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    Gold, Platinum, Silver, Palladium

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  1. trozau

    Show your stack.

    mr-dead, you da man!
  2. trozau

    Show your stack.

    Awesome stacks. Big contrast in footprint size between gold and silver validates my preference for gold.
  3. trozau

    Is there a coin worse than this ?

    2 exceptions on the dead presidents on US paper currency are Ben Franklin on the $100 and Alex Hamilton on the $10.
  4. trozau

    Is this coin a fake?

    it's a silver round. Apmex is a well known bullion dealer so I think you are fine. If it has markings stating composition (silver) and content/weight (grams or oz), then you are good to go.
  5. A good sampling of members responses so far. Thanks for sharing.
  6. What's the story behind it or how did come up with the choice? My handle 'trozau' is Troy (tr) ounce (oz) gold (au). Seemed appropo because my preferred metal of choice is gold in the 1 Troy ounce size. Please share your handle/member name story/explanation.
  7. trozau

    Gold Brits vs Gold Sovs

    I would go with the Britannia. 9999 fine for the dates mentioned. Each is a full quarter Troy ounce of gold vs .2354 Troy ounce of gold for the Sovereign.
  8. trozau

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Sweet! Congrats on the 70.
  9. trozau

    Does anyone own Treasure Bullion?

    Put the damaged coin in an AirTite coin holder and now you can keep it as a pocket piece/lucky coin to carry along with you all the time.
  10. trozau

    2014 1/4 oz Britannia PF 70 valuation

    Among the non-Philip Nathan Britannia designs, that one by Jody Clark is the only one I like. Great snag!
  11. trozau

    I so want to buy this...

    Life's too short. Buy what you like. If and when silver spot goes up to $100, it won't seem too much.
  12. trozau

    Does anyone own Treasure Bullion?

    Ouch! I feel for you.
  13. I have a couple of 2001 US $1 Silver American Eagle certified MS69 by PCGS as Twin Tower Recovery from the basement PM Vaults after the 9/11 twin tower collapse. My two kids who were school aged back in 2001 will get these coins as a historical memento.
  14. trozau

    World coins & medals

    1845 William Wyon gold St George medal at the top of my WANT List...
  15. I have NGC and old PCGS slabbed coins (before PCGS changed to the thicker slabs). So, they both fit in the NGC slab box.