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  1. Very generous,,,,,, that will look nice in my low stack 😂 What else you given away 🤔 !!!
  2. Hi @SilverStan is it possible for me to be added to the order, new to the forum & got to start with something,, just the 1 please
  3. Thank you @Laurens88 Added 0 minutes later... Thanks @GrahamDiamond
  4. Thanks@Agpanda Added 0 minutes later... Thanks @MickD
  5. @BackyardBullion how do I know when the next is open ?
  6. Thank you @BackyardBullion , I blame you for getting me hooked on shiny things lol, a vid of yours pop up on ytube,, , I would be very interested in the group buy, think this would be an better way to get started ?
  7. Thank you StackererNoob, thought us Scots were to tight to spend 💰 lol
  8. Thank you caloundracats, I will have a browse through some threads / topics
  9. I would just like to say hi & thank you in advance So question. So I'm looking for a way to invest & protect my future savings, would you say this is a good way to do that, ie stacking silver ? Think I'm hooked already & I haven't bought anything yet, Byb to blame for that,, So where to buy ? Abbie