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  1. shemyaza

    Rhodium is on Fire - what’s up

    I expected it but still working on why now so sharply without discretion. 2006 was the last period this seems to be showing signs of but may fizzle out. Gold and Silver are slowly eroding with additional scrappage refining coming online globally every month now into 2019. Jewellery boxes, rings, pendents etc pawned or sold to pay for the increasing cost of living and private debt. The metals not in jewellery boxes are the ones rising. Platinum will spin with Palladium upwards and Ruthenium beginning to pick up speed. Panasonic you ain't buying it up way into the future at cost now are ya?..........AAL's share price tells me the future direction of Platinum so will be watching the low point on that (CNYoz) as production focus replaces mining demand take up.
  2. shemyaza

    How to trade

    YouTube channel InTheMoneyStocks, Nick Santiago does it the easy way.
  3. shemyaza


    The State of the Key Four Precious Metals August 1st to Current. Remember Mining Corporations sell future production into the Now, known as a "Future Contract" within the "Contracts for Difference" CFD Markets. At Maturity those paper contracts are realised in the SGE "Shanghai Gold Exchange". Mining Corporations and smaller cap miners now tap into the CFD market for cheaper alternative capital access selling the future into the now. Oil observes the same situation protecting against price fluctuations using "Triple Locks". Miners observe the spot price as what they can get for future production now. The commodity they eventually produce was priced in the past and pre-sold long ago. As "Real Interest Rates rise (See Money Supply Globally Contracting - Banks create loans, expanding the Money Supply, if its contracting what aren't banks doing......) miners will open the tap wider. Absorb this and re-evaluate the right timings and prices for your metal purchases. All Four Float on Expanding Money Supply but Sink in Contracting Money Supply, also proven over thousands of years!
  4. With the Petro Dollar ending on Dec 31st 2015 we saw a huge 4.87% appreciation of the GBP against the Euro over this past 3 weeks with further structural appreciation of the GBP against the Dollar also showing the trend towards $1=£0.5000 or in laymans terms £1 buys $2 inevitability. The Euro is dying, Castle EU is watching trade deals done then nobody buying its stuff globally. Distractions to point people away from the SDR Interbank CNY1m Golden Yuan being the new World Reserve Currency. In time books will be written about this transition period. The last time this type of era was occurring the key marker was the phrase "To Hell with Spain, Remember the Maine".
  5. shemyaza


    Pipers, Anglo-American sell Platinum way into the future, Norilsk Nickel are Russian, the largest Palladium miner in the World, hence the Ruble's importance. Good points thrown in and widens the thought process. Everyone, please do the research and learn. Also Money Supply, The Great Depression, what happened? I know my two metals, but I'm still buying the occasional Sovereign and Britannia in Gold and Silver but I'm just focusing mainly on the ones which are deliberately ignored on purpose.
  6. shemyaza


    Precisely but versus the amount of scrap Gold and Silver that is out there with massive expansion in Scrap PM Refining capacity occuring globally right now combined with contracting global money supply maybe displaying a slow push to force people into selling what they own to make ends meet. I know what you mean, Sibanye is a interesting company in itself with its meteoric rise. What's going on is interesting, Mining Corporations and Bullion Banks work hand in hand together. Oil and Commodity banks do the same with triple locks, which is how the Shale industry has kept going. Certainty vs Speculation, shareholders and CEO's prefer Certainty. PM's always float on Money Supply, Money Supply is slowing down towards 0% marginal expansion, has been for 8 months now.
  7. shemyaza


    It's already contractually promised for delivery. Supply tightens outside of the CFD market. Every future ounce sold as a future is delivered, that delivery is in Shanghai, set up by the R's. Massive supply can exist with massive mining production but tightness occurs as non-paper contract excess metal supply is reduced as it relies on buyers to exist and speculation. No major Mining Corporation or Oil Corporation (using the exact same CFD methodology) as we head into a rising interest rate scenario will risk excess supply which incurs costs to the business as supply isn't sold. Oil, Corn, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Gasoline, Natural Gas although Rhodium/Iridium looks incredibly interesting etc. My take is this, as Commodity Corporations rise in profitability (See FerrExpo FXPO, bought that at 20p a share, look where it is now....where you have designed fear, you buy!) they are using the ability to promise commodity product further into the future to monetise into the NOW! You have to think why does the farmer get sure money selling his Potatoes as a derivative, it is more certain and guarantees sales of production at non-speculative prices. Notice I bring in the Oil industry which is the base cost of metal mining supply. Triple Locks, Production Hedges and Cost to Supply. Most fascinating inter-relationships. If I bet on Platinum I buy a bit of Physical and buy a bit of Anglo-American Corporation. As AAL goes up I'll know Platinum will be sideways or lower. Minings stocks up, spot prices will decline as profitability is via the cfd markets with a delayed reaction. They never receive money from later higher prices or lower prices so they don't care. Andy Hoffman, where did you go you Mining industry expert you....what do you know.... I wonder.....
  8. shemyaza


    <-----Proven right. The Ruble has a long way to go in strengthening thus so has Palladium. I was buying last year at the lows. Remember the CNY1m review currency merry-go-round I discussed and the Platinum Palladium strength. I'm buying Palladium and Platinum ongoing. Gold and Silver will fall as Mining Corporations continue selling further and further future production into the paper markets as contracts. They are the cartel! The Comex is the visual representation of how far into the future metal is sold into the now. Note: Do your own research and question everything. Global Production: Gold 3,700 tonnes, Silver 27,600 tonnes, Platinum 126 tonnes, Palladium 27 tonnes. Underlined are the BIS/IMF Designated Central Bank Vault Storage metals as of Oct 2015 (Platinum joined Gold with equal status).
  9. shemyaza

    Platinum - who's buying?

    I bought Anglo-American, under-valued and waiting for the crowd to turn up. I'm keeping my Palladium, the exit strategy for that is Ford, General Motors etc.... Be careful and observe the markets, how they function and how Mining Corporations finance their debt, I call it the Comex. Have patience and hold your stack, if you have Palladium hold it, I treasure mine more than Platinum or Gold!
  10. shemyaza

    What Watches do you own!!!

    This area I have to thank The Urban Gentry channel on Youtube for my re-kindling of interest in watches. I have two Seiko's (Not a Grand Seiko, I'd love one of those, that smooth second hand with the spring drive). I own a Seiko Premier Kinetic Perpetual Calendar Quartz SNP129P1 the black and gold one and a bog standard Seiko Automatic SNKH57K1 Series 5 sports black and gold colouring a great workhorse.. Both superb and the Kinetic has a Dark Blue leather strap which works beautifully with the watch. Thewatches.tv channel is also a great view and enjoying the wonderful world of Horology alongside Numismatics.
  11. shemyaza

    Platinum - who's buying?

    Buying Platinum as well for the same reason. Never listen to car salesmen, research how the system works and act!
  12. shemyaza

    Platinum - who's buying?

    I was buying Palladium at the lows it is now at all time highs in £ terms. I'm Happy :-)
  13. shemyaza

    Any Coinbase users here?

    Not in the Crypto-Commodities yet but I'd trade NEM on derivative ratio moves as most smart money seems to be. It has the widest absorbtion rate yet is held in a narrow trading tunnel and of course is Blythe Masters (JP Morgan linked). Look at the graph, a very impressive derivative leverage king building there. I'm wary of this Crypto so-called money (Commodity in thin air) with no inflation (900 tradeable currencies = hyper-inflation!!!!) Pyramid scheme and everything linked to it when looking at methodology, ease of use etc. Future currency....more like a high tech buy-in scam to me. Then again, so are Pensions.....
  14. shemyaza

    Platinum - who's buying?

    My Palladium looks like it's about to overtake my Platinum, who needs Gold and Silver when these two are stunning to hold now. Just to re-iterate, Diesel cars use Platinum cats. Platinum became a Central Bank Storage Metal alongside Gold at the end of 2015, I linked the IMF site information in January last year. Diesel has had sudden issues, freeing up supply for........... Palladium will pick up the slack in Petrol Cats, lets see what happens.....
  15. shemyaza


    Free University Education should get Labour to 13 million votes nationally. How that distributes in seats is anyone's guess.