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  1. 2018. It is based on the original British Trade Dollar Oriental border design. Oriental border design aside, I prefer the original crenelated Britannia border by Philip Nathan.
  2. trozau

    69 Sovs

    1969 South Africa gold Krugerrand
  3. trozau

    69 Sovs

    Get an 1869 Sovereign.
  4. trozau

    4 coin proof sovereign set

    Great pick-up! I agree on the Quintuple Sovereign. Arnold Machin's effigy of QE2 is my favorite.
  5. trozau

    completed 1998 CHINA 1oz Gold Panda Coin

    PM'd you an eBay listing.
  6. trozau

    completed 1998 CHINA 1oz Gold Panda Coin

    1998 gold Panda is a key date issue and hard to find. I have 1 but no spare. Mine is the Shanghai Mint small date. Even more desirable is the Shenyang Mint large date. Just FYI, for reference and context on value pricing. Good luck with the hunt.
  7. trozau

    New to forum, Numi sent me

    Welcome! UT El Paso, alum? I also collect 1 troz gold Pandas but no extra 1998.
  8. trozau

    Slightly embarrassing question...

    Note that gold Panda from 2016 to the present are just 30 grams (not quite a troz which is 31.106 grams).
  9. trozau

    Gold 1g panda coins

    The China Panda bullion gold program started in 1982. That year they issued coins in 1, 1/2, 1/4 & 1/10 troz sizes. From 1983 - 2015, they issued 1/20 in addition to the 1 - 1/10 troz. Beginning 2016 to the present, they have since gone metric and the weight sizes are now 30, 15, 8, 3 & 1 gram.
  10. trozau

    Sovereign or Quarter Britannia?

    Personal preference.
  11. trozau

    Scottsdale tombstone nuggets

    No exemptions or work-a-round like receiving it as a 1-time unsolicited gift from a friend from abroad? Just a thought.
  12. For those interested in Modern Chinese Coins & Medals, the following provides good references. The website linked is a blog of Frank Wang, who has translated some of the articles of Huang Ruiyong. Huang Ruiyong is a Modern Chinese Coin & Medal collector and is an expert and an authority on MCCs & MCMs. He has done extensive research and written articles on modern Chinese issues. His Star ranking is to provide a list of the rare, cream of the crop modern Chinese issues that have appreciated a lot since issue. They serve as picks for anyone interested in modern Chinese collections and investments. Link to Huang Ruiyong's Star (Ranking) list of Modern Chinese Coins http://modern-chinese-numismatic-info.blogspot.com/2012/11/huang-ruiyongs-star-ranking-list-for.html?m=1 Link to Huang Ruiyong's Star (Ranking) list of Modern Chinese Medals http://modern-chinese-numismatic-info.blogspot.com/2012/11/huang-ruiyong-olive-is-one-of-pioneers.html?m=1
  13. trozau

    Scottsdale tombstone nuggets

    Have you tried asking any TSF member in the US to buy for you then mail to you in the UK?
  14. If she didn't have a sixpence when you got married, a nice sixpence minted 100 years before her birth year would be nice.
  15. trozau

    What's your average silver price

    Same here.