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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    I stack mostly ag but some au as well. I prefer government issued bullion rounds but if it is a PM I like it.

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  1. Ajohn151

    Premium Spreads

    Interesting that it appears the price for physical has found a bottom even though paper has continued to drop. The spread is rising as the price of paper drops. What is everyone seeing at LCS's?
  2. Ajohn151

    Michael Maloney

    With all due respect, I disagree. Housing, food and the stock market have had significant inflation. If you use the CPI as your gauge for inflation I suppose you might be correct; however, CPI is a very manipulated number. If you use the CPI as it was used in the late 20th century, current inflation is calculated significantly higher. I do agree the Obama admin exploded the national debt and Trump is continuing the debt party. I would argue we are not doing fine. We are on the cusp of falling off the cliff. It is projected in 2019 we will pay 500 Billion dollars just to service debt while at the same time borrowing an additional 1.5 trillion. Who is going to continue loaning that amount? China has stopped buying US Treasuries, and Russia has liquidated almost all of theirs and are no longer buying more. Global debt stands at an all time high of 250 trillion. I could go on but the point is made. There is WAY too much debt and something is going to give. Maybe I'm wrong and they can continue to paper over everything, but at some point it will collapse. The central banking/fractional reserve system is a Ponzi scheme. All Ponzi schemes eventually fail. JMHO YMMV.
  3. Ajohn151

    Hi, I'm new...

    Welcome from the US and another new forum member.
  4. Unless they are complicit in maintaining the illusion. The speaker touched on this when he said in the 1970's the commodities manipulation began to cover the printing of fiat. I am not attempting to go down a conspiracy road, but the speaker mentioned this. Just another thought.
  5. I believe it is well established that JPMChase is manipulating the price of silver down. At the same time the are purchasing physical silver having possibly the largest hoard in history. Every time I have heard commentators discuss this they assume that when JPMC stops manipulating they are going to sell their hoard for a huge profit. My question is what would stop them from flooding the market at that point to continue keeping the market price low? When they run out of physical they rinse and repeat, sell short and buy cheap. I am sure there is a mountain of information I don't have so I'm formulating this question from ignorance. I'm just interested in what everyone thinks? Thanks, Ajohn151
  6. Thank you. I'm happy to hear your daughter enjoyed her trip. Everything I read and see on the interwebs about Sweden looks amazing.
  7. I stack for long term storage of my labor. There are many long term comparisons of ounces of ag/au maintaining purchasing power. One is a fine mans suit of clothing vs an ounce of au. There are others you can find online such as an average home price over the last 100 years. The same amount of au would have purchased a new home over that time period. Of course those are all averages, but the message is the same. Over long periods of time the metals preserve purchasing power. In the central banking fractional reserve system we live our purchasing power is eroded. I am not preparing for doomsday or the collapse of the system, but instead attempting to avoid the erosion of purchasing power. If doomsday happens then stackers are well positioned to transition to whatever new system arises. There is no question (at least in my humble opinion) that the fractional reserve banking system is a Ponzi scheme. It requires inflation to continue. Deflation is the kryptonite to central bankers. Perpetual inflation erodes purchasing power. The US Federal Reserve targets 2% inflation. In the US the official inflation rate is stated as CPI which I believe is grossly understated. That is a wholly different conversation. So a 2% inflation rate over 10 years is a 1/5 loss of purchasing power. That is huge in my opinion. Of course there are market ups and downs of both metal and fiat, but over the long game metals preserve purchasing power. That is my main reason for stacking. It provides a ballast.
  8. Thank you. Where in Sweden? I am looking at a position within my company in Gothenburg, Sweden. I should find out this week if they want me to transfer. I’m very excited at the possibility. Ajohn151
  9. Hi All. Thanks for the add. I have been stacking since 1999 when I bought my first 1 Oz AGE for $335’ish. Oh those were the days! I had no idea what I was doing but I had a sense that saving in something tangible was smart. Not long after that the dot com bubble burst and I saw people I personally knew lose everything. They had mortgaged their houses to invest in stocks ?. I am now way more into silver than gold. I have a little gold but mostly the shiny white metal. I buy every other Friday regardless of price dollar cost averaging. I prefer government issued rounds to generic but have some generic also. I also stack lead and brass as shooting is my other hobby. Prefer long distance precision shooting. I work in healthcare IT for a large global health IT company headquartered nearby. That’s really about it. Thanks for the add. I found this form via YouTube and Backyard Bullion. I hope to learn more and contribute where I can. Thanks, Ajohn151