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  1. StackinJack

    BASHING on the forum

    First of all, I hope you can have a beer in a bit and start enjoying your weekend soon cravethatcoin ...But you sound a bit like an apple fan-boy on a android forum, or visa versa, before anyone is offended. That happens quite a lot nowadays I believe.. Sure you can have your opinion and second thoughts and sure you can share them here on the forum, but talking about BYB's 'drones' going against you, what did you expect? A lot of people on the forum like using his services and grouporders and a lot of people enjoying his video's. And about the making money part, he is a business owner and busnisses are making money from services they are providing..so what is your point. He sure is part of the forum's ecosystem, his video's bring in a lot of new members, and a lot of people using his group order services and yes, as a fan of PM's I really enjoy his video's about the unboxing of the group orders. Always great to see a ton of silver coins and bars. I think it is just a nice businessmodel, good for him. That's just my 2 cents..
  2. StackinJack

    why is this 1oz item so expensive

    Oh yes, it is not really pretty
  3. StackinJack

    oooo - Figure eight koi coin!!

    a LOT of premium 😵 but yes, it is really nice
  4. StackinJack

    New Dragon bar from Perth Mint

    They already look pretty tarnished, or is it the reflection or lighting..?
  5. StackinJack

    Cleaning Mexican Libertads

    And what about this? Looks amazing. Anybody any experience? The disclaimer talks about not doing it to silver that has any value above spot.
  6. Just stumbled across this: http://www.perthmintbullion.com/blog/blog/19-02-01/Dragon_returns_in_new_form_on_bar-shaped_bullion_coins.aspx
  7. StackinJack

    for sale 14 x 5 Reichsmark

    Well, he is setting up the grouporder for the UK, I'm located in The Netherlands. So that is not really convenient..I'll probably let this one pass. Thanks.
  8. I'll check on the seller himself for 2, since I'm not in the UK..
  9. StackinJack

    for sale 14 x 5 Reichsmark

    Still have some..? I would be interested in 2, thanks.
  10. StackinJack

    Best quality silver

    Good question, really no clue. Dont think I ever seen a bar with milk spotting, and just like RoughDog is saying, you can polish it so thats probably why. Or maybe only coins are affected, as far as I know the whole milk spotting phenomenon is still a bit of a mystery.
  11. StackinJack

    Best quality silver

    I just checked my philharmonikers, 8 out of 10 have spots. 1 is 100% covered 😅 They're really bad, planning to make a 10oz bar of 'm somewhere in the future.
  12. In this case it is €15K I believe, and the renovations needs to be done within 3 years. But besides that, could be still a bargain if someone was already interested in doing something like that.
  13. Nice buy! We can also start our own G&S comminuty in Italy, no British or Dutch drizzle 😄 https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/jan/17/italian-town-sambuca-sicily-dozens-homes-for-sale-one-euro
  14. StackinJack

    Best quality silver

    My guess is that you don't own any Philharmonikers.
  15. StackinJack

    learning and buying first gold

    First start googling on the terminology like Premium, spot, fractional, bullion and precious metal in general. And there is A LOT of info to be found here on the forum, and also a lot of knowledgeable and friendly people who are willing to help. I just started stacking a few months back so my knowledge is not that great, but most of the stuff I learned by reading here on the forum. But beware, before you know you are addicted to stacking, so no complaining about that in a few months from now! 😊 And most of all, have fun!