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  1. Thanks to everyone who checked their spares for me. I got sorted & will try later to get a half or something else from 1993. Thanks Clive
  2. Beautiful why do I collect clocks when there are pieces like this !! C
  3. Yes, thanks Xander i saw those but to the unitiated & untutored in things sovereign (me) there seems a massive variation in ££ i am gonna watch the eBay route but I know these are fewer than might be expected . I have learnt that C
  4. Thanks Huthfan i haven’t given up with this year yet , but if I have to go down a different gift route, I can think abt next year or birthday etc thanks for replying CB
  5. Self bump as Valentine’s Day approaches 1993 anyone ? Thanks C
  6. Valentine’s Day next week & I thought I might try to get a sovereign or half sovereign for wife from the year we were married. 1993. Makes sense to me. If anyone has one they are possibly looking to part with I would be interested to hear. Thanks Clive B
  7. I’ll take one please if there are any left thanks Clive
  8. Hi Green Dragon I have a little bit of rhodium. I got interested in precious metals for their intrinsic purity, rarity and the idea that there is a finite, limited amount. So I bought some Au, Pd, Pt and Rh and have a couple of sets for a very specific piece of the periodic table. I am a chemist to education level. I haven't tried to sell any and its not a business for me. Its a collectable thing for me and now I have a bar or more of each, and a coin ( no Rh coin ). I have since extended into other elements with some lovely forms of element crystals but the precious metal bars and coins are lovely. I am under no illusion that Rh will be hard to sell. It will and this thread shows that. But for me it was never about that. There. My dirty little secret is confessed...
  9. Freda Payne - Band of Gold Always good to be reminded of that great song C