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  1. Give negative feedback and explain the situation in comments. Only buy from 100% positive sellers.
  2. Will the UK Government introduce VAT on Gold to bring it inline with silver and other PM commodities after BREXIT? From what I understand Gold is VAT exempt because the EU decided to ensure all EU members had the same tax approach to gold and to prevent fraud The same is not true of Silver and thus some EU counties do not charge VAT on silver. After BREXIT the UK Government is free to re-evaluate indirect taxation rates, such as VAT on Gold.
  3. Britannia's on EBay seem to go anywhere from £17 to £25 per 1oz coin. There are often lots of 5 coins or more at a time as well. It surprises me why they are actually being sold with that high price on EBay. Some coins are being sold with a higher price than you can buy from UK dealers where VAT is being charged.
  4. Yes, but we all know that the CIA killed John FK, don't we .....
  5. KelvinM

    Bar Vs Coin

    You need to have clear goals for stacking the silver. Is it for long-term investment and wealth preservation or for short to medium term flipping when the price of silver goes up. What is your exit strategy? If you want a quick exit then your standard government coins like Maples, Eagles etc may be a better strategy. I wouldn't base any investment strategy on coins numismatic value because they can fluctuate widely and is very hit or miss. Save your monthly budget for a shipment either once or twice a year to save on delivery costs.
  6. I don't see the popup on Windows 10 using Chrome or Android tablet.
  7. Hi, is this a separate group within the forum that I have to join to participate?
  8. Hi, Just thought I would take some time to say "Hello to everyone". I signed up after watching videos from Backyard Bullion YouTube channel. The channel is a great source of information and discussion. I've just recently purchased a few 1oz Britania Silver Bullion coins on eBay, mainly because I had some voucher codes. So it meant I purchased them at a good discounted price. Anyway, it started me wanting to know more about stacking and collecting silver and gold coins. So here I am .....