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  1. I'm looking for 3 x 1 oz silver bars (Perth Dragon if possible) with a maximum price of £15.00 per bar. Please let me know if anyone has anything. Thanks, Chris.
  2. I'm looking to purchase 3 x 1 oz silver bars and looking to pay £15.00 per bar if anyone has any for sale. Thanks, Chris.
  3. ChrisG

    First moths stack

    I only started collecting two weeks ago Cookiesilver, It started off with two 1 oz Silver bars and I wasn't going to buy any more for a month, the bug bit me and now I have eleven bars and wanting more! I think that I might be in need of help as this is starting to become an obsession...😨
  4. Hello SSR, I would be looking to pay around £20 inc postage and packing for a Johnson Matthey bar. Thanks.
  5. As title says, I'm looking for one Johnson Matthey 1 Oz silver bar to add to my collection if anyone has one for sale. Thanks in advance, Chris.
  6. Hello from a newbie to the forum. I've only just started to get interested in silver collecting in the last month and have found details of this forum from a Youtube video. I'm already getting hooked on silver and have started off by buying four 1 oz Scottsdale bars and now looking to add more to my collection. Regards, Chris.