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  1. smiddy28

    πŸŽ… Christmas Prize Draw πŸŽ…

    I can confirm my donation as.........................CORRECT!!
  2. smiddy28

    πŸŽ… Christmas Prize Draw πŸŽ…

    I was going to cringe, but no, cringe doesn't do your comments justice. Vomit, that'll do.
  3. smiddy28

    πŸŽ… Christmas Prize Draw πŸŽ…

    No problem, I'll be happy to. Thanks
  4. smiddy28

    πŸŽ… Christmas Prize Draw πŸŽ…

    I'd like to join in if I can. I'll donate a 2oz QB Unicorn in a capsule. Will cover postage cost to UK or Europe Is that all I have to do?
  5. smiddy28

    completed Ark, Brit & Elephants

    I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the fast despatch, excellent packing and friendly way @JunkBondconducted the sale of the 1oz Britannia Trident Privy to me. Thank you. Steve
  6. Not intending to hijack your post, but I'm also wanting these BU QBs, if anyone has them available.
  7. smiddy28

    Where to begin?

    Thanks for your replies and advice , i've just placed a group order.
  8. smiddy28

    Where to begin?

    Hi all, I'm Steve, I've been a keen watch collector for many years and now silver stacking has pricked my interest. After spending many hours watching YouTube (BYB) and scouring the net, the Silver forum seems the best place a Brit can go for advice on all things related to stacking. I think I'm now ready to make an initial purchase, maybe just a few ounces of silver to get me started. So where do I go, do I place an order as part of this months group order, or go to an online dealer such as Silver to Go and get experience of purchasing through them? It's all a bit daunting at first and I don't want to have regrets making my first purchase. I'm sure the experienced members reading my post, can recal having the same concerns when you first began stacking, what did you learn and what advice would you give. Thanks in advance for any advice you offer.