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  1. Happy to join you on a test run scenario!
  2. I bought my 2018 Libs from them back in Sept and they added about 2.2% to my order for tax.
  3. The silver proof version is available for £299.99 at our favourite spam mail supplier H & B. I'm sure in recall reading on here somewhere that they got an allocation of 150 ish?
  4. Now on royal mint bullion site https://www.royalmintbullion.com/Products/Sovereign/Gold/UKB20DSC
  5. Hi Just wondering if anyone on here works and has experience in HR or employment law matters. I have a query about non payment of an annual bonus 😥. If anyone can help, let me know and I'll PM my issue.
  6. Hey @CadmiumGreen, no sign of any proclamations for this double sov yet in my huntings!
  7. I was just wondering, does anyone know the earliest year of a gold coin that has managed to receive a PR/PF 70 (if proof) or MS70 (if BUNC etc). I'm sure there is a way to search on NGC or PCGS without the need to go through census tables? The challenge is on, either list link of state year, country and denomination!
  8. Received my lovely Christmas prize draw goodies from @GavinDevon. He went above and beyond the expected by even sending them our RMSD so I received them before Christmas - top santa-ing that! Two silver coins i do not have too! Into the stack collection they go! Makes a change from last year where i didnt receive my prize until mid Feb (for whatever reasons), but the likes of @Bullionbilly and @kimchi always said to keep the faith and the forum would step up if it had too! Shame we cant have a summer solstice draw!
  9. this place exacerbates that sooo much - its called TSF_FOMO
  10. Here's the proclaimation https://www.thegazette.co.uk/notice/3450939
  11. Better than being made Left Back.... In the changing rooms!
  12. Nice pick up But this place certainly does not help with TSF FOMO!
  13. Big fan of the dragon and phoenix, the gold version one of my fave coins. Try @morezone for the error, maybe some left?