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  1. h103efa

    Hello from Cambridge!

    Many thanks Here's the link for my wife's bespoke bags - https://www.instagram.com/stitchedbyarwa/
  2. h103efa

    Hello from Cambridge!

    So i've been on this forum for over 2 weeks now and have had a good search and look at various topics/posts and PMed a few friendly folk on here purchasing bits and bobs. I've been enjoying the forum! Based on all of the research/info i think i have come up with a strategy to my PM (mostly gold) stacking and coin collecting! 1) As i initially set out, to invest in sovereign bullion (as a investment diversity play) and certain sovereign proof (my girls birth years {thanks @silversurf for the 2013, just the 2010 to get} and the alternative designs). I have the 2005 and 2017 which are currently with @Numistacker for grading. Like many others i came across this forum from watching his videos. 2) It wasn't my intention (but reading posts on here probably pushed me to it haha!), but i've got myself up to date with the 1/4 oz bullion queens beasts (two from @richatthecroft) and others from dealers. Buying only 1 of each certainly does have a high premium! But i'm up to date, and really like looking at them, even the wife showed some interest. I've even got one of those wonderful wooden boxes from a fellow LFC fan @Alun 3) This is about enjoyment too so if any gold coins with designs that appeal to me with not a huge premium and other factors like low mintage, then i might purchase - like the Oriental border Brit 4) I'm sticking mostly to gold, but i have seen some really nice designs in silver so i'll buy the odd one here and there, again for enjoyment rather than investment! I've got some on the way from @terakris and some rounds from @Skelator88. I think my 5yo and 8yo will enjoy looking at them. I can't see myself buying much more silver but who knows those group buys that @BackyardBullion organises so brilliantly might tempt me! 5) Probably a school boy error, but continue to collect the BUNC £5 coins. My mother transferred her collection to me (which she accumulated as a sub postmistress) and i'm now in that cycle of collecting them even though they are probably a rip off!!! So thats my 5 pronged attack strategy. Now a tiny bit more about myself. I'm a biochemist/neuroscientist previously working on a novel therapy for Alzheimer's disease for a small biotech, eventually running out of money! I now work for a specialist service company providing scientific/experimental consultancy to virtual and small biotechs. Apart form science, my other passion is horse racing. So far i've been profitable (using stats, trends, patterns and systems) and that allows me to lock in those profits using the strategy above as well as pay for holidays or the mortgage! Maybe something for another post/forum/blog. Thats me, maybe it will promote some further conversations. I'll just finish with a sewing hobby my wife has. She has just started out at making bespoke bags. If that is something of interest maybe if the moderators @morezone / @HelpingHands allow i can put up her instagram link? Not sure if something could be designed to fit a PM stacker's needs? Here's that Instagram link for my wife's bespoke bags - https://www.instagram.com/stitchedbyarwa/ Cheers HoZe
  3. h103efa

    Collecting Sovereigns

    Big question is! How much is too much premium. The price list that came with the latest Marsh book gives some indication on the special modern varieties I guess!
  4. I asked @Alun about recommended capsules and he said those royal mint screw type ones that proofs usually come in. I was surprised how scarce they are and pricey for a bit of plastic! Ive gone for some bog standard ones. The coins and the lovely box will do the talking!
  5. I've just received my Queens Beast 1/4 oz box. Its brilliant workmanship (as to be expected from a Liverpool fan) and came securely and carefully packaged. Now just awaiting some capsules and i can show off my 4 soon to be 5 bullion coins.... to myself! Cheers Alun HoZe
  6. h103efa

    Some New Popular Issues Pre-Order

    What are the things to bear in mind when ordering (gold or silver) from european dealers - i've never done it myself. Sorry if this question has been asked before? HoZe
  7. Got the 2013 from @silversurf and had a good convo about how to use this forum and developing a strategy for gold stacking - cheers Jerry! Now to find the 2010 proof!
  8. h103efa

    Air tight capsules, are they worth it?

    What would be the recommended air tite coin capsule size for 1/4 oz Queen beasts and full sovs? And places to get a few (say 10) in the UK?
  9. Hi So I'm on the look out for 1/4 Oz Queens Beast Black Bull, Unicorn and The Griffin. I thought I'd spend the money i made selling 10p A-Z, 50p Newton & Beatrix Potters etc on this beast collection. Its burning my paypal "pocket"! If anyone can give me a good deal on each or combined bullion beasts, that would be super. Otherwise i'll go to the cheaper of the RM bullion or Atkinsons! Cheers HoZe
  10. h103efa

    Hello from Cambridge!

    Hello! and Ha! I have a sealed bad of each of the nine designs so far. Not sure what i'm going to do with them - i guess my two girls will get them one day! As I'm a scientist, the 50p Newton is my favourite (though i'm a biochemist not physicist!)
  11. h103efa

    Hello from Cambridge!

    Hello All I thought i'd introduce myself. I came across this forum after recently watching several of @Numistacker informative videos! I am a new collector of sovereigns. Not sure what my end game is yet, but probably a mixture of investing (diversifying my portfolio with bullion and sovs close to spot price), maybe trading too and getting to grips with the numismatic side. I've got into all this basically after inheriting a few sovereigns and getting an interest in the various designs and the values for them. I have the Marsh book which has been a good starting point. It also came about indirectly by my mother (a post office mistress) giving me loads (and still does) coins in circulation which i sell on ebay (i.e some of the £2, the new A-Z 10p and the 50ps like Newton and Beatrix Potter). Yep i'm one of those people! Basically ftom that, getting an interest in coins which then followed onto gold coins! Looking forward to having discussion with some of you knowledgeable folk! Many thanks Hozefa (twitter h103efa) Quote Edit
  12. Hello First post, i know. I'll try and put up and intro post over the weekend, if my pesky kids give me some spare time! I'm on the look out for 2010 and 2013 Full Sovereign proofs. If anyone can help with this (prices & photos) that would be great. Thanks HoZe