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  1. Welcome to the Forum!!!
  2. I like it when I get PM in the mail and I think "That's another $ preserved" and then putting it into a capsule or tube. I also take them out every often and i admire what I'm trying to build and nurture. Also, while most of us stack for insurance or wealth preservation, I'd like to think that most of us have that collection bug that anyone else has, similar to one who collects stamps, cars, or dildos. Last one was a joke (or was it....lol).
  3. If it looks like a collector's item, I'd say capsulate it.
  4. I can see your arguement of there being alot of series and trying to get your hand into everything can be a bit overwhelming. My opinion, just step and ask why you are getting into precious metals? For me, emergenies and retirement. I'll get into a certain series because it appeals to me in a certain way and just getting cheap, generic coins would be boring.
  5. I was expecting just a good number of bullion coins, you actually got some pretty big heavy hitters in there. Can't wait for my collection to look like that, in about 5-10 years give or take lol.
  6. I mean, I don't know about taking stuff out and smashing it while listening to the Geto Boys. But if you really feel that your life is cluttered with stuff, try looking into Minimalism. I saw a couple of videos on this and while I don't plan on going full on Minimalist, I do plan on looking at some of my stuff and seeing if I really need or want it.
  7. I would say with the amount that you want to spend, I would spend a good chunk on gold (possibly half of what you want to invest) and spending the rest on silver. When it comes to cheap silver vs premium, my stack is kind of a mix. While I am serious about growing my stack and getting the best price, that doesn't mean I can't enjoy it. There are a lot of great designs out there and some that might fetch a higher price in the future, depending on what their future holds. If you aren't a collector of coins, then go after ones that have a high premium on them because you won't get the amount that you paid for back when you want to cash in (then again, I'm someone who doesn't go after coins that have premiums double the metals value). As to what constitutes as a high premium coin, just look at the stock market price on silver or gold and compare it to what you are looking at. If you still don't know, then this forum has plenty of great people with experience and all share the same appreciation for precious metals. That's my two cents on the matter, I hope that your investment goes well.
  8. Since you are getting it for collective purposes and if it bugs you enough, then that should be reason enough to ask for an exchange.
  9. It's an OK design. Could have done more.
  10. If I had the money, I wished I had a setup similar to this. I can just see the history that is being emitted from all of them.
  11. Wow, so many things I want to say after watching this video. First, my opinion on the series, I think its a very interesting and beautiful collection of coins that I can see why they are so popular, definitely worthy of "Most well known". As far as being the best collection, its definitely worthy for a nomination because I am still relatively new to the PM world and there are only a couple collections that come to mind that could also be put up for best collection. I might end up collecting the 2 oz. bullion and maybe the 10 oz. series of coins for the purpose of holding on to them and then selling them off as a collection. Getting a box from Alun might also help in their visual appeal as a whole.
  12. I 100% agree to this comment and think that developing thick skin against distasteful comments is needed in todays world. Though I will say, while I do not recall having comments like that said to me as of yet, I feel like if I get a comment like "Kill my whole family" I feel it at least reporting it because that feels like a serious threat to me. Regardless of whether you tell it to me face to face or over social media, I will treat it the same. Though that might just be me overthinking this and probably should just treat it as white noise.