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  1. Just adding to the silver stack today with 25 oz. of American-Themed silver rounds.
  2. @STONE haha. I work in construction myself and I agree with you.
  3. Since you're Canadian, you should look into the animal series that the Canadian Mint has. There are a few different series. They are all beautiful coins and well worth it, I'd say. Apmex would be a good place to loook but if you can't find any there try JMBullion.com
  4. @sixgun @Agpanda Yes my brother's wedding is September 15. This will be a gift to him and his fiancee. I would prefer though the date to look cleaner....and the whole piece larger so I could spell out their names.
  5. Hi Everyone, Inspired by @BackyardBullion, I decided to try pouring my own silver. The main motivation was to create a nice wedding gift for my brother and his fiancee. It has turned into me wanting to pour a lot of different kinds of bars because I got a ton of silver shot for spot price . I poured these three one ounce heart shapes. I used a handheld crucible and torch to melt the metal, and had a one-ounce heart shaped mold. Some of the flux I used poured with them, but I put them in a pickle bath of vinegar and salt in a crock pot which ate that away. Then, I gave them a polish. The stamped piece is for my brother. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU ALL THINK! I'm interested in hearing how I can improve. I already bought a furnace which will make the rippling an easier feature to acquire.
  6. That's beautiful. I've never heard of ruthenium as an investment metsl before this. Is it worth it?
  7. @matrawr Awesome. I love the Morgans! I have an 1882 CC myself.
  8. Just received an order from JM Bullion (JMBullion.com) In the USA. Consists of: 1x - 2 ozt. Standing Freedom Silver Shield Round. 10x - 0.5 ozt U.S. Australian Half Dollars. 4x - 1 ozt. 2018 Canadian Maple Leafs. I especially love the Freedom Round. The Design on the front is amazing, and the Silver Shield logo on the reverse is one-of-a-kind.
  9. @knighthawk Agreed on the Austrian Philharmonic. I also tend to find American Silver Eagles rather boring. I have a ton of them.....a ton of the same thing over and over again. The gold American Eagle is nice though. Though I reside in the USA, I like Canadian coins the most.
  10. I tried pouring silver for the first time today! It went......okay.... Honestly, it was fun, but I need to work on it a lot. I am using a simple MAPP torch to melt and a propane torch to heat the mold and sort of create ripples. The picture below are the two pieces I created. The one on top has a lot of some foreign material on it. I believe that to be borax which I put in the crucible. There is also a little on the bottom one. I'll need to 'pickle' them. They did not completely fill the mold which is meant to hold 2.8 oz. I have one for 1/2 oz., which I will try tomorrow. Don't make fun of me too much! Any tips are greatly appreciated!
  11. @StackSellRepeat Your first attempts look great! I have some first attempts that I actually did today. I used a MAPP torch to melt and a propane torch to heat the mold and attempt to make ripples. Did you use a furnace to melt your silver?
  12. JM Bullion (Great for smaller orders) - USA: https://www.jmbullion.com/ Money Metals Exchange (Great for larger orders) - USA: https://www.moneymetals.com/ Provident Metals (Great for smaller orders which may include gold or silver casting grain (shot)) - USA: https://www.providentmetals.com/
  13. Thank you all for the warm welcome. @BackyardBullion I really enjoy your Youtube channel. You may have inspired me to try hand-pouring silver @FFkook I'd love to trade sometime. I'll reach out to you when that becomes more feasible for me.
  14. Hello, I am from New Hampshire in the United States and I am new to the Silver Forums, but have been stacking for quite some time. I have also been getting into the hobby of pouring my own silver, and may look to trading on the Forums or just getting tips from other hobbyists. I fancy myself a coin collector collecting not just silver bullion but also plenty of old rare coins. My stack includes mostly American Silver Eagles, as well as old Morgan and Peace Dollars. I also have plenty of Australian and Canadian bullion, as well as other miscellaneous items from around the world. I have found value in buying rare coins and selling them for profits, but I also hold on to the pieces I love. I'm looking forward to using the forums more!