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  1. Thanks to everyone who checked their spares for me. I got sorted & will try later to get a half or something else from 1993. Thanks Clive
  2. Beautiful why do I collect clocks when there are pieces like this !! C
  3. Yes, thanks Xander i saw those but to the unitiated & untutored in things sovereign (me) there seems a massive variation in ££ i am gonna watch the eBay route but I know these are fewer than might be expected . I have learnt that C
  4. Thanks Huthfan i haven’t given up with this year yet , but if I have to go down a different gift route, I can think abt next year or birthday etc thanks for replying CB
  5. Self bump as Valentine’s Day approaches 1993 anyone ? Thanks C
  6. Valentine’s Day next week & I thought I might try to get a sovereign or half sovereign for wife from the year we were married. 1993. Makes sense to me. If anyone has one they are possibly looking to part with I would be interested to hear. Thanks Clive B