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  1. h103efa

    Olympics 2020

    Now hitting £60 for the bunc coin from the set!
  2. h103efa

    Olympics 2020

    They were on ebay for 25+ a few weeks ago! I decided to get sets and sell the other commemorative coins in the sets individually which would get back the cost+
  3. h103efa

    Olympics 2020

    Say the Olympics is postponed or even cancelled. Does that mean there will only be 75 of the gold proof 50p coin from the set? Makes it a bit of a rarity? https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/ranges/annual-sets/2020-annual-coin-sets/the-2020-united-kingdom-gold-proof-commemorative-coin-set/ They could produce again with a 2021 date if goes ahead next year i guess. I got myself some of the BUNC sets in case the games are cancelled and the 50p becomes sought after for the non pm coin collectors!
  4. you jest but....https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-22/africa-s-mountain-gorillas-also-at-risk-from-coronavirus
  5. In case anyone does want to volunteer and has the specific skills - i can share the link to sign up. Its been organised by Dr. Hoda Kardooni - https://atlasbiomed.com/blog/covid-19-quarantine-expert-explains-the-coronavirus-isolation-measures/
  6. Got a couple of 1/4 oz gold Horses (of Hanover) which should hopefully delay the four horseman for a bit.... Got lucky with the price dip and the just before change in situation with Atkinsons deliveries!
  7. I'm currently in building an extension and house refurb which so far is contining as planned. I've just released equity from my house. If I could save, i would be be setting up a small monthly standing order into a stocks and shares ISA. Just something in the background which wouldnt affect you. But also agree to keeping some cash around for these strange times! I did go and withdraw some from the kids accounts yesterday and did hear the counter lady say they had ordered more cash in case of a run!
  8. Anyone actually care! Another minty for @AndrewSL76
  9. As long as you havent taken out buy-to-let mortgages through limited companies!
  10. Here they are @kimchi Picture taken from @Numistacker facebook group!
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