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  1. As title says, I'm looking for any of the bars listed if anyone has anything for sale. Thanks, Chris.
  2. Still looking for any of the bars shown if anyone can help. Thanks.
  3. Think I've got the message Mick! Thanks. 😆
  4. Thanks @ilovesilverireallydo and @5huggy.
  5. I don't know whether I've put this in the wrong section, so apologies moderators if I have. I'm trying to purchase a silver bar from Meine-Goldbarren.de and having problems. I can change the websites homepage into English, but when I try to order it changes back into German. Any suggestions other than using the Google translator please? Thanks.
  6. That would be great Kris, thank you.
  7. Anyone can help me with this request please? I'm wanting to add any of the five following 1 oz silver bars to my collection if you have them and interested in selling them. 1 - Bullion Supermarket 2 - Cookson Precious Metals 3 - Leach & Garner 4 - Handy & Harman 5 - SiPi Metals Assayers Thanks.
  8. I'm looking for a bit of advice if anyone can help me please? I've got a few 1 oz bars that are fractionally longer than the standard size bars and are unable to fit them into the standard sized capsules, they are already in plastic flip type wallets, but I would prefer to have them in acryrlic capsules like my standard sized bars. Any advice or anyone who has correct sized capsules for sale would be a great help. Thanks.
  9. *** Edit *** Prudential-Bache and Canadian PMX have been located. Thanks.
  10. Still looking for any of the following bars if you can help me. Thanks.
  11. And another three ...
  12. I'll send you a message Peacemaker.
  13. I've just purchased two rare 1 oz PMP bars from the U.S but only need one for my collection. I've not seen many of these at all and I believe they may have been produced in the 70's. Nice unusual bar (bullion condition) with plain obverse. *** NOW SOLD ***