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  1. Hi Pete i am interested in this lovely piece in that I am interested gold, coins and bridges can you say why there is not a date but ‘pattern’ on . I am new to this so I am sure it has significance but i don’t know what thanks C
  2. Freda Payne - Band of Gold Always good to be reminded of that great song C
  3. Hi, i collect PMs . Not silver but I have collection, definitely not a stack, across Au, Pd, Pt and Rh. I think it's a collection not a stack as I would be loathe to trade, but not completely . It's just not my plan I started abt 5 years ago when I had an idea for a present for my wife & made a small corner of the Periodic table with actual bars. Then I bought some for me but I still have not worked a best way to display. What I like is that I have something rare and pure. That got me interested & I have picked up bars and coins across the last 5 years. The coins are nice but it's the intrinsic pure metal I like. My kids think it's weird but they don't collect anything so how would they know. Its interesting & I keep a close eye on the forum to see what comes up but not too much beyond Au, Ag and occasional Pt
  4. Hello MyBlueHeaven enjoy the collecting and the interesting threads on the forums Cliveb13
  5. My daughter returns at Xmas and has inherited my movie interest. I thought over her holiday we might revisit some of the great movies we have enjoyed separately or together Apocalypse Now Usual Suspects Shawshank And on a wet day a few episodes of Sopranos ... CB
  6. I would like to add my comment that I too think you are seriously talented. The ideas and the execution are extremely professional. The anniversary dog tags are very special and the gold ring with the intertwining is very very good. Please let us all know if you have a xmas gift pop up shop opening for the Forum members cos I know my daughters would like something different in their gift pile. Great videos too. CB
  7. I have a small portfolio of shares and over time a couple have been merged, or sold. Only a minority though. The share price will rise and unless there is expected to be another bidder who will go over the offered price, the share price will be close to the offer price you already know about. If the 'market' thinks another bidder may emerge the price might be even higher. You can sell ahead of the close of the offer in the market and bank your profit but you would pay dealing costs. If you wait till the deal closes and it goes thru you will get the full price with no dealing costs either as a cheque or into your holding / nominee account. That could take a little time though. Does this help. Either way, great timing. CB
  8. Heisenberg. I would like to buy this please. Although recent to the forums I have bought a couple of things here without a problem and I have good feedback on eBay as a buyer also. Thanks , Clive
  9. Hi Bullionboy, The buying bit is easy. Not sure about Vancouver Exchange as I am in UK. Here many dealers, though not all, will offer Pt bars of various sizes. The challenge is twofold in making cash or a beneficial exit strategy. Here, and again, I don't know about Canada, our Value Added Tax, VAT, adds 20% to the base price of the bar. Not the spot price. The dealer price. In addition, smaller bars of any variety and especially the non-gold ones has a bigger margin over the spot price. Partly because demand is small and the dealer might be making one-off orders. Also, the smaller bars have the same transport, packaging and registration costs. So its not easy. I have been buying some Pt and Pd but mainly because the physical metal interests me and the idea of something pure and rare. I don't trade but at some stage there may need to be an exit. I have no idea how best to sell, but so far I have been a purchaser on the Silver Forum, and becoming a seller would certainly be one route. The items that are keenly priced do sell quickly and you will see users give feedback on suggested costings. I hope you can make it work if thats your plan. CB
  10. Thanks Heisenberg. I have agreed and will make a payment to Scuzzle. Thanks C
  11. Scuzzle I will send a PM if this is available still. Thanks Clive
  12. Hi Motorbikez. I would like to buy this coin please. I have bought a couple of items here on the forum and have some feedback. Thanks Clive
  13. Thanks Kdave, I can put them away or display them. They are rare and pure and a member of a very exclusive part of the periodic table. I am a chemist, or was. I won't sell them though I don't think. In theory some of the pieces have been good investments but that is mainly down to a lower £/$ since brexit vote. In the long term I think metals will increase as an asset class. And I have only bought as a second-owner from dealers or ebay and of course the SilverForum. I'll take some pictures in the morning and post. CB