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  1. cliveb13

    completed 9 Piece Silver Tetris Set - 999 Silver

    Hi Forum Members just wanted to let you all know that the Tetris set is even cooler in real life than the pics. Brilliant . Well done BYB . I love mine. Pride of place in my display & finished w the box / frame to a v high standard I have several of BYB pieces including a commission & delighted . Thanks Clive
  2. cliveb13

    completed 5 oz Copper Cubes - Elemental Copper Bullion

    Can I have two please. I know I will be buying something else from you so happy to wait & combine I have the outline of an element collection w PMs & some small crystal samples ( C & Be are lovely ) & I bought Al & W cubes if you expand into other elements I would be really keen to build further thanks Cliveb13
  3. cliveb13

    completed 9 Piece Silver Tetris Set - 999 Silver

    Hi Love Tetris & I love your pieces. Existing client . Please can I buy them. Happy to put a deposit down for June Great work . Love it. Unique CB
  4. Can I buy the Landmarks please They look fantastic I’ll send a PM CB
  5. cliveb13

    completed Australia RAM Polar Series 2009 complete set.

    They look great I would like to buy them if still available. I will send a PM CB
  6. cliveb13

    for sale rhodium 1/2 oz

    Hi Green Dragon I have a little bit of rhodium. I got interested in precious metals for their intrinsic purity, rarity and the idea that there is a finite, limited amount. So I bought some Au, Pd, Pt and Rh and have a couple of sets for a very specific piece of the periodic table. I am a chemist to education level. I haven't tried to sell any and its not a business for me. Its a collectable thing for me and now I have a bar or more of each, and a coin ( no Rh coin ). I have since extended into other elements with some lovely forms of element crystals but the precious metal bars and coins are lovely. I am under no illusion that Rh will be hard to sell. It will and this thread shows that. But for me it was never about that. There. My dirty little secret is confessed...
  7. cliveb13

    for sale Queen's Beast 1/4oz gold Griffin + Case

    Hi Tom I can buy this if still available . Good place to start w coin & box Let me know if I am the first Cliveb13 Thanks
  8. cliveb13

    completed Gold and bits of silver

    Hi Blab Sent you a PM C
  9. cliveb13

    wanted 1/4 oz Gold Queens Beast Lion

    I’ll buy it please Thanks C Will PM
  10. cliveb13

    Tunes to stack too

    Freda Payne - Band of Gold Always good to be reminded of that great song C
  11. cliveb13

    Sold 1996 Canadian $100 Proof Klondike Coin

    Hi Shawy If this is still available, I’ll say yes please. I am away today but if you PM me details I can sort out a payment tmw I have feedback from the forum Thanks CB
  12. cliveb13

    Sold 1996 Canadian $100 Proof Klondike Coin

    Hi Shawy Bit of a newbie question if that is ok Where is the silver & where is the gold? Is it mixed or layered ? Thanks C
  13. cliveb13

    What do you stack and why ?

    Hi, i collect PMs . Not silver but I have collection, definitely not a stack, across Au, Pd, Pt and Rh. I think it's a collection not a stack as I would be loathe to trade, but not completely . It's just not my plan I started abt 5 years ago when I had an idea for a present for my wife & made a small corner of the Periodic table with actual bars. Then I bought some for me but I still have not worked a best way to display. What I like is that I have something rare and pure. That got me interested & I have picked up bars and coins across the last 5 years. The coins are nice but it's the intrinsic pure metal I like. My kids think it's weird but they don't collect anything so how would they know. Its interesting & I keep a close eye on the forum to see what comes up but not too much beyond Au, Ag and occasional Pt
  14. cliveb13

    Newbie saying hello from sunny ( not ) Cumbria UK

    Hello MyBlueHeaven enjoy the collecting and the interesting threads on the forums Cliveb13
  15. cliveb13

    Old films worth rewatching

    My daughter returns at Xmas and has inherited my movie interest. I thought over her holiday we might revisit some of the great movies we have enjoyed separately or together Apocalypse Now Usual Suspects Shawshank And on a wet day a few episodes of Sopranos ... CB