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  1. Zero artistic talents. Would love to see a modern interpretation of a neo classical rendition of Lady Godiva on horseback.
  2. Not a coin but was inspired by a minion post on another sub area of the TSF.
  3. Photo editor to change background color to anything you like.
  4. Just tap and hold to get the option to save photo on your phone.
  5. I would be happy with a 5 Pound (Quintuple Sovereign) gold coin with any Christmas card.
  6. Here's 1 of my twin PCGS MS 69 2001 $1 ASE WTC Ground Zero Recovery (got them for my 2 kids to remind them of probably the most tragic historic event in their lifetime).
  7. trozau

    White Lion

  8. From the Perth Mint: RELEASE DATE: 9 September 2019 Gold Coins: 10oz, 2oz, 1oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz, 1/10oz, 1/20oz Mintages: unlimited except for 30,000 1oz coins Platinum coin: 1oz only Mintage: 5,000 Silver coins: 10 kilo, 1 kilo, 5oz, 2oz, 1oz, 1/2oz Mintages: unlimited except for 100 10 kilo and 300,000 1oz coins
  9. Sell it to Mike & Ant at Wheeler Dealers.
  10. I have wanted to get the 50 gram Valcambi CombiBar but it still remains on my want list.
  11. When in the mood for .45ACP, I EDC my GLOCK 36 pic from the World Wide Web
  12. From what I've read, Pistrucci was constantly at odds with his benefactors. He insisted in doing his own work on effigies of the royalty and refused to base his work from other artists renditions that the royalties preferred (a more flattering version of their likeness).
  13. If we are talking about pie in the sky sovereigns that we would love to own, mine would be the 1820 pattern 5 sovereign coin St George and the dragon remind you of the 2009 5 Sovereign?