103efa

    Stephen Hawking 50p

    Whether it happens or not, it won't stop the royal mint from a selling opportunity! Maybe we should all get a vote for it.
  13. h103efa

    Stephen Hawking 50p

    Might not be a 50p, probably a £2 coin!
  14. h103efa

    Stephen Hawking 50p

    Finally a coin i'm not bothered about one bit - The Peter Rabbit! Not too bothered by the set either - will think about the Brexit one i guess!