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  1. *** Edit *** Prudential-Bache and Canadian PMX have been located. Thanks.
  2. Still looking for any of the following bars if you can help me. Thanks.
  3. And another three ...
  4. I'll send you a message Peacemaker.
  5. I've just purchased two rare 1 oz PMP bars from the U.S but only need one for my collection. I've not seen many of these at all and I believe they may have been produced in the 70's. Nice unusual bar (bullion condition) with plain obverse. *** NOW SOLD ***
  6. Have a look on the 'Photo Only Topics' under the 'Bars Photo Thread' Dave, they're on there.
  7. Following bars already located. Thanks. Williams Manufacturers Shields Mint Jacques Cartier Mint PMP Rodman & Yaruss Swiss Bank Corporation
  8. I'm still looking to add to my collection of 1 oz silver bars and would like to obtain any of the following rarely seen bars preferably with a plain obverse. If anyone here or from the United States and can help me that would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Three more 1 oz bars for the collection that arrived this week.
  10. And another two, I'm starting to get carried away now! 😨
  11. Another four for the collection and many thanks to StackSellRepeat for supplying the Silver International Trade Unit and the South East Refining bars.
  12. You know when you are getting addicted, when you go on the internet and you go straight to the Silver Forum or ebay bullion/bars